Kumkum Bhagya [5th August 2022] Written Update

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Rhea begins the episode by informing Prachi that the lie will not be the truth and that the day her family lied to save themselves and she received kumkum put in her maang, it was all a lie. She also states that the lie will not be the truth. Prachi claims that your marriage was a sham, and she claims that you blackmailed and intimidated everyone in the family. As a result, the family pressured Ranbir to sit down with you so that they could save face. Rhea inquires as to who it was that told you, Ranbir, and then asserts that he is lying. Prachi claims that he is my spouse, however I am more knowledgeable than you about the truth and lies associated with his statements. Shaina insults Prachi by referring to her as a sautan when she arrives there. Prachi cautions her not to become involved in the situation. Shahana arrives there and tells Prachi that she is pregnant and that she is here to respond to their questions. She also asks Prachi to take care of her and says that she is here to answer their questions. Rhea cautions her to watch what she says and warns her not to use foul words. Shahana requests that she ask Shaina to mind her language or else Shahana will become exhausted. After arriving there, Aaliya placed a call to Rhea. Rhea tells her that she will see her later and follows her out of the room. Shahana is informed by Prachi that she is going to visit Dida in order to provide the medicine she has been prescribed. She begs her to stay out of any confrontations with other people. Shahana has stated that I do not engage in physical conflict. They engage in combat with one another. Shaina is her opponent. They had their fingers in one other’s hair.
Battle royale between Shaina and Shahana. Shahana is shocked that you would refer to Prachi as Dayan. “How can you!” she asks. He gives them his support and records the event on tape. Mili arrives to the scene and requests the individuals there to refrain from fighting. Ranbir arrives at the scene and implores the two groups to abandon their battle. He yells at them, pleading with them to stop what they’re doing. He inquires as to who initiated the conversation. According to Shahana, Shaina was the one who got things started. According to Ranbir, there would be no more fighting now. He encourages them to calm down and apologise to each other for the trouble they caused. They are adamant in their refusal and leave. Ranbir inquires of Aryan as to whether or not he was working on the group’s video. Aryan states that he wasn’t available because he was on call. Mili claims he is mad.
Aaliya arrives to Pallavi’s room. The door is closed behind her after Pallavi has beckoned to her to come inside. Aaliya prompts her to consider who she is and what it is that she desires. She has stated that she does not wish for others to see the good, the terrible, or the ugly aspect of her. She puts Pallavi in danger by claiming to be Aaliya Purab Khanna and stating that she has two people in her life whom she adores very much; the first is her brother, and the second is Rhea, whom she considers to be the entire universe. She claims that she is upset with her, despite the fact that she is taking advantage of her. Pallavi claims that she understands the reasoning behind my statement. Aaliya asserts that contrary to her brother, she is not now in a coma. Dida visits the location and listens to them from the front porch. Pallavi states that she is able to listen to anything because you are her friend, because otherwise she would not have allowed that behaviour. She requests that she listen attentively and not at any time interrupt her while she is speaking. She claims that she initially believed Rhea to be impatient; however, after seeing you, it appears that everyone save Prachi has this problem. She claims that she asked Rhea to divorce Ranbir, but that Rhea reacted before she could fully understand what was being said. She claims that I advised her to end her marriage to Ranbir so that Prachi could continue to live in this area; otherwise, Prachi would leave, which is something that she does not want to happen. Dida is delighted to learn this new information. She is holding out hope that Rhea and Ranbir will finally end their marriage in the near future.
Ranbir is questioned by Aryan over the reason he put an end to the catfight. Ranbir says girls get more aggressive. According to Aryan, it is entertaining to listen to the girls argue since they will use a wide variety of obscene language. According to him, there is not much of a range of tactics in males’ fights. The fact that the females are arguing in our home, according to Ranbir, is inappropriate. According to Aryan, we are going to find out the explanation for this so that we can decide who will fight. According to Ranbir, Shaina and Shahana are engaging in a conflict in order to protect Rhea and Prachi. According to him, Prachi has a great deal of problems because of Rhea. Following what she has learned, Prachi visits Shahana in order to speak with her. Ranbir has stated that they are unsure of what will occur at this time. Aryan has informed me that I shall attend and watch the fight. Ranbir puts a stop to him and challenges him to a battle beside himself. They are brought to their knees on the bed. Ranbir rises to his feet and says, “Shahana.”
