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The episode starts with Ranbir telling Prachi that his heart has made a beautiful picture of their daughter, even though he didn’t see it, but he knows that she will be like her, and heard a lot of complaints from her, so she shall be like you. Even though he didn’t see it, he knows that she will be like her. He has promised that he will construct a box in the house where complaints can be deposited, and he intends for both of you to make use of the box. The question is posed by Prachi: what does she respond with? I asked Ranbir how she could make her mother a better person and she told me that her mother is khadoos and careless. I asked Ranbir how she could make her mother a better person. She pleaded with me to shower more affection on our mother so that she could shower even more affection on our family. He claims that she asked him to hold her mother’s hand and move closer to her so that their love could grow and that she could receive the love of both her mother and her Bau ji in equal measure. Prachi has mentioned that it appears as though she is communicating with you directly. The conversation continued with Ranbir stating, “I can hear my daughter saying, and she is asking me to take care of you.” Because he wants her to have a positive experience, he asks her to take care of him, to not become angry with her, to smile and to be happy. He has expressed that he hopes that their child will enter the world with a smile on its face rather than a sob. Prachi asserts that she is the one making these statements, despite the fact that she claims that she is the one who will go to bed early and get some rest today. Ranbir reports that she initially directed her conversation toward you.

Rhea rises from her seat while ruminating on what Pallavi had said. She contemplates whether she should trust her or not, and she mulls over what she should do in order to ensure that her chores are completed and that her mother does not feel guilty. She insists that the divorce papers will not be delivered to this location, and that I will not be leaving. She considers having a conversation with Prachi in the hopes of influencing her in such a way that she initiates conversation with Ranbir. She believes that the first thing on her to-do list for the day will be to complete this task.

(This could very well be another scene from your imagination.) Rhea lets Ranbir know first thing in the morning that she has something important to discuss with him. He has made it clear that he does not wish to communicate with her. According to Rhea, Prachi is currently waiting in order for us to continue our conversation. He questions your decision to include Prachi in this conflict and asks why you did so. Rhea remarked that you really amazed her because you care for her so much and protect her in the same manner as if you were protecting a young girl. She reveals whether she herself is truly good or whether I am a bad person. She tells me that I am not a bad person, that I am a woman, and that I am even pregnant. She also says that I am a woman. Ranbir confronts her with the question of why she chooses to begin each day by venting her frustrations and then instructs her to take a seat as though she were pregnant. Prachi receives a phone call from him. Vikram inquires after the recent occurrence. Rhea asks him to come to the room without making a fuss and tells him not to make a scene. I don’t want to talk to you, Ranbir said, so please don’t. They are the focal point of everyone’s attention. Prachi receives a phone call from him. There are times when Prachi travels there. He claims that I have been yelling at you for a very long time, if you were on call. In response to Prachi’s denial, I was…. Rhea inquires as to whether or not you are interested in being with this lamb (bakri) who is incapable of doing anything else besides stuttering. Ranbir and Prachi get upset. Prachi interrupts her and requests that she repeat herself. Ranbir inquires, “What exactly is the matter with you?” Dida rises to her feet and declares that she has a problem with the reasons why people love Prachi more. Rhea is told by Vikram to “grow up” and that, despite the fact that she is expecting a child, she is behaving in a childlike manner. He claims that if you continue to speak in such a manner, no one will want to talk to you. Rhea says don’t talk, I am not asking anyone to talk to me. She requests that Vikram refrain from engaging in conversations pertaining to women. Prachi cautions her not to go beyond the boundaries she has set for herself.

