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The first scene of the episode consists of Rhea expressing concern about her pregnancy and stating that the unborn child will be put to sleep. She claims that she intends to murder this unborn kid, and I solemnly pledge that I will murder Ranbir’s future child. How are you even able to do that, Shaina? Aaliya is the one who puts a stop to her and asks, “How will you, seeing as how you are not pregnant?” Rhea claims that only she and I are aware that I am not pregnant, whilst the rest of the people do not know this and believe that I am carrying his child. She claims that she pretended to be pregnant and kept up the charade in order to force Prachi to leave the house. She claims that Prachi was getting ready to leave, but Ranbir is preventing her. She claims that he told her that he will stop Prachi and will stay with her after she told him that he must stay with her after Prachi leaves since he promised to be with her. She claims that my false pregnancy was a complete waste of time. She claims that whenever Prachi tries to leave, someone or something prevents her from doing so. She refers to him as Ranbir this time. She tells me that anything I want, whether it happens or not. Aaliya has requested of her to inform Pallavi of this information. Rhea affirms that you are correct, and she wants me to convey this message to her. She claims that my mother would tell Prachi that she needs to leave, and that we will talk to my sasumaa about this topic in the morning. When Prachi comes to, she discovers that Ranbir has been sleeping on the floor while clutching her hand. She rises to her feet and exits the bed. When Ranbir came to, he greeted him with a hello and good morning. Good morning, Prachi! I’m sorry to have woken you up; I really shouldn’t have. Ranbir says I am well. She suggests that you could feel uneasy about the situation. He claims that he was uncomfortable; thus, if he had slept near her, she would have been uncomfortable as well. He goes on to add that he was able to get a good night’s rest because she rested her hand on his chest while he slept, and that the greatest part was waking up to see her face. He concludes that today is going to be a very nice day for him because he woke up seeing her. After expressing his gratitude for her stunning appearance, he excuses himself to go freshen up. Shahana appears and inquires as to whether or not you have awoken. But then she goes and does something different after saying, “I have to do something.” She claims that I have the impression that I will not depart from this location.
Within the room, Shaina is praying at the moment. Aaliya wonders why are you praying? Rhea’s win is defended by Shaina on her behalf. Aaliya argues that Rhea does not require it and that she is a smart girl who is aware of her responsibilities. She believes that Rhea must have gone to Pallavi’s house at this time and banged on her door. Rhea raps on the door and enters the building after doing so. She sends her best wishes for a pleasant morning to Pallavi. Aaliya forecasts that Rhea will laugh first, followed by crying. Rhea will cry even more, despite the consoling hugs that Pallavi gives her. It happened like Aaliya said. Rhea is questioned by Pallavi over the recent events. Aaliya reports that Rhea will ask Pallavi to encourage Prachi to go. Rhea claims that she was unable to control herself, and that as a result, she experiences tension and feelings of insecurity on a daily basis. She claims that she experiences a hollowness, as if nobody cares about her at all. She adds that she is concerned for her baby and that every mother should be happy, but she doesn’t understand why I can’t be happy and just tears. She claims that I am not satisfied with my life on the inside. She claims that there are times when she wonders why she decided to have a child. Because Aaliya loved her like a daughter, Pallavi would feel as though her own daughter is crying, according to Aaliya. Rhea’s friend Pallavi feels bad for her and tells her that she shouldn’t have to go through what she is, then urges Rhea to figure out how to be happy. Rhea inquires, “Will you offer what I ask of you?” The question is posed to her by Pallavi. Rhea tells her that once Prachi leaves, she would be able to function normally and urges her to tell Prachi to leave the house. Will you tell her what you think? Pallavi states that she will talk to Prachi about leaving this house. Rhea shows her gratitude by giving her a hug. She claims that I will be joyful and free of stress from this point on, and that I will be able to properly care for my baby. But for that, you’re going to have to trust me and do something for me, Pallavi explains. Will you fulfil my request if I ask you to? She claims that she will ask Prachi to leave the house after nine months, but in order for that to happen, you will need to divorce Ranbir. Rhea is stunned and taken aback by what she just heard. That location is where she will depart. Pallavi will follow closely behind her.
According to Prachi, I had the mistaken impression that my way of thinking was the correct one. She admits to being self-centered and admits to having entertained the idea of denying herself happiness in order to make her sister happy. The accusation that I am acting in my own self-interest is made by her. Shahana responds that I must be sensing something else, because you are unable to tell me what you’re going through. Prachi claims that Ranbir is a nice husband and will be a good father, that she is acting inappropriately toward Ranbir, and that she loves him. Ranbir arrives there and is delighted to hear her. He kisses on her cheeks. Prachi wants to know why you kissed her. He tells me that I can kiss you. She believes that this is in the wrong. He promises that he will give you a frontal kiss. Prachi says kissing is wrong. Shahana says yes. Ranbir claims that she is his wife and that not only do I love her but that she also loves me. You are not allowed to kiss me, according to Prachi, because we are not a typical couple. He thinks that the two of us make an incredible couple. Aryan goes there and listens to what they are saying. Prachi says that is inappropriate and wants Shahana to say. Shahana says it is wrong. Aryan wants to know what kind of girl you are and explains that her question is meant as a gesture. He claims that people will kiss anyone, even a baby. Shahana asks him not to say anything. According to him, no one can be turned into a baby by being kissed. He leans in and gives Shahana a peck on each cheek. Shahana pursues him in order to get the upper hand. Prachi follows closely behind them. Ranbir claims that she is having trouble with him expressing his affection to her. When he considers the possibility that she has feelings for him, he experiences joy.

