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The Episode Start With:

The discussion starts with Prachi offering her concerns to Bappa for having left the house before to his arrival. She had high hopes that things would go swimmingly once Bappa gets there. She asks him to tell her the truth about the situation. Ranbir begs Bappa to relieve the growing amount of anguish that he is experiencing. Rhea expresses her gratitude to Bappa for ensuring her triumph and requests from him that Prachi be banished from the kingdom so that she may acquire it in its entirety. Aaliya reassures Pallavi that whatever it was that she was thinking was correct, and that this work will be completed. Pallavi needs to talk to Vikram about something really important, so she asks him to accompany her to the meeting. What is it that you wish to say, Vikram? Pallavi replies, “I want to advise something,” and then informs Prachi that she sincerely cares about the child Prachi is carrying as well as Prachi herself. She said that she wished for Prachi and her baby to remain safe and for her delivery to go off without a hitch. Vikram believes that it is perfectly natural for one woman to experience the grief of another woman. Pallavi reveals that she has formed a relationship with their family’s newborn child and states that she wishes to talk about Prachi. She claims whatever transpired the previous evening. He has communicated that he does not wish to continue the conversation. When she is called, Aaliya focuses her attention on listening for him. Aaliya says we will chat later. Pallavi asks Vikram to agree. Vikram refuses and goes. The way Aaliya feels is contrary to what Vikram believes. According to Pallavi, you can’t just cut the conversation off there. According to Vikram, the solution that you proposed makes no logic at all. Pallavi indicates that she wants to chat to you and that today is an excellent day for it. He says not today. She tells him that something wonderful may be on the horizon because that idea has been running through my head all day and she invites him to join her. Shahana gives Sid her whole attention before turning her head. Rhea is engaged in conversation with another person while looking at Sid. Prachi is having a conversation with another person, and Ranbir is observing her. Sid confronts Ranbir with the statement “I need to talk to you.” I don’t want to listen to it, Ranbir says. Sid says let me offer explanation. Rhea is signed by Aaliya when she witnesses Sid attempting to talk to Ranbir. Rhea visits Ranbir in order to invite him to accompany her.
She encourages him to get up and dance. They perform dances on the Ganapati Bappa Morya…. Prachi is looking at them right now. Aaliya breaks into a grin as she watches them dance. Dida finds Prachi unhappy. Rhea is pushed, and she orders Prachi to stand next to Ranbir. While Ranbir dances, Prachi stands there with her hands folded and facing Bappa. They both dance and fold their hands at the same time. Everyone cheers and applauds for them. From then, Prahi will continue on. Rhea reveals to Aaliya that Ranbir is not going to enjoy Prachi’s dance performance. She takes Prachi’s hand and leads the two of them in a dance together. Prachi is also there to dance with her. Prachi immediately turns her head in response to Ranbir’s gaze. Ranbir sees Sid approaching and hears him say, “I need to talk to you, it is urgent, give me two minutes.” Prachi feels woozy. Shahana ushers her into the room. After returning, Vikram inquires about Ranbir and Sid’s whereabouts. Sid, Ranbir asks, “Is there anything left after whatever you’ve done?” Ranbir responds by saying, “If you are alive now, it is just because I want you to be alive.” He cautions him from taking improper advantage of the fact that he is his brother. Rhea reaches the location and informs Ranbir that his mother is trying to reach him. She beckons for him to join her.

Vikram and Pallavi are in the room when Aaliya enters and informs them that Aryan is not present. Aryan is spoken there. Both Pallavi and Vikram request that she maintain her silence for a period of time. According to Vikram, Pallavi had an odd concept at first, but now it seems to make perfect sense. Rhea thinks the same things that she thought. He explains that whatever happened with the children is very bad, and in order to keep the peace in the house, we have made a decision. He claims that we made a decision hastily, which may strike some people as odd, and that they have made their decision for tomorrow. Rhea responds, “I know you have given this decision some thought and that you have not made it in a rush.” According to Pallavi, we hurriedly made this decision since we don’t want to hold up the process. Ranbir wants to know what kind of decision you’ve made. Pallavi says that your father and I have agreed that Sid and Prachi should get married. Rhea begins to feel cheerful and smile. In a state of astonishment, Prachi emerges from her sleep. Shahana inquires as to what occurred. She requests that she have a seat and offers her some water with lemon. Prachi produces an expression of sadness and adds that she does not understand what is going on with her. She claims that she has a hunch that someone is plotting to rip the ground out from under my feet and to erase my identity. Shahana says nothing will happen. Prachi claims that in order to find serenity, she must first communicate with Ranbir. According to Aaliya, this is the behaviour of mature parents who make decisions while keeping the long-term wellbeing of their children in mind. Pallavi’s ability to play both the mother and the saas character has been commended by her. She expresses that she is very proud of both of you.

Dida believes that this choice should not have been made; she believes that Pallavi, and not Vikram, should make this option. Aaliya reports that he indicated that he and Pallavi had arrived at this conclusion together. Sid is of the opinion that Prachi and I will not get married. Ranbir asks him if he doesn’t want this and asks if she isn’t lovely in the same sentence. Sid is going to marry her, according to Rhea; there is no reason not to marry her. According to Pallavi, there is an one explanation for why Prachi is carrying Sid’s child. She claims that since Ranbir and Rhea’s wedding has already taken place, there won’t be any problems with Sid and Prachi’s upcoming nuptials. She states that she is thinking about her family and that she does not want any issues in the relationships she has. Sid looks at Aaliya. By displaying a picture of his sister, Aaliya threatens him. Sid is confident that he will be able to handle everything well despite the fact that he will not be getting married in the following week. According to Pallavi, the wedding will take place the following week after the engagement party tomorrow. Dida objects. Aaliya feels Pallavi is right. According to Pallavi, we cannot tarnish our good name by delaying any longer. Dida wants to know how you plan to ensure that the children grasp the concept. According to Pallavi, my choice should be considered definitive. She claims that there is a limited amount of time for mahurat, therefore we need to complete it quickly. She says that we will acknowledge the connection that they have formed, and that in return, they will be obligated to us.


Sid reveals to Pallavi that he does not believe that this decision is the right one and that he believes life will become more difficult as a result, rather than simpler. Pallavi inquires as to whether or not you had this thought after you had overcome every limitation posed by the relations. She suggests that you consider my decision as either the punishment or the compensation for your actions. She claims that this is the only way to save Prachi as well as her unborn child. Prachi claims that I will not enter into any marriages. Pallavi states, “I am not inquiring of you, but rather telling you that this marriage will take place.”

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