Kumkum Bhagya [8th September 2022] Written Update

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The Episode Start With:

The thugs return to Aaliya and inform her that there is no one else to be found outside at the beginning of the episode. Aaliya slaps the goon and tells him that when she talks, she just talks. She then begs them to go so that the brother and sister can communicate to each other. Rhea suggests that we pay attention to the work at hand. Aaliya wants to know if you wouldn’t have become irate if someone had interrupted you while you were speaking. The thug has shown remorse. Rhea responds to the goons’ chopping of her speech by slapping them. Dida comes near the door. The thug emerges from the building. Dida hides. Sid approaches Rhea and Aaliya with a request: “Please let his sister go.” Rhea claims that you are making our task more difficult. Aaliya acts as though she is going to stab her. Sid begs them in front of them to leave his sister alone and makes a vow that he won’t do anything bad to her. Rhea claims that he is considering what we should do while folding his hands. When Sid gets down on her knees and begs for forgiveness, I promise that no one will find out about it. Aaliya claims that he is crying in reality and is being truthful about what he is saying. Rhea congratulates Sid and explains that from now on, we won’t put our faith in anyone. Aaliya has informed me that we will not engage in any activity involving your sister. Rhea has informed me that we have decided to keep her here with us for a few days. According to Aaliya, Sid and Prachi’s sister would be set free as soon as the couple gets married and Prachi follows Sid to his new home. She asks Sid to marry Prachi as soon as possible and tells him to leave the room after 20 minutes, warning him that if he doesn’t, his sister might go into trouble. Rhea warns Sid’s sister that if she screams, not only will Buji’s buddy, the owner of this hotel, not allow any problem to arise, but also she will not let any problem come, and she tells her to zip her lips. Rhea inquires of Aaliya regarding the next step that will be taken with her. According to Aaliya, we are going to take her out the back door. Rhea claims that she will become friends with Police as well. Aaliya says she will. They leave the room together, accompanied by Sid’s sister. Dida spots them from a distance and wonders what is going on and who is this mysterious girl. Who is this mysterious young lady who believes that the males are of the goon type? Rhea halts her progress and informs Aaliya that she would be coming back later. Dida wonder if she was going to show up here today? Dida chooses to take a seat on the ground.
Rhea explains that she was under the impression that someone else was present, but thank goodness no one else is. She tells Aaliya that Dida has arrived and then suggests that they leave. She orders Aaliya to communicate with her minions and have them abduct Dida. According to what Aaliya has said, the wedding will be called off if Dida goes missing. Rhea claims that if Dida returns to her house, she will inform everyone she knows about us. She argues that if Dida had taken a picture of Mihika, then Vikram and Pallavi would ask us, and in that case, what would we say? Dida considers following in their footsteps. Aaliya calls the goons. Rhea reveals to the goon that there is an elderly woman present, and she orders him to cause the elderly woman to lose her memory in some way. The goon claims that our only option is to kidnap her. Rhea recommends that this be done. She instructs Aaliya to make up a narrative about Dida going to her Pind and asking her to tell a story, and she tells Aaliya that Dida did this. She claims that we will blackmail her into lying, and that at this time, we are unable to take any chances. Aaliya orders the thugs to abduct the elderly woman and promises the victim that they would get her away safely. Dida is being approached by the goons. Dida is under the impression that they have seen me; she wants me to phone Ranbir. She gives Ranbir a call. Dida is reportedly phoning, according to Ranbir. Vikram claims that she will reprimand us for our absence there. According to him, we will travel there. When Ranbir spots Prachi, he comes to a halt. Vikram tells Prachi that Ranbir has been injured; it would be helpful if you bandaged his hand. Prachi says Aryan will do. Vikram says ok and goes. Prachi responds, “I don’t know,” when Aryan asks her to do something.

Ranbir accidentally drops his mobile phone on the ground. She claims that you are unable to hold a phone, and I am aware that you are in pain as a result of your irresponsibility. He begs her not to reprimand him in any way. She warns that you will receive a reprimand if you are reckless with your actions. He tells me that I do not want your pretence of concern. Prachi claims that you are very careless and that you don’t view things in the regular way. She tells him to quit being so reckless and oblivious, and then she invites him inside. He does not move from his position and appears uncertain. She releases his grip and enters the building. Dida is under the impression that he is ignoring her call. She quickly enters a room, slams the door behind her, and hurries away. The thugs gave her a rap on the door and demanded that she open it for them. Dida prays to God to keep her safe and believes that no one is aware that she is here. She wonders why I decided to become Karamchand and considers changing her name to Krish. She escapes by climbing out the window. The guys breach the door and go behind her.

The three women, Rhea, Aaliya, and Sid’s sister, come out onto the road. Rhea inquires as to where she parked the automobile. Aaliya implores her to take a deep breath and tells her not to freak out. Rhea said things will be settle down. According to Aaliya, if you want to think negatively, all you have to do is think all day. Rhea asks me why I constantly have to listen to you lecture and reminds me that it is not necessary to answer all of my questions. Aaliya claims that I am stating the facts in this situation. She predicts that you will experience fear, which will in turn make the scenario more frightening. She encourages her to have optimistic thoughts. Sid’s sister finds them busy conversing. Rhea says Dida has run away. Aaliya asserts that she will be located, and she promises that she will ensure that everything is resolved well. Rhea claims that this is a terrible situation, and that if your men do not search her, she will make it back home. Aaliya adds that we will go home and hire a servant to keep a watch on her. As soon as she enters the house, the servant will let us know so that we may confront her. Rhea apologises to her and then gives her a hug. Aaliya explains to her that this is not something new and begs her to put her trust in her. Aaliya promises you will be back to pavilion again. Mihika runs. Rhea takes off running, and Aaliya trips and falls. Rhea expresses her regret before following Mihika in pursuit. Aaliya takes a seat in the vehicle.

Ranbir asserts that there is no need for assistance at this time. Prachi says I am seeing. He claims that you are unable to see because there is too much. He is seated next to her. She asks him to bear with her if it catches fire. He tells you, “I’m pregnant,” and then asks you, “Will you leave me?” She says I didn’t leave you, you have left me. She applies some dettol to his wound and cleans it. Ranbir takes a look at her and is suddenly reminded of his commitment. He is certain that Sid told him that the baby was his. He applies some dettol cream to his hand. According to Prachi, it could be burning too much. According to Ranbir, my heart, mind, soul, dreams, and wishes are all burning; additionally, there is smoke everywhere, and neither of us can see the other. He claims that there is no medicine available to treat the pain that I am experiencing. Prachi claims that you are enduring the suffering in order to pay attention to another person. When you needed me, Sid was there instead of me, and it makes me angry, Ranbir explains. He claims that I have made a commitment to your child that I will love them as much as both of their parents do, and that I intend to keep that promise. Prachi requests that he pay attention. Ranbir claims everytime I didn’t listen to my parents, I got harmed. I shall comply with what they have requested. Prachi takes his hand and asks him, “Are you sure you want to get away from me? Do you want to give up the support I provide?” Ranbir argues that this does not imply that their love is ended and that he will always adore her, but that they will no longer be together. He assures me that he will keep your newborn child and your joy in mind. He says that he will hope that you continue to be happy with whatever it is that you choose to be happy with, so just be happy.



Begins with Prachi telling Ranbeer to get his hand off of hers. He leads her out of the room and then tells her, “I’m going to leave your hand forever, and you know the reason very well, so please marry Sid.” (I’m going to stop holding your hand forever.)

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