Rhea admonishes her to stop behaving as though they are her parents in all of her interactions with her. She says that they have kicked you out of this house and that you must leave immediately. She expressed her disgust by stating that nobody wants you to be here in the first person. According to her, they will never accept you and have never done so in the past. She claims that you lack any sense of shame because you continue to be here. Ranbir decides that enough has been said and says that Prachi is present because she was somewhere he wanted her to be. I don’t know what you want, but he claims that you are fake and that Prachi is the embodiment of truth. He says that I don’t know what you want because you are fake. It has been stated adequately by Aaliya that this is an excessive amount. Rhea should be brave enough to say what’s on her mind and avoid picking fights with anyone, she advises. She claims that her sister has completely destroyed her family’s home, and she insists that she is not saying anything wrong in making this assertion. She claims that no one wanted Prachi to be here, but now everyone can see that she is skilled in witchcraft. Shahana claims that Prachi has performed so much magic because she makes everyone hers. This magic is love magic, which your Rhea will never be able to learn because if she does, she will not be able to give work and she will not be able to receive love. She suggests that you ask her to leave this location immediately and put an end to your jealousy. Rhea yells at her, “How dare you,” and then slaps her across the face. Rhea’s hand is in Ranbir’s grasp in this picture. Dida raises her hand and asks Rhea if she’s lost her mind if she slaps her. Rhea responds in the affirmative. Dida feels the pressure of Rhea’s push. Dida is cradled in Vikram’s arms as he demands to know what the hell is going on. Pallavi then enters the room and tells them, “Today you have crossed all limits; now cross the final limit and cross this house step.” Rhea says that she has no intention of leaving because Ranbir is her husband and this house belongs to her alone. She claims that no one has the authority to request that I leave. Pallavi presents the couple with the divorce papers and informs them that because they are married to each other, the divorce will take place today. The unexpectedness of it all affects everyone. Prachi is curious about the sudden change and wonders if it involves a divorce. Shahana believes that we should have expected it to take place a long time ago and that we should just let it happen. Prachi has informed us that she is expecting a child and that we cannot desert her because she is pregnant. I am well aware of the fact that she is a bad person; however, she is my sister, so I beg you not to treat her in such a manner. Aryan asserts that she is taking advantage of everyone’s feelings and that she should have left from the beginning. Shaina inquires as to whether or not you are telling the truth. It has been said by him that Prachi is also my sister. Mili asks him to take Rhea’s side too. Shahana confronts her with a question about herself, stating that it would be preferable to have one hundred enemies rather than a sister like her. Rhea brings her hand up to her face as if she were going to slap her.

It appears that Prachi is holding her hand. Rhea inquires, “Whom do you intend to protect?” The request that she makes is for her to protect Ranbir from her. She claims that you have gotten married to Ranbir, which means that my wedding to him was a null and void ceremony; if that is the case, then how did I become pregnant? She claims that Ranbir has had sexual relations with me in my room and has taken advantage of me in the event that my marriage to him has not taken place. She claims that he abused me in the name of our marriage but I don’t believe her. The statements made by Prachi are sufficient. Rhea claims that he has taken advantage of me by causing me to become pregnant outside of a marital relationship. She does not specify what she means by this. Prachi tells her that she has had enough of the game and begs her not to put her patience to the test, as well as to not mistake her kindness for a sign of helplessness. She claims that Ranbir did not take advantage of you, but that you did take advantage of Ranbir. She claims that she is aware of everything that has occurred between the two of you. Pallavi inquires as to what it is that she has accomplished. According to Prachi, Ranbir mentioned to her that Rhea had spiked his drink, and that as a result, he was not in control of his faculties and was not in touch with reality. She claims that he did not take advantage of her, but in reality, Rhea was the one who had everything planned out. The question that Ranbir poses to you is whether you have faith in and rely on me. He shows signs of displaying his feelings. In the conversation, Prachi mentions that she is aware that Shahana has heard it. Rhea claims that she is making up a story about what happened because she is envious of me and the situation. She claims that she embarrasses me by saying that I attempted to murder her unborn child after I found out that she was pregnant. If you are not a human, Prachi wants to know what you just said and how you can even think of something like that. She tells Ranbir, “I have borne enough of this relationship,” and she asks him to end his marriage to Rhea. Rhea will eventually lose her temper.

Pallavi takes pen from Vikram and asks Ranbir to sign. Ranbir puts his signature on the document, and then he asks Rhea to sign it as well. Pallavi requests that she sign the document, stating that if she does not, she will tell the police the truth. The question that she poses to her is whether or not she prefers to remain at this location or go to jail. She claims that she is aware of the fact that you had assisted Nick in kidnapping Prachi and that you had hired him to carry out the murder. She claims that I was aware of everything going on but that I chose to conceal it because I wanted her to be my bahu. She says that the blindfold has been removed from my eyes and that she will now tell me that Prachi is not as terrible as I thought she was and that neither are you as good as I thought you were. She requests that the other person sign something. Rhea says no. Ranbir promises that if you do not sign this document, you will spend the rest of your life behind bars. Rhea places her signature on the papers, and then she tosses them to Prachi. She tells her that she should enjoy herself because she won’t have much longer to bask in this happiness because she will soon see me again in this home.


Rhea rips the divorce papers in half and tells Pallavi that she has already made her decision, and that she will tell her right in front of her that she has made her decision right in front of her. Pallavi is hit in the face with a stack of ripped divorce papers. Rhea is about to be smacked when Pallavi explodes into a rage and raises her hand to hit her. Aaliya is presently extending her hand to Pallavi. As Prachi watches, she appears concerned.

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