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The Episode Start With:

Ranbir tells Prachi that she should get off the stool because it is unsafe for her to remain there. Prachi tells him that it is unsafe, and then she asks him to explain what else is unsafe for her. She claims that you are making decisions about my life, despite the fact that it is my to live. He claims that if you had listened to me, this wouldn’t have occurred, and that as a result, your life has become distinct from mine. He then releases his frustration by going to his room and throwing a pillow on the ground. Prachi travels to that location and selects a cushion. Song plays dori tutgayiya… According to Prachi, you have stated that this would not have occurred if I had paid attention to what you had to say. He claims that you did not listen to me when I told you that we would leave this place and begin a new life together. I loved you more after seeing your love, Prachi tells me, but why should I trust you first? she asks. She claims that since you did not trust me before I left, there is no reason for me to believe that I will trust you now that I am back. He claims that you should have had more faith in me and come clean with me about your pregnancy and the truth about it. Had you done so, I would have gladly embraced both you and your child into my life. He replies that I would have loved both you and your child if I had been there. If you believe that Sid is the father of this child, Prachi has something to say to you. Ranbir claims that he has forgotten about trust and that all he knows is that he loves you more than anyone else could possibly love another person. Sid overhears the guests discussing Prachi’s baby shower in the background. He makes an effort to communicate with Pallavi. Pallavi explains that she is discussing the mahurat with Pandit ji, who deems it to be of utmost importance. Aaliya approaches him and tells him, “I need to talk to you about something extremely urgent.” He comes along on the ride with her. Rhea asks him why he doesn’t comprehend that now that we’ve exhausted all of our options in an effort to keep Prachi and Ranbir apart, we have the ability to do anything. Why doesn’t he understand this?
Prachi adds that she is hearing that you will never love me, but that you are claiming that you loved me more than anyone else ever has. Prachi: “I am hearing that you will never love me.” He says that with you and that if I don’t love you it is the same as if the earth stopped rotating around it. He claims that whoever asks me not to love you, even if you ask me, then also I can’t stop loving you. Even if you ask him, he says that he can’t stop loving you. He assures me that I will always love you, but when it comes to matters of the heart, my mind and body are deaf to his words. He claims that neither his intellect nor his emotions are listening to what I have to say. Therefore, Prachi advises, you shouldn’t talk about such topics. Ranbir explains that this phrase translates to “I love you,” and that there is no way that I could ever stop loving you. He claims that his love for you will never end, but that his sentiments will change, his sight will change, and that even though he will continue to hold your hand, the reason he does so will shift. I will assist you by holding your hand in the future. Prachi has told me that my feelings have been harmed by your statements. Ranbir compares it to an unpleasant medicine and promises that once you take it, all of your troubles would be solved. He tells you that all he wants to do is assist you. He tells me that he wants to prevent me from letting you down at every stage in your life. Prachi claims that you cannot choose who I will marry or who I will have feelings for. If you have stripped me of all my rights, as Ranbir claims you have, then who am I to decide? He responds, “I can only recommend you,” and then he asks her to refrain from taking this opportunity away from him right now.

Aaliya forces Sid to come inside the room with her and threatens him. Sid claims that he was unaware that this would take place. He says that I am not going to let anything bad happen to my brother’s life. Aaliya says don’t talk to me in this way. Sid advises you to make it a habit because he will reveal it to everyone and he will not allow this family to fall apart. Rhea arrives and shoves him to the ground. She responds that we are not going to allow you to ruin our life. Pandit ji requests Pallavi to fetch Kalawa. Pallavi says ok. Rhea seizes the knife and makes a threat to cut off his wrist with it. She claims that at that point blood will run out of you, and before you could even grasp what was happening, your heart pulse will stop. She then asks Aaliya if this particular event will take place. She answers in the affirmative, which will lead everyone to believe that you have taken your own life. She says that we will state that Sid was repenting but couldn’t take it and had to terminate his life since he couldn’t handle it. Sid claims that he is experiencing a great deal of regret since not only is my sister’s life in jeopardy, but also the lives of Ranbir and Prachi have been damaged. He requests that she put an end to this game. Rhea declares that she adores Ranbir and will do everything it takes to win him over. Sid advises that if you want Ranbir, you should win him over with your emotions rather than by carefully preparing and planning. He warns you to avoid making other people’s life miserable. Aaliya refers to him as Paplu and tells him, “Don’t attempt to be the hero number one; you are the sacrifice lamb.” She requests that he not mahatma her. There will be Pallavi there. Chachi, according to Sid, they have….my sister. Rhea reports that he implied that we would not reveal the identity of his sister. Aaliya states that we have seen her picture, and then she gives Sid the picture of her to Sid after they have kidnapped him. Pallavi tells them that she has arrived to take Kalawa and requests that they hurry. She invites Sid to accompany her on the trip. Sid goes behind her.

Prachi calls Ranbir. After dabbing his eyes with a tissue, Ranbir looks up at her. He inquires as to whether or not you have something to say. Prachi has indicated that she has a question that she wants to ask. She believes that if you want me to marry Sid, you should genuinely want me to do so. He claims that your mother has mandated that you carry out this task. She believes that I am aware of the choice you have made. According to him, something got into my eye. She claims that someone has left via the door in my heart. Ranbir claims that I am experiencing discomfort in both of my eyes. She thinks the ache is coming from my heart. He claims that anyone may join your heart, but what about my soul, which is suffering from this separation? Prachi sheds a tear.

Aaliya hears from Rhea that she doesn’t trust Sid, and Rhea informs her that Sid is out of our control and that she should try to reveal the truth to someone. She suggests that we should kidnap him as part of our contingency plan. Aaliya states that if you have lost your mind and say that Pallavi is trying to convince Sid to marry Prachi, then Ranbir will be yours, and then we won’t care what he tells others. If you say this, then Ranbir will be yours. Rhea asks what the guarantee is that he won’t get up to any mischief in the next seven days. According to Aaliya, his sisters are still being held captive by us. Rhea runs across Rahul and some of his pals who had come dressed as dhol players. She yells at them while insulting them. Rhea receives an apology from Aaliya, who then hugs her. Rahul reveals to his companion that the woman in question is Aaliya. The buddy claims that she referred to us as criminals and that we intend to steal all jewellery.

Aryan is approached by Shahana, who gives him an order to carry out. According to Aryan, Prachi is the only one who can handle the current scenario. Shahana claims that she is incapable of managing herself at the moment. She encourages him to stand with Ranbir and tells him that she would support Prachi instead. She explains that we have been there for them ever since we found out about their love, and that the only ones who can help them now are us, not them. However, we are not powerless even though he claims that they are. Aryan inquires as to how. Shahana tells him to talk to Ranbir and offer him the best possible option; she believes that the only way Ranbir will be able to help Prachi is if he can remain calm. Aryan shows his assent by nodding his head.


Vikram tells to Prachi that he needs some man-to-man conversation and then asks her to leave the room. Prachi claims that I have decided against marrying Sid. You’re going to have to wed him, Ranbir yells passionately. Dadi has a sneaking suspicion that Aaliya is involved in some sort of plot. Aaliya’s intention is to terrify Sid by telling him that she will stab his sister. Sid yells at her, pleading with her not to proceed in this manner. Sid is currently being held by the thugs. Dida makes an effort to listen to them.

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