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The Episode Start With:

Prachi informs Ranbir that she will never leave him, but she has a condition: he must marry her once more. He says again. According to Prachi, since you are already wedded to Rhea, the only way to end that marriage is for you to wed me once more. Ranbir claims that it was not a formal marriage and that they simply lived together. She inquires as to whether or not he will wed Rhea in the appropriate manner. Ranbir responds with a negative answer and then says, “I will marry you every year and will make promises.” He believes that this will cause our relationship to grow stronger and that we will never be parted. According to him, his word is as strong as her biceps. According to Prachi, my little baby is currently napping and will soon wake up. Ranbir claims that it is also his baby. Because Prachi believes it’s inside me, I must be the one responsible. Ranbir begins to sob and declares that it is our baby. Prachi admonishes him not to cry and clarifies that she was joking when she said that the newborn is our child. Ranbir is excited and says baby would be gorgeous like her. Shahana is subjected to a threat by the kidnapper.
The young lady suggests to Shahana that they should first inquire about water and then make an effort to flee in order to distract their pursuers. The girls make an attempt to flee, and their captors follow closely behind them. Shahana removes the girl’s hands from those of another and then runs.

Sid has a horrible feeling and is thinking about Prachi and Ranbir at the same time. His subconscious challenges him and urges him to engage in combat with it. He requests that the man reveal the truth to Vikram, and warns him to constantly keep in mind that if he doesn’t disclose the truth now, then he would never be able to forgive himself. Sid is concerned that if he tells Vikram the truth, he won’t be able to assist me. When Shahana came out, she saw the other thugs standing there. She went into hiding as she planned her next move and considered how she would seek for assistance. After that, she takes cover within the comic. The people who have the hostage hear the sound, and they check. They are blind to her presence. She then stops while walking while clutching the cartoon. This cartoon, according to the kidnapper, was not in this location. Another kidnapper claims that you are intoxicated. As Shahana takes a seat in the vehicle, she realises that she has misplaced the car keys. She discovers Ranbir’s mobile phone in that location.

Sid visits Vikram in his room to offer his apologies. He claims that whatever I did, Rhea forced me to do, and she threatened to kill my step sister. He also claims that I was helpless. According to him, Prachi is not carrying my child but rather Ranbir’s. They fabricated the report, which led to the abduction of my sister. He claims that Aaliya and Rhea are behind everything in an effort to force you to kick Prachi out of the house. He claims that Prachi is blameless and without fault, and that the mistake was mine, not hers. He then checks on the sofa where Vikram was supposed to be sitting, but Vikram is not there. Sid thinks to chat to Vikram.

Shahana gives Vikram a call and informs him that they are in a difficult situation and require his assistance. Vikram asks where is Ranbir? Shahana reports that the battery only has five percent of its capacity; if I could have reached the police, I would have done so. She reveals all, including the fact that she had read Prachi’s letter and then left the house. She witnessed Ranbir becoming intoxicated, and then she saw Prachi being taken captive by some thugs. She tells everyone that when they went to rescue Prachi, the thugs also kidnapped them when they tried to free Prachi from their captors. She emerged from hiding and placed a call to him. Vikram requests that she email the coordinates to him. Right at that moment, the phone goes dead. They are leaving. Rhea gives Aaliya a call to let her know that Ranbir is in trouble. They are leaving.

Ranbir compliments Prachi’s eyes and says he can’t help but get lost in her gaze. He claims that your eyes are as deep as a lake, and that anyone who gazes into them will instantly fall in love with you. Prachi believes that whatever it is that you are saying is correct, but there was a time when I lied to you. What does Ranbir want to know? According to Prachi, you have complemented my eyes in the past as well. Ranbir states that it is evident that I would have complimented you on everything. She said that she was filled with a sense of pride as he was praising her. Ranbir has told me that he needs something from me. The pledge is made by Prachi. Ranbir says no, you will slap me. Prachi responds no, I will not slap you and begs him to say. Ranbir says I could use a peck on the cheek. Prachi has an uncomfortable feeling and stands up. Ranbir tells her that he is embarrassed and then he begs her to kiss him. The females who escaped from there asked Prachi to kiss as a distraction for the kidnappers so that the captors wouldn’t kiss them. Prachi claims that he is my spouse, but I shall be the one to kiss him. They had asked her to demonstrate her affection for them. Ranbir interrogates you on whether or not you heard what they say. He is about to receive a kiss from Prachi.

Sid looks throughout the home for Vikram, but he doesn’t find anyone. This causes Sid to get concerned. He gives Vikram a call and says, “I need to talk to you as soon as possible; where are you?” Dida informs us that we will be heading to the warehouse shortly, since Ranbir and Prachi have been abducted. Sid inquires as to who has taken them captive. Vikram has requested of him to go there. Pallavi has asked him to depart from the house at this very moment.

Prachi explains to Ranbir that due to the fact that she is a female, she is not allowed to kiss him. She believes that if a boy kisses, it makes the situation look wonderful. Ranbir claims that he has never seen it written anywhere that the girl should not kiss first. The question that the girl asks is, “Shall I kiss him?” Prachi states that you are not allowed to kiss him, and if you try to give him a flying kiss, she will intercept it and throw it away. The boy leans in for a kiss on the female. Ranbir says ok, I will kiss you. Prachi comments that your nose has grown much while measuring his own. Even your nose, according to him, is fair game. Prachi claims that my nose has shrunk and will go completely immediately. She starts crying and then she hugs him. Ranbir comments, “I have never seen a nose as lovely as yours,” and then challenges the woman, “Let me measure your nose against mine; if it is larger than mine, you must kiss me.” He trips over her while attempting to gauge the size of her nose. She claims that he struck her quite a few times, and that she recalls this because she loves him very much.

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