Aaliya is shocked that you would have the audacity to suggest that Rhea get a divorce from Ranbir. Don’t take my remarks out of context, Pallavi says; I gave you permission to stay here, and you shouldn’t question the wisdom of my choice. She maintains that she is acting in Rhea’s best interests by carrying out her plan. Dida hears standing outdoors. Pallavi is the one who comes to the conclusion and then opens the door. Dida eventually makes her way away from that location. According to Pallavi, the divorce will be finalised in a more expedited manner due to the fact that the necessary paperwork has been prepared. Rhea then shows up and declares that they will not be getting a divorce. Pallavi overhears Aaliya telling her that she will not permit Rhea to get a divorce. Rhea has stated that she will not allow the documents to be delivered. Aaliya orders them to be quiet and then informs them that the necessary paperwork has been prepared and that the case will be sent to the court’s expedited scheduling system. He claims that we will take measures to ensure that the judge finds errors in the paperwork, and he says that, in the long run, we will attempt to take a false divorce that appears to be genuine. She promises that the date will be very far in the future, that we will never have a divorce, and that she will keep Prachi in the loop. She says that we need to convince her and keep her calm till she gives birth to the baby since we don’t want her to be anxious. She claims that as soon as the baby is born, I would throw her out of the house. She claims that it doesn’t matter to her if anyone sees her and that the only thing that matters to her is that she is happy, and she believes that happiness will come from Ranbir’s first child.
Prachi is not happy with Shahana for arguing with Shaina, and she tells her so. Ranbir arrives at the scene and announces that he has engaged in combat with Aryan since he enjoyed seeing them spar. Shahana gets happy. Prachi inquires as to whether or not they have completed anything. Dida arrives at the location and announces that she is the bearer of happy news. She assures me that my desire is going to come true. In the conversation, Prachi, Shahana, and Ranbir all ask her to say. Dida claims that I am also interested in having some sweets. Sweets are pushed in her direction, and he inquires as to what the exciting news might be. Dida claims that she overheard Pallavi making this statement and that she cannot imagine that you would believe it. Prachi prompts her to share her thoughts by asking. Dida heaves loudly. Ranbir is heard saying, “I will bring the water,” before leaving the room.
Aaliya reveals to Rhea that she has misgivings about Rhea’s friendship with Pallavi. Rhea has expressed her suspicion that she cannot rely on her mother. She claims that she is attempting to catch me in her snare by doing this. She claims that she has a complete understanding of her game plan. Aaliya insists that we must carry out some action in order for her to continue implementing her strategy. Rhea claims that she has a vision in which the entire family is plotting against them. Aaliya claims that everyone is working against us, and there is nothing that can be done to help us. Rhea announces that she is going to her room to think about something before continuing.
Dida is asked by Shahana why she is coughing after eating sweets. Shahana is curious because Dida just ate them. Ranbir brings water and makes Dida drink it. Dida is informed by Shahana that she has been rescued from Prachi thanks to Shahana. Ranbir says I saved you. According to Shahana, Prachi did not make any noise when Dida arrived. Dida learns from Prachi that Shaina and Shahana were involved in a quarrel thanks to the dispute they had. Shahana thinks Shaina was taking Rhea’s side. Rhea’s sister Prachi claims that she cannot believe what she has to say about Rhea because they are sisters. Dida tells Pallavi and Wendy that she overheard Pallavi and Wendy talking about Kalyani giving birth to a calf. She then lies to Rhea and Ranbir, claiming that she overheard Pallavi and Wendy talking about Kalyani giving birth to a calf. Ranbir claims cow’s name is Kalyani. Shahana inquires about the gender of the calf and whether it is male or female. Ranbir halts Prachi and instead engages in conversation with their child while she is going to follow him behind. He inquires as to whether or not your mother takes care of you, and you respond by saying that she does not abandon you. He adds that once you are born, we will have a conversation about it. He claims that she has been making a lot of complaints recently. The doctor has confirmed that it is a boy, says Prachi. He insists that all he wants is for her to be happy, but the truth is that he really wants a daughter. He says that a beautiful picture of their baby appeared in his heart and that he is certain that she is just like you. Prachi displays a pleasant smile.


Rhea gives Shahana a slap and asks, “How dare you?” in the ensuing confrontation. Shahana is in Prachi’s custody at the moment. Dida inquires of Rhea as to whether or not she has lost her mind and then inquires of herself as to whether or not she slaps her. Dida feels the pressure of Rhea’s push. Ranbir and Vikram hold her. Vikram enquires, “What the hell are you talking about?” Rhea, Pallavi yells, “Today you have crossed all limitations; now cross the last boundary, and escape from here.” Pallavi is referring to Rhea’s accomplishments from earlier in the day. She requests that the other person leave the room.

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