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Rhea reveals at the beginning of the episode that she is aware that Prachi is pregnant and that her pregnancy is difficult. She says that this is the reason why she asked Prachi to leave because she believes that Prachi would be safer living with her baby’s biological father rather than with my husband. Everybody is taken aback. She tells Ranbir that it is his fault and that his blind love rendered Prachi blind so that she couldn’t recognise the mistakes that she was doing in her behaviour. She claims that you used to tell Prachi, “I love you, you are my wife, and I want to stay with you,” but she had forgotten who the true father of the baby was and was thinking of you as the genuine father instead. She adds that you used to say that to her. Rhea, says Ranbir in a shout. Rhea encourages him to make hearing the truth part of his routine. She claims that Prachi knew about this from before, that she has known this from the very first day, and that is why she attempted to leave from here, but Mom, Dida, and Ranbir stopped her at separate times. She claims that Prachi wanted to get away from here because she wanted to be with the baby’s biological father, who is none other than Sid. She says that Prachi wanted to stay with Sid. Aaliya breaks into a grin as she observes the shocked expressions on everyone’s faces. Dida is confused as to how her own sister could ever be accused by anyone. Prachi inquires, “How are you able to say that?” Vikram remarked that your statement demonstrated the contrast between Prachi and you. Dida informs me that you have descended to this level. When you are kicked out of this place, Pallavi adds there will be no sympathy for you from any of us. Dida tells me that I should kick you out of this place. Rhea is given a slap by Prachi. She claims that I remained silent as you discussed my spouse and our marriage. She claims that she will not tolerate anything being spoken against her child and that it is acceptable to question the integrity of a wife but never a mother. Rhea claims that when we had our private conversation, everything was perfect, but now that we are discussing here, you are lying. Prachi requests her to stop doing that to him. Rhea insists that she won’t stop moving for even a second. You are carrying Sid’s kid inside of you, she continues, and I will tell the truth in front of everyone. She claims that even though you are married to Ranbir, the child that you are carrying is actually Sid’s. Rhea hears Prachi’s shout. Rhea claims that she has shown respect for you by keeping your secret hidden and has made an effort to ensure that you comprehend the need to depart. She claims that if she had wanted to, she could have outed you, and that because you are pregnant with Sid’s child, you have no concept of respect. She claims that you have betrayed Ranbir and that you are pregnant with someone else’s child, and that I should leave the house as a result. She claims that I will no longer keep quiet about this. After that, she continues by telling Prachi that when she sees the family devoted to the baby, even if the baby is not theirs, and when they are asking her to find out who is carrying their baby, she knows something is wrong. She offers her apologies before saying, “I have to reveal the truth in front of everyone.” To which Ranbir responds, “enough is enough; nobody wants you here; just leave from here.” Rhea expresses her affection for you and for the family and expresses a desire to fight for her rights.
She knocks down several papers. Aaliya asserts that she is able to provide evidence that Prachi is carrying Sid’s child. Rhea reveals Prachi and Sid’s photos to the audience. Pallavi asserts that we have already observed it. Rhea says that the pictures should be clicked on because she has a guest here, and she promises that the truth will be revealed in front of everyone. A female passenger exits the vehicle. When Ranbir finally had enough, he told her that no matter what she said, he would not believe her. He promises that he will always have faith in his wife and will never harbour any misgivings about her. When the truth is revealed, both your trust and your heart will be shattered, according to Aaliya. She claims it is impossible to deny the facts. Rhea explains that she couldn’t bear the fact that this family, who cares for her so much, is fooled by Prachi’s lies. She claims that she has phoned someone to prove this reality since Prachi will be found out, and until then, she has the ability to act. The woman explains to the watchman that Rhea just called her from Bangalore. The watchman opens the door for her to go inside. Rhea inquires as to the cause of everyone’s sudden hatred for me. It is all in your head, according to Pallavi, because nobody actually dislikes you. Aaliya claims that you are unable to comprehend the fact that our truth will not be your truth. She claims that you are also implicating Rhea’s kid, and that she has arranged this to bring out the truth since she loves this family. Shahana believes planning is needed to say untruth. Aaliya claims that what Rhea said is accurate. According to Shahana, the truth is not uncovered shamelessly. Aaliya instructs her to be quiet and tells her to keep her mouth shut. The female visitor enters the dwelling.
Aaliya questions the woman and asks her to introduce herself. In her memory, Prachi recognises the woman as a waiter at the hotel. Rhea claims that we wouldn’t have known about this if Sid hadn’t shown up to the party. She claims that I saw her and Sid hugging each other in the room. Prachi was also there. She reveals that Sid had been pleading with her to abandon this location so that they might remain together. Prachi confronts her with the demand that she cease lying. Rhea inquires of Vikram as to whether or not Sid spoke with him earlier on that day. Vikram affirms that he did meet him, but so what? Rhea asserts that new evidence needs to be presented today. She inquires of Priya as to whether or not she has brought the evidence. She claims that I urged her to produce evidence of an improper relationship between Sid and Prachi. Priya displays the Xerox copy that was made of the hotel room. Rhea demonstrates the entry records and states that they are in the same room as one another. Priya claims that Rhea shared the news with her on the situation, which is that Prachi is expecting a child with Sid and that he has congratulated Prachi on the news that they would be parents. She is told to be quiet by Ranbir and Prachi. Rhea tells her to be quiet and tells her to do the same till she provides her with the evidence. She claims that I demonstrated the evidence. She scolds Ranbir for being so oblivious to reality because of his infatuation. Aaliya wants her to exhibit the picture that was taken of them by the CCTV camera in the room where they stayed together. They display the altered photographs. Rhea smirks. Aaliya smiles. Priya wants to know whether you believe her now and if you are interested in seeing additional intimate pictures. Ranbir laughs it off and snaps the pictures. Priya is asked to leave his residence with the remark, “I didn’t call you; don’t compel me to use some other manner.” Shahana claims that although Ranbir may be helpless, I am not. She has made it clear that she would kick her out. Rhea overhears Ranbir telling another woman that he does not trust either her or the other woman. He claims that he doesn’t really trust you. According to Prachi, Sid and I are the only ones who know the details of whatever transpired at that location. She claims that Sid is the only one who can tell the truth. Rhea declares that she will demonstrate how he lies to her. Aaliya tells him that he is required to be honest. Rhea had told him that she will call him. According to her, he is having phone problems. Vikram claims that I have his new phone number. It is Sid who he calls. Sid says hello. He is invited to return home by Vikram. Sid says ok. Dida thinks that it is a wonderful thing that you called him. Ranbir orders everyone to put their phones away until Sid arrives and insists that until he arrives, nobody will leave the house. Dida inquires as to why. He states that I don’t want anyone to put pressure on Sid to lie. He claims that I want him to reveal the truth and not make up any tale at all.

Ranbir tells Prachi that she should beg her tears to stop and that she should tell them that they can only come if they are joyful tears. What is it that Prachi is saying about your tears? Rhea asserts that at this point I do not have any other choice but to take my own life. Rhea overhears Prachi telling her that she is going to do a DNA test the next morning to show that the baby is Ranbir’s and that her truth won’t wait for anybody.

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