Kundali Bhagya [17th August 2022] Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2022 Written Update on writtenlab.com

Vishnu makes a suggestion for a strategy, noting that they may create differences by announcing that Arjun, who is the younger brother of Rishab, paid the money to injure her; this would undoubtedly cause a breach between the two of them. Vishnu’s plan is mentioned in the previous sentence. Sameer is stunned. Raja instructs Vishnu to deliver the news, but in the meanwhile, Prithvi storms the stage, seizes control of the microphones, and brags about bringing the entire Luthra family to their knees. Bee jee is brought about by Sherlin in her guise as an impostor. Prithvi pays Sherlin a compliment by referring to her as “baby,” but then he immediately corrects himself by saying “baba.” He then yells into the microphone that they have Bee Jee in their custody and makes the announcement. If Luthra’s doesn’t come outdoors within the next five minutes, he will be very angry and may even kill Bee jee.

SHrishti is the one who takes note of the announcement and then proceeds inside.

Rishab and Arjun get the ladies and Kavia to swear that they won’t leave the room and that they won’t leave the house. Preeta tells Kavia that they would never play ‘hide and seek’ together again because Kavia is a liar and always finds them. Kavia affirms that she won’t engage in dishonest behaviour this time. Preeta tells herself to go hide somewhere, and she will not emerge from her hiding place until she is called.

Prithvi brings the countdown to a close by reaching the number five. The door is opened, and Rishab and Arjun enter the room. Prithvi asserts that he extended an invitation to each member of the Luthra family. Arjun and Rishab quickly seize control of the situation by snatching a light from under Prithvi’s feet and assuming command of the thugs. Shrishti manages to get her hands on the jewellery bag despite the fact that Raja and Vishnu are engaged in a struggle over it. Sameer inquires of Shrishti about the reason she is engaging in combat with a thug who is brandishing a gun. Shrishti encourages Sameer to participate in the battle by urging him to go. Sameer gets a gun and threatens to shoot Prithvi as he is being held at gunpoint. Sherlin had taken the bag but Bee jee engages her. Raja snatches the bag from the other person. They can hear the siren of the police car. Prithvi yells out that the siren is sounding, demanding to know who phoned the cops. Shrishti yells that she was the one who did it. She knows Prithvi and berates him for not activating any jammers, calling him names in the process. She placed a call to the police, and they should arrive at the scene shortly.

Prithvi realises that there is a dagger embedded in his feet. Instead of offering an apology, he keeps Preeta hostage with his hands clasped together. He insists that Shrishti publicly apologise for their altercation. He chuckles and then says that they will go even before the police arrive. Rishab gives Prithvi ten seconds of his time before launching an assault on him because he is curious. Arjun steps in and says that he is not a fan of fighting, but that he will look out for Preeta for the time being because she is in danger. He gives them a break and tells them that he will just count up to three in order to give them a chance. Arjun delivers a powerful blow to Prithvi’s face with his punch. The thugs, including Prithvi, were given a severe beating by Luthras. Sherlin quickly takes advantage of the opportunity to escape by leaping out of a window and running away. Additionally, Prithvi ran in the opposite direction of Sherlin.

When Rishab and Arjun entered the room, they asked Preeta how she was doing and if she was okay. Preeta is instructed by Rakhi to tend to their wounds because the two of them have been hurt. Arjun expressed interest in having Anjanli attend to his grooming needs.

Both Vishnu and Raja were able to escape from the situation. The visitors are detained by the law enforcement officers, and a constable is dispatched to accompany them. Sherlin and Prithvi come to a halt behind the police officer and then get into a car that is parked in the parking lot.

Preeta and Rishab go to the restroom to look for Kavia, who had hidden inside while they were searching for her. Kavia was petrified of the many voices she had heard, as well as the fighting that she had witnessed. Kavia’s anxiety is eased by Rishab, and she is encouraged to go outside and play. When it comes time to dress Rishab’s wound, Preeta is the one who brings in the first aid kit. Rishab is paying extremely close attention to her. Arjun is in need of a first aid kit, so Bee ji enters into the room to grab it for him. Rishab claims that Arjun is doing well and that he has established a favourable position for himself in the hearts of everyone. According to Preeta, the fact that their family has adopted a complete stranger and made them a member of the clan is due to the generosity of their family. Rishab can’t help but think back to the moment when Preeta had such a kind conversation with him.

Arjun required some medical attention, so Anjali was there to administer it. Anjali and Arjun engage in combat for the purpose of defending themselves against the thugs who were armed. Anjali confronts Arjun with the question of whether or not he genuinely doesn’t care for Preeta. Arjun retorts that he does not, and that the reason he was guarding his family was only for their safety.


A recap: Preeta tells Arjun that just because he is our guest does not mean that we will automatically obey everything he requests, and then she invites him to sit down. Dadi tells Arjun to take a seat at the table. Arjun’s injured hand receives treatment from Preeta in the form of a bandage. In response to the discomfort, he reacted. Preeta tells her that she should not move, that she should be silent, and that she should not tell her if she hurts herself again.

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