Kundali Bhagya [16th August 2022] Written Update

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Sherlin, while walking through the hall, overhears Rishab and Prithvi fighting. She is shocked when she looks at them all downstairs and sees how their accomplices are being beaten. She warns them all to stop but they do not listen. She keeps on yelling but it does not have any effect. She throws a vase down, causing the noise which stuns them all. She then points a gun at them and threatens to fire it if they move even She demands the jewellery that they have, but she refuses to give it to them. When Mahesh asks her why she is arguing, she explains that Raja and his men have once again managed to retrieve their guns.

Rakhi once again refuses, but then Sherlin threatens to hurt them, and Rishab says that they can take all the money without causing any trouble. Rishab rushes to stand in between them, questioning what Sherlin is trying to do as she is only a child, so they must not try to harm her. Kavya then comes in and asks about her mother at the same time. Sherlin assures Rakhi that he will leave but with the necklace, and Rakhi asks him to take all of the jewellery that they want from her room. In response, Sherlin asks Rakhi if she thinks they are that foolish, given that they have already filled the entire bag with it all.

They all try to accompany him but he says he would go alone, Arjun says they all should protect themselves, Preeta also follows him so he thinks as if he is someone else, Arjun picks up the vase but suddenly stops seeing her, Arjun questions what is she doing when she says that she can take care of them all and women have proven to be capable of doing everthing.

Kavya manages to bite the hand and try to run away, but Prithvi manages to catch her. Rishab requests them not to do anything wrong with his child, but he keeps threatening. Sherlin believes that Preeta is his former love, so she is compelled to see her after she hears Preeta scream from the balcony and demand Kavya from Prithvi. As a sign of whether or not he still cares for her, Prithvi hands Kavya over to Preeta without putting up much of a fight. This causes Arjun to become anxious, and he wonders what could possibly be wrong. Meanwhile, Prithvi sees Sherlin and takes Kavya away from her once more.

Arjun and Anjali are standing on the balcony, and Arjun notices that the men have also pointed a gun at Preeta. He immediately rushes to warn them to let her go, but they do not listen to him. As a result, Arjun throws the vase at Prithvi, which causes Prithvi to stumble, and the group then begins to fight the men. In the end, they are successful in defeating the men. Prithvi trips and falls to the ground, where he sees the gun and believes that his plan cannot fail this time. He fires a bullet at them to warn them not to take a step, but Rishab runs with his entire family while the guests are still present. Prithvi asks the guests where the family is, but they do not see them, which worries Prithvi.

Arjun is walking when someone pulls him into the room. He is surprised that Anjali is the one who pulled him in, so he asks what is wrong with him. Anjali instead asks what did he do downstairs as it was not right. Arjun sits down thinking that she has something on her mind which she wants to ask but is unable to do so. She says that he does not think of anyone when Preeta is standing in front of him. Arjun responds that he is Anjali responds, but she does not believe him at all due to the fact that he is unable to control his feelings whenever Preeta is in the same room as him, which is not at all acceptable. In a fit of frustration, Arjun tells Preeta that he does not care about her at all and that he is only concerned about his family. He then asks her to stop talking about it and walks away. Anjali recalls the time when he stated that he still loves Preeta, despite the fact that he has moved on from that love, but she finds herself uncertain about what she should believe because he is constantly shifting his statements.
Rishab is with his family, and he tells them that they must make sure that they do not leave the room under any circumstances because he has to go out and handle the situation. Mahesh stops him and asks what does he think of himself as the goons have guns and weapons, and Rishab reassures him that there is nothing to worry about since he has Sameer, but Mahesh asks if he thinks they both would be enough, and Rishab She then hugs him tightly and mentions that they have not been able to overcome the pain after Karan’s death and now he is also going to put his life at risk which is not right. She then asks Arjun to come inside and talk some sense into Rishab. Rakhi pulls him back and slaps him. Arjun unexpectedly refers to her as “mom,” which stuns everyone else present; he explains that he meant nothing would happen to Rishab; she responds that she trusts him more than she does herself, but what will become of them if anything happens to Rishab? Arjun then asks her if she remembers that he promised that nothing bad would happen to Rishab as long as he is still alive; he reiterates that he will keep his word as long When Preeta hears what he has to say, she is taken aback, and Arjun, noticing Kavya’s reaction, goes up to her and asks why she is so terrified, given that they are all just playing a game but acting like adults.

Sherlin and Prithvi are both looking for their family, and when Sherlin asks Prithvi what he is doing, he tells her that they have to find the family. Sherlin tells them that the Luthras have called the police, so they have to get out of there quickly. He then pushes Sherlin into a corner and explains that he made a plan to ruin the party and did it, but now he wants to ruin them all. Sherlin suggests that they get out of there, but he says that this house is really big, so they can hide anywhere, but if they run out, then the police will catch them. Sherlin asks what else they can do given that there is no plan in place. When he suggests that they take someone as a hostage, she asks how they intend to accomplish this given that everyone else has fled the scene. He guarantees that he will find them and suggests that they take Preeta as a hostage so that Rishab will be forced to ask the police to call off their search, which will allow them to get away.

Vishnu suggests a plan, mentioning that they might create differences by announcing that Arjun, who is the younger brother of Rishab, gave the money to harm her, which would surely create a rift between them both. Raja points a gun at them and warns that they should not even think of moving. Sameer is stunned.


Rishabh tells Preeta in the following precap that even though Arjun is acting strange, he has still managed to secure a place in everyone’s heart. According to Preeta, our family is the only one who would welcome a complete stranger into their hearts.
While she is tending to Arjun’s wound, Preeta explains that the only way to alleviate pain is to experience it. Arjun tells him, “I understood exactly what you meant; you have perfected the art of making other people suffer.”

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