Kumkum Bhagya [30th November 2022] Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 30th November 2022 Written Update

In Kumkum Bhagya, Alia asking Rhea to relax by saying that no one can leave this place or turn against us. Rhea sings our game, our rules but this place is dangerous. She says there might be some kind of ghost dragging me away from here and you won’t understand, she says. You’re afraid and afraid of zombies, reincarnation etc. she says she’s talking about. Alia says she doesn’t know why that thug didn’t come. Goon comes there. Rhea gets angry seeing her and remembers that she was kidnapped.

She tries to slap him. He holds your hand and says that your slap may cost you dearly, it would be better if he shook your hand and said friends. Rhea says she is trying to sell me there. The bandit says it’s nothing personal, she says. Aliya asks him to shake her hand and says we are a team. Rhea slaps her and says she will give him 1 lakh rupee for the slap. She says now our thinking will coincide, she says.

Rhea shakes her hand. They hear noise. The bandit says Prachi tried to escape. Alia asks her to burn Prachi alive and says they will see her burning. Rhea takes the match from the thug and says she snatched Ranbir from me and today the same fire will snatch Prachi from Ranbir. Aaliya asks the thugs to get kerosene after leaving them out and then burn the ground.

Prachi asks Ranbir why did he come here. She says she wants him to come here. Ranbir says he does not want to say anything. Sid gets there. Prachi asks him to come. This is where the bandits come in. Ranbir asks the thugs to catch Sid and he runs away with Prachi.

Kumkum Bhagya Today’s Episode Online:

Prachi asks why thugs trapped Sid? Ranbir takes Prachi to the room and asks what happened? Prachi asks the same. He says don’t repeat my question.

He asks did you come here to spend time with Sid. Prachi asks what did you say? He says he went to the Sheraton Hotel but you weren’t there. She remembers Rhea’s words and says you want to marry Sid and asks why are you speaking to me politely as you want to get big share of my property.

Prachi is about to leave. He says he did it cheaply, that’s my question. Prachi says she is thinking right. The bandits ask each other if they saw Shahana or Sid. They catch Sid. Shahana comes, puts dirt in her eyes and takes Sid with her. Sid reveals that he sprained his leg. The bandits will catch them. Shahana and Sid run away from there. Aliya and Rhea see them. They ask the bandits to burn the ground and kill everyone.

Prachi tells Ranbir that her suspicions are true and tells that if you are worried about me you will call me or ask me but she doubts me. He asks what’s going on here? Prachi says nothing. She says I will not tell you even if I want to do something wrong. Ranbir says I believe in you. Prachi says it is not about that, it is about your doubt.

He asks what are you doing here with Sid. Prachi seriously asks: “You still doubt us. He asks if you have identified the bandit. Ranbir asks if the thug caught them leaving. Prachi screams as the rat slips off her leg. Ranbir asks where did he go? Prachi says save Sid and Micha… and then she stops and says she will go to Sid.

Kumkum Bhagya Latest New Full Episode:

Evil promises that they plan to burn them, but if they are saved, the Mahabharata will take place. Rhea says we heard everything and says they are remembered for their mistakes and achievements and says we will go down in history thanks to our achievements. Rhea hears someone. Alia sees Ranbir and hides with Rhea. Rhea tells how she got here and says she could see a parked car. Ranbir hears Rhea’s voice but ignores her suspicions. She gets angry with Prachi and leaves.

The bandit says they will bring kerosene to set it on fire. Rhea says everything that happens here is for Ranbir and the fire will not burn until he is here. Ranbir thinks he heard Rhea’s voice again. Prachi says she can trust me or not. There she asks Shahana. Shahana says she saw the exit and asks where is Mihika. She tells that Mihika was there with the masked man. They see the man and think Mihika must be here too. Shahana says we will hit him. Prachi takes a stick to hit him. Turns on the light and LED. Prachi frees Sid and asks if he is okay. Sid says the masked man took Mihika with him. She asks where is Ranbir? Prachi says yes, she is here and therefore nothing can happen. He asks them to come.

Aliya asks Rhea to get in the car immediately. Rhea is in the car. Ranbir hears her again and wonders why he heard Rhea’s voice. The bandits are pushing the car. Alia hides. Ranbir wonders why Rhea is here. Alia considers getting in the car and driving away.

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