Kumkum Bhagya [6th August 2022] Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th August 2022 Written Update On writtenlab.com

Written Update for Kumkum Bhagya, on the 6th of August 2022 Rhea is leaving. Rhea threatens Shahana by putting her hand up. She asks Shahana how could she interrupt, and then she strikes the other woman. Rhea is reprimanded by Prachi for being so insane after she is stopped by Prachi. Dida confronts Rhea with the question of how she can raise her hand on Shahana. She inquires as to how she would feel if someone were to slap her. Rhea is about to get a slap from her. Rhea’s fury causes her to shove Dida away from her. Rhea is asked to observe it by Vikram. Rhea has exceeded the boundaries he has set for her. He confronts Rhea with the question of how dare she force his mother. Ranbir and Vikram hold Dida. Pallavi reports that Rhea has exceeded every conceivable boundary at this point in time. She challenges Rhea to go through the final barrier, which is the front entrance of the house. Rhea becomes enraged as a result of her shouting “go out.” Pallavi forces Rhea to leave the house despite the fact that she is adamantly opposed to doing so. Unaware of his mother’s ultimate plan to get even with Prachi, Ranbir expresses his joy over Rhea’s decision to leave. This is going to be Pallavi and Rhea’s coordinated strategy in order to take down Prachi. Will Pallavi be able to deceive Ranbir and Prachi by concocting a story about Rhea’s phoney divorce proceedings? Keep reading.

Rhea has revealed to Aaliya earlier in the programme that the entirety of the family is conspiring against her. Aaliya is becoming increasingly concerned because nothing seems to be going in their favour. Rhea says that she will give it some thought and come up with something. Dida coughs. Ranbir gets water for her. Dida hears about the fight between Shahana and Shaina from Prachi.
She is very familiar with Rhea. Rhea’s being reprimanded by Shahana is something that irritates her. Dida considers keeping the news of the divorce a secret from them. She seemed to be perplexed. She tells a lie about the birth of a calf and then leaves. Ranbir coos and smiles to his infant son. He reveals to Prachi that the baby is upset with her to the audience. Prachi would like to have a son. Ranbir says that he wishes for her happiness, but the truth is that his heart longs for a tiny female baby. He is confident that his future child would be exactly like Prachi. His engaging talks makes Prachi grin.

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