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The Episode Start With:

Aaliya is shown slamming into someone when she is moving quickly. The guy inquires as to whether or not she was hit. She denies it and then inquires whether he was struck. Dida is curious about the time period during which she underwent this change. Rhea approaches Aaliya and tells her that she heard her declare that she will take care of Sid. Aaliya tells Sid, “You are telling me that you are worried that Sid would speak the truth.” and then says, “I am going out.” Rhea affirms that he will be honest with someone in the future. Dida makes an effort to listen to them. Aaliya and Rhea see Dida and summon her. Dida inquire as to what you two were discussing. According to Aaliya, you must already be aware of this. Dida reports that she was unable to pick up any sounds. Rhea asks Aaliya to go. Aaliya goes. Dida had the idea to investigate further. Aryan is informed by Shahana that Ranbir may have agreed with the decision made by a member of the family, but it is clear by the look in his eyes that he is upset. Aryan says I will talk to him. He asks would you like to drink water. Prachi is presented with a glass of water by Shahana. According to Prachi, my worst fears were realised. Ranbir claims that he was afraid that he would lose everything, and now that fear is coming true. Shahana says eyes can be betrayed. Prachi has expressed that she is at a loss on what to do. Shahana implores her to put her faith in her lover. Prachi says that other people would try to split us up and that she is familiar with Rhea’s personality, but she doesn’t understand why Sid would do this to her. According to Ranbir, Sid became Prachi’s support system whenever she needed him. Aryan reports that she is currently with you. Ranbir claims that a third party is standing in their way between them and the reason/baby that is entering the world. Prachi claims that there is nothing I can do now that Ranbir has agreed to this. Ranbir first examines Prachi, and then continues on from there. Aryan returns to Ranbir and tells him to unwind and calm down. Ranbir responds by saying, “You stated correct, I shall relax, a difficult period is going on of my life which shall be good, I am overreacting that my love and wife is marrying someone else, and he is my brother.” Ranbir is referring to the fact that his brother is getting married to someone else. He claims that the baby in question is not mine but rather my brother’s. He claims that I was worried about losing Prachi, but now the very thing I feared is occurring to me; he is removing Prachi from this location. Aryan enters the room and begins to punch on his punching bag while reflecting over Prachi.

He thinks back on the times they shared together as well as their wedding. The punching bag is where he takes out his frustrations on himself. Dida accompanies Aaliya to the hotel after she arrives there. She wonders, Who exactly are they? She believes that she is reprimanding the guys, and that they are acting in a manner consistent with that of her servants. The door to the hotel is opened for her. Rhea is questioned by Shaina upon her arrival at the event about what it is that she want to convey. Rhea informs them that there is happy news and reveals that they are going to get married. Shaina inquires as to who exactly. Rhea has informed us that Prachi and Sid are going to get married. It was your husband, according to Shaina. Rhea claims that he was previously married to me. According to Shaina, Ranbir has a lot of love for Prachi. Rhea claims that ever since he learned that Prachi is carrying Sid’s child, he has had nothing but hatred for her. Shaina laughs. Rhea receives a phone call from Aaliya, who instructs her to tell Sid to meet her at the hotel. Rhea mulls over the situation and comes up with a plan for removing Sid from here.

Aryan requests that Ranbir put a stop to it. Aryan goes down after being struck by Ranbir. When Prachi arrived, she questioned them about why they had hit Aryan. Aryan replies that he will let himself be consumed by the flames of your rage, but that he will protect his brother from any harm. Prachi wants to know why you are acting in this manner. Ranbir tells her that he does not want to talk to her and asks her to leave. Prachi claims that this is happening because we do not communicate with one another. Ranbir is informed by Vikram, who has now arrived at the scene, that he has lost all claim to Prachi. Because he has to talk to other men, he begs Prachi to go. It has been suggested by Prachi that I shall not marry Sid. Ranbir tells you that you must wed Sid, and then he leaves. Vikram is heard saying, “Let me handle this,” before leaving the room. Aaliya enters the hotel room and informs the thugs that they must keep her identity a secret at all costs. She promises that she will give Rhea a call. Aaliya has a hunch that someone is outside, so she orders the goons to investigate and see who it is. She requests that they turn off the lights in the room. Dida hides. The thugs come outside, do a quick check, and then head back inside.

Sid confronts Rhea with the question, “Why did you bring me here?” Rhea requests of him to maintain his silence for a while. Sid claims that I cannot refer to you as stone-hearted because you do not own a heart. Rhea has told me that I have a heart, or all of this wouldn’t have taken place. Sid expressed regret that we had to come into contact with one another. Rhea tells me that my heart is broken and that you fell in love with me at first sight, but she insists that she has never loved you. He says, “I am aware that you adore Ranbir.” Rhea introduces Ranbir as her jaan before forcing him to enter the room. When Sid saw that his sister was restrained, he yelled for Megha. Aaliya claims that she is still alive, but it is up to you to determine how much longer she will remain so. Vikram addresses Ranbir and urges that he listen to him. Ranbir states, “I know what is right and wrong, and I shall consider about Prachi’s future and baby,” and when he does so, he realises that Prachi is going to get married to someone else. He claims that this challenge is difficult for me to overcome. Vikram gives him a hug and responds, “I know.” He suggests that they have a conversation with Dida and accept some guidance from her in order to simplify their lives. Ranbir claims that he prayed to God to grant him Prachi’s backing, but God has not responded to his request.

Aryan shares with Prachi the news that Ranbir has a deep love for her. Prachi hands him a first aid kit and tells him that his love was unable to do anything for him, then she asks him to assist her. He claims that no one else can assist him but you. Prachi tells him that sometimes you get stuck, and that our relationship went through difficult moments, and it was fragile to get damaged, and then she asks him to bandage his hand. Aryan claims that he is experiencing bleeding. He has a bleeding heart, according to Prachi. Prachi tells him that he doesn’t know what he’s doing and begs him to stay with Ranbir as she bandages his hand.

Sid is subject to Aaliya’s threats. Rhea instructs Sid to look at her face so that he can experience the same level of terror as she does. Sid says leave her. Aaliya explains the reasons why we would have abducted her if our intention had been to abandon her. The thugs come inside and announce that nobody can be found outside. Aaliya slaps the goon. Dida believes that she is familiar with Aaliya and that she is not here for a business meeting.


Ranbeer tells Prachi that love will never die and that he will think more about her happiness and the happiness of her children than he will care about his own, and that he will pray to god for her happiness no matter where she is.


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