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Prithvi immediately rushes to dance with them, but Sameer seems a little tense at first, however, then pulls Arjun to dance with them, and the entire Luthra family starts enjoying themselves. The band enters the Luthra Mansion, much to everyone’s surprise, and they begin their performance, which everyone enjoys very much. Arjun is feeling a little envious as he watches Preeta dance with Rishab, so he walks around to stand behind her. However, she does not notice him at all, and when she turns around to see him, Preeta gets really tense but thinks of how Karan would dance with her on such songs. She is left bewildered by the memories, but Arjun is still dancing. However, he notices that Preeta is worried, so he leaves the Karina’s declaration that she believes he is the only one at the party prompts Prithvi to get down on the floor and start dancing. Rishab asks Prithvi what the hell he is doing since what he is doing is not right and he did not order them to close the door. Prithvi then gives Vishnu the instruction to close the door. Rishab immediately asks them to calm down because they would surely get whatever they desire, but Prithvi explains that he has still not eaten the cake, and he instructs the workers to bring the trolly of cake. Prithvi then turns around and mentions that he is the one who instructed them because they are not the guests but rather burglars who have come to rob them.
Arjun rushes into the kitchen, where he takes out the water and then starts eating, Preeta notices him from the corner and seems to be a little tense about his behaviour, he then picks out an apple, seeing which Preeta questions what is going on, he doesnot understand her question when she asks how does he know where are all the things as it feels this is not her house but instead his kitchen, Arjun tries to walk away without answering when she holds him

Rishab believes that it is for the best that Preeta, Arjun, Kavya, and Sona are not here but that they would still have to take care of Raja. Prithvi is continuously eating the cake when he exclaims that it is really good. Raja also does not understand anything, so Prithvi explains that all these rich people are standing here. He asks why are they standing like this staring at him because when it was their time, they all ate this cake Raja adds that this family is still lacking a girl, and Vishnu has the same feeling that they are missing someone.
Arjun says that he was always wrong about her, so he thinks of how he saw Rishab holding her and when she asked if he has any problem, Arjun replies she kept saying he felt wrong when he was not mistaken, Preeta calls him Mr. Sooryavanshi, he mentions that his name is Arjun but she replies that she would call him by this name so does he have a problem with that? Arjun wants to know if she has forgotten that he has been invited to this party and that’s why he’s been in the kitchen so often; if she has, then he should be able to eat the apple. Preeta says that she wants to tell Katniss how he can eat anything at this party, but she is unsure of how she would respond if she meets him first. Arjun believes that she does not want to eat this apple, so he goes to stop Preeta. Kavya comes running, explaining that there is someone unconscious in the room. Preeta, getting worried, asks who they are talking about when Kavya mentions Mohan uncle, and she mentions that there is also a cloth stuffed in his face. Hearing this, Preeta becomes tense, so she asks Kavya to go and hide in the room and not come out As her anxiety levels rise, Preeta explains that something major is going wrong, and that she wants to find out what that is.

After giving it some thought, Prithvi finally says that he is aware of who is absent because her name is Preeta. Vishnu says that she is not the girl he was talking about, but he is right since she is also not here; Raja also says that Arjun’s secretary is also missing, and even he is not here; Vishnu says that he is right because he is right; Vishnu says that she is not the girl he was talking about; In a fit of rage, Prithvi argues that it is not fair because it is impossible for them to depart without anyone noticing.
Rishab observes Preeta moving about on the balcony, and he mulls over the question of how he may prevent her from doing so, given that if he were to speak, the thugs would be able to see her. Arjun notices that Rishab is staring at Preeta, and as a result, knows that she is visible. He quickly hurries to take Preeta behind the pillar, asking whether or not she has become angry.
Prithvi places a phone call to Raja in which he expresses his concern that something might be wrong on the apartment’s upper level and asks Raja to check it out. Rishab interrupts him as he is about to say that there is no need to go upstairs because they would all obtain whatever it is that they wish; Prithvi inquires as to whether there is something written on his forehead; Sameer threatens them when Raja holds a gun at them, warning that he would pay for what he has done. Rakhi also warns them not to misbehave when Vishnu wonders whether or not they genuinely believe that the purpose they have come here is to learn etiquette. When Mahesh threatens to make them all pay by turning them in to the police, Prithvi asks him if he thinks they are stupid, to which Prithvi responds that this is not the case because they are professionals and have set up a device that will block the signals. Prithvi then tries to push Mahesh, which angers everyone else, and they begin fighting with one another. Rishab is able to gain the upper hand and defeat Prithvi, who, out of frustration, breaks the image of Karan. Seeing this, Rishab becomes extremely enraged.

Preeta is able to push Arjun away and then tries to rush downstairs, but Arjun pulls her into the room and questions what is she thinking off because she cannot do anything, she does not know karate, and she also does not have a weapon that can be used to protect them. Preeta responds that Arjun would not be worried because it is not his family who is in danger because it is not his family who is at risk. Arjun, who is now enraged, remarks that they are also a part of his family; she is dumbfounded, so he corrects his statement and clarifies that he meant even Anjali is held captive down there. When Preeta tells him that she does not even want to talk to him, he becomes enraged and tells her that even he is not interested in listening to her temper tantrums and that it would not take him a single moment to leave her. He then calls her. When she tells him that her name is Preeta Luthra, he calls her Preeta karan Luthra, and she is shocked when she hears that name. Preeta Aurora. When she responds that it is also her name, he asks her to now declare that it is not correct. Rather, he asks her to say that it was her name in the past. Bani Dadi bursts into the room with one of her friends, who immediately begins praising them both thinking that they are looking good together. Dadi asks her friend how she can think of wishing them at such a crucial moment as Preeta is the wife of Rishab while Arjun is their guest, and the friend, hearing this, apologises. Dadi then congratulates Rishab and Preeta on their engagement.

Arjun has his fist raised and is about to punch someone when Preeta walks into the room. Arjun halts his horse and asks, “What are you doing here?” He tells you that there are a large number of thugs downstairs, and you are a girl. Preeta responds by saying, “Don’t lecture me on being a female or a boy because girls are just as strong as men; girls can fly an aeroplane; why can’t they fight goons?”

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