Kumkum Bhagya [9th September 2022] Written Update

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The Episode Start With:

Ranbir promises Prachi that he will pray to God every day so that she might continue to be happy with whoever she is with. He simply wants her to be happy. He separates himself from her. A sorrowful music is playing while Prachi mulls over his comments and eventually arrives to her words. Dida’s pursuers can be seen chasing after her. Shahana learns from Prachi that Ranbir is interested in arranging her marriage to Sid. Shahana wants her to comprehend the nature of his predicament. What are you trying to imply, Prachi? How is it that he can think? She suggests that it is possible that Mummy told him to do it, but he is acting as though it is his choice. She has indicated that she will be leaving the residence. Shahana asks where? It has been suggested by Prachi that I should leave the house. Ranbir eventually makes his way there and says that he will now reveal what his plans are. Prachi has stated that she will not divulge any information on her whereabouts. He argues that you are not going through this experience alone, but rather with the baby that is currently inside of you. He claims that he has promised the baby that he will take care of the baby and will secure his future, and he says that he will marry you off to Sid. Prachi tells him that he wants to keep his pledge and then reminds him of the vow he made to his wife and their child before. He claims that I am referring to someone person’s infant rather than my own child. Shahana says I will call dida. Ranbir encourages everyone to call whoever they like. He leads Prachi into the room and closes the door. Prachi tells him to take his hand off of her and he obeys. He claims that I am about to break free from your grasp. Mihika runs and then stops at various points along the road. She is experiencing vertigo and moves backward. She looks back and finds Rhea standing there, so she quickly turns around and flees away from that area before Rhea can see her. She can be seen hiding behind a car. Wendy Mausi has someone else hold the presents in the car while she goes inside the house. She claims that I enjoy driving, but she insists that there will be no traffic. Mihika has taken cover within Wendy Mausi’s vehicle. Aaliya drives herself there in her own vehicle. Rhea says that you wanted to lecture me on the importance of positivity right now itself. She reports that she is about to receive Pallavi’s call. Vikram is informed by Pallavi that Rhea is not picking up her phone call. Vikram asks her to meet someone first. The phone is answered by Rhea. The call is terminated by Vikram. Rhea gives her a call.

Pallavi inquires as to your whereabouts and is informed that Mummy ji has vanished. According to her, Prachi and Ranbir are also not in attendance. She believes that Dida is currently sitting and crying someplace. She inquires as to your whereabouts. Rhea reports that she is in the neighbourhood of the residence and will soon arrive. Rhea is told to take a seat in the vehicle, and Aaliya tells her that she would inquire with someone about searching Mihika. Prachi asks Ranbir to let go of her hand, wondering why he is holding back. Ranbir releases her grip on his hand. Prachi states that you always pay attention to what I have to say. She questions why you didn’t love and trust me when I urged you to do so, saying that she did. Ranbir says that he understands things recently and that he invited you to come with me somewhere else, but you did not come with me. Ranbir: “I asked you to come with me, but you did not come with me.” Prachi claims that you can not understand how I feel since my rights have been taken away by someone else. Ranbir claims that you never bring up the subject of rights. He claims that he told you how much he loved you, but you didn’t tell him that you loved me. He replies that I was aching for you to tell me that you love me as well. He said that he was thinking that you would say something, but then he told him that he found out that you are pregnant with Sid’s child. Prachi retorts, “Enough!” and continues, “Think anything you want to; just let me live my life the way I choose.” It appears that she is preparing to leave. Ranbir gives her a call. Prachi eventually confronts him with her tears. She runs up to him and gives him a hug when she finally catches up. Yaara Re plays……

Ranbir, according to Prachi, I am extremely terrified. Ranbir claims that I am losing control of the situation, but I just do not comprehend what he means. He claims that it is as slick as sand, and I have no idea what to do about it. Prachi inquires as to whether or not you truly desire for me to wed anybody else. It is revealed that Prachi had twisted his hand and threatened to force her neck on his if he tries to leave her. A FB is displayed. Ranbir replies, “I have faith in my love, and I am confident that you will not hurt me; yet, we must take care not to have a negative view of the world.” Prachi says I simply care about us. Ranbir has instructed you to make a pledge to him that you will always pay attention to what he has to say. According to Prachi, if you make a request, I will listen to it. He states that he will always consider your feelings before his own, and that if somebody suggests that you will live a longer life without him, he will believe them. Prachi gives him a gentle slap and then demands that he tell her that he loves her. Ranbir requests that you do not impede him in the process of making decisions. Because he cannot imagine her being happy with anyone else in this city, he proposes that they first get married to Sid and then go to London together. He argues that he does not want your picture to become the reason for either his or her own life or death. Prachi sobs uncontrollably and clings to him in comfort.

Wendy Mausi will be visiting Vikram at his home. Mihika emerges from beneath the deck. When she hears a car approaching, she quickly hides. Rhea hears from Aaliya that she will not be coming here because even if society can accept her, the family cannot. She claims that I instructed my men to return her to the hotel. Mihika overhears her and believes that her fate has led her to this place, where she will “reveal Rhea and Aaliya” and “inform everyone of the family about their scheme.” Rhea turns around when she gets the impression that someone is around. Mihika hides. Rhea is urged by Aaliya to relax and come inside the house. Mihika is contemplating entering the house through the back entrance.

Dida is still fleeing along the road as the thugs approach her from the opposite direction. Dida is curious about who you are and what you want from her. Right at that moment, another thug slams a rod down on her head while grinning. Dida passes out and then collapses on the ground. The goon informs us that our work is complete. Another thug is on his way to bring the automobile. Dida is raised by them.

Prachi claims that you have violated numerous commitments in the past, and if I do the same, she would not forgive me. Ranbir wants her to agree with his statements just once, and he promises that if she does so, the challenges in his life would be alleviated. He replies that I will carry your memories with me and that I will always cherish the recollection of you that is nice. He tells me that you can offer me 4 days of life in exchange for 2 days of love. A kiss is placed on her forehead by him. Prachi sheds a tear. He is getting ready to leave. She comforts him by crying while holding his hands. He reaches out to dab her eyes with a tissue. Her answer is no. After giving her a hug, Ranbir walks away from the scene. Prachi hugs him again. Ranbir sheds some tears as well. Song plays tera mera bandhan….


Mihika addresses Ranbir with these words before the cap: “I want to tell you something essential concerning Sid and Rhea.” Rhea acts disrespectfully toward Prachi and makes comments about her personality. Rhea, Prachi yells at you!!

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