When Pallavi is chatting to Rhea, she warns her not to get up or walk away in case she changes her mind. She claims that I am your saas rather than your bua. I don’t appreciate the way you carry yourself, she remarked. Rhea claims that you are ignoring me in a royal manner. I have no idea what took place, but I can tell you that Prachi is everything to you and that you no longer care about me. She claims that she, too, will have a healthy child and that she will not deliver God into the world. Pallavi warns her not to even risk talking to her in such a manner. You are urging me to divorce Ranbir, Rhea, and she argues that she already gave you her mother’s place in the family. She claims that you are trying to steal Ranbir away from the baby. Pallavi has expressed that she wants her to depart, and that Prachi should stay behind. She claims that she has organised everything in this manner. Vikram and Dida have arrived and questioned her about the plans she had. Pallavi says nothing. Vikram asks her to comment on it. Pallavi informed me that she heard me thinking about taking Prachi and Rhea shopping for pregnancy clothes at a mall. Rhea believes that she is trying to pull a fast one on me. She leaves. Dida wants to know what’s bothering Rhea so much. Pallavi claims that she is only a youngster, but she is insistent that she go right now. I will talk to her about it. Dida informs Vikram that Pallavi is not saying what she appears to be saying. The same sentiments are shared by Vikram.

There is a head-on collision between Prachi and Rhea. Rhea thinks about Ranbir and their confrontation again. She refers to me as sister while asking how animosity may be resolved. Whatever it is that you are accusing me of, Prachi insists that it was not me. Rhea claims that you have stolen my husband away from me. According to Prachi, your husband has always been mine. Rhea asserts that you are well aware that he loves me. Prachi claims that he has never said this to either you or me, and that he hasn’t even considered it. She claims that he told her that he loves me, indicating that nobody can cast doubt on my marriage or our connection. Rhea claims that she can call into question your motive and that you had previously stated that you will leave, but had accepted the fact that we are a pair. It occurred to Prachi that she had mentioned this to Shahana. I came here with Women’s NGO, I proved that I am his legal wife, and she reminded me that Ranbir put kumkum in your maang in front of everyone. Prachi says so (In PS). Rhea asserts that kumkum was injected into your maang after your mother spoke a falsehood. The deception, according to Prachi, was your marriage, which was arranged by blackmailing everyone.


As a review, Pallavi informs Rhea that she will cast Prachi out of the house after the kid is born, but for the time being, she is focused on her own happiness, which lies in Ranbir’s first child.

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