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The Episode Start With:

Prachi tells Ranbir that memories are unforgettably because they remain in the heart, and that she recalls this because she loves him a lot. Ranbir expressed his gratitude to her and told her he loved her much more. He claims that when we first met, I was not wearing anything, but you were wearing a red colour dress because I love you very much. He says this to illustrate his point. They embrace one another. They are heard by the girls, and they smile. One of the kidnappers talks to the person who is assisting them in crossing the border. He tells them they have half an hour to bring the pace, or they won’t be able to enter the border and they won’t receive their money back. The kidnapper makes a phone call to the rest of his crew and notifies them. The person who kidnapped you says that thirty minutes will do. The female kidnapper specifies the location of the woman’s husband’s release. The kidnapper claims that they will leave him off someplace. Shahana is aware that her kidnappers are approaching, so she conceals her phone. They inquire as to what she is doing. She claims that she is looking for the keys to leave this location. They bring her into the house.
When Prachi informs Ranbir that she told him “I love you,” it causes the two of them to get into an argument. He wants to know why you said it. She claims that she informed him that she loves him in all capital letters. Prachi asks the females to share their thoughts. Ranbir claims that if I wasn’t listening, then they must have heard it. Prachi has told Ranbir that she loves him. Ranbir prompts her to speak from the bottom of her heart, tell him she loves him while opening her arms wide. The answer that she gives is that she does not feel comfortable giving it. He warns her that if she does not respond, he would go on a hunter strike. Prachi confronts him with the question of whether or not he intends to continue his diet. Ranbir claims that if I don’t eat or drink, I will first become weak, and then I will pass away. Prachi gives him a slap. She shows her full embrace and whispers, “I love you.”

The kidnappers bring Shahana inside the building. The kidnappers arrive and capture the females who are watching Ranbir and Prachi from a distance. Prachi requests that Ranbir go and save them. While Ranbir is in the process of going through the window, Prachi’s captors come to her and remove her from there. Prachi is heard yelling Ranbir’s name. Ranbir has returned, and he is searching for Prachi.

When Prachi saw Shahana, she said, “Leave my sister alone.” Shahana asks did you drink. The female kidnapper claims that it is some kind of spray effect. Ranbir is seen outside and is calling Prachi.

The kidnapper orders his accomplice to find him and bring him back. Ranbir warns the kidnapper that if he doesn’t let him go, he would tickle him. In addition, Prachi gives the girl a few good tickles before sprinting over to hug Ranbir. The kidnapper instructs us to split them apart because we have to move very quickly. Shahana advises us to abandon them. Ranbir is going to sleep, according to the female abductor, since she will spray something on him. Shahana is curious as to when he will show up.

Vikram arrives at the location, just as Shahana predicted. Dida seems to be curious in the nature of this location. Aaliya claims that the thugs do not decide who gets to meet the family. Rhea asks if they are in the right location. Vikram says that we are going to go inside quietly and not make any noise. Dida is prompted by Pallavi to enter the vehicle. Dida is adamant about her attendance. As she steps out of the automobile, she appears to be about to lose her balance. Vikram inquires, “What are you up to?” Dida gets emotional. They are told by Pallavi to keep silent. Rhea claims that Ranbir is also having issues in addition to Prachi. Dida inquires about the arrival time of the police. Vikram insists that we cannot wait and has suggested that we seek assistance from the police. Vikram peeks inside and then requests that everyone enter in complete silence. They look up and witness Ranbir and Prachi embracing one another. Pallavi puts her palm over Rhea’s lips as she prepares to yell out Ranbir’s name. Shahana asks who are you? When the kidnapper saw Pallavi and Rhea, he asked them, “Who are you?” Shahana responds that there is no room and requests that she bring her in at another time slot. Pallavi claims that she is a kidnapper and that she took this girl hostage (Rhea). Ranbir tells Prachi that his mother has arrived. The one who kidnapped you asks, “What did he say?” Pallavi claims that he is not her son. Ranbir has asked her to elaborate. Prachi confronts Pallavi with the question, “Why did you restrain my sister’s mouth?” Vikram says we shall go inside. Everyone makes their way inside. The person who kidnapped them orders his crew to find them. Ranbir calls Papa. Prachi calls Dida. The abductor contacts Mona and begs her to spray everyone with a substance that will cause them to pass out.

Vikram’s relatives engage in combat with the thugs. The potential kidnapper has taken Prachi outdoors and is about to kidnap her when Sid appears and throws something in his eyes. He goes inside. Ranbir asks the kidnapper if he is suffering in any way. When Prachi was being held by him, she claims to have felt agony in her hand. Ranbir attacks the kidnapper by hitting him in the hand and stamping his feet on him. I had previously stated that Prachi claims my son Ranbir smashed your hands. The police show up there and claim that they’ve been looking for you for a number of days now. Dida wants to know if there is any kind of prize for them. The inspector confirms this. Dida says that we don’t need anything, so we should only donate to the needy as Ranbir and Prachi’s responsibility.

They travel back home. Prachi is forced to lie down on the bed after being told to by Shahana. Shahana is asked by Vikram to sleep with Prachi because he believes that if Prachi awakens and becomes hungry, he will require her assistance. Sid puts Ranbir to sleep by ordering him to lie down on the bed. Pallavi asks, “Why did Prachi feel the need to act in such a manner?” Aaliya states that she fled throughout the night if there was anything further that had occurred. Pallavi has stated that this is not her responsibility and that there has been nothing improper that has occurred. She claims that Prachi is pregnant, and because of this, they kidnapped her before she gave birth. She advises that we must not forget that our family’s baby is currently developing inside of her. She claims that we cannot overlook the fact that she is carrying a member of our family. Aaliya says Pallavi. Pallavi goes.

Sid feels terrible that he was the one to bring down such a joyful family. He claims that if something had happened to Prachi and you, I would not have been able to forgive myself. He guarantees that everything will turn out well. Rhea is sneaking a peek inside Prachi’s chamber, and she believes that Ranbir has arrived, but that he has brought her along.


Aaliya concludes by informing Rhea that the Pallavi whom she is familiar possesses something in her head that neither of us can consider. While he says this, Ranbir rests his head on Pallavi’s lap and says, “I loved Prachi so much, and now she is becoming the mother of Sid’s baby.” Pallavi reveals that she and Vikram have settled on the idea of arranging a marriage between Sid and Prachi. The surprise is shared by Prachi and Ranbir.

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