Kundali Bhagya [18th July 2022] Written Update

Kundali Bhagya [18th July 2022] Written Update on writtenlab.com

This first segment features Arjun confesses to Anjali that he will not be able to keep his silence until he has provided Preeta with an answer that is worthy of her. He promises that he will destroy Preeta’s life just as she destroyed his own life. He continues by saying that after he steals everything from Preeta, she will finally understand his anguish. He claims that he won’t let Preeta pass away without a struggle because he doesn’t want her to have to endure any pain. On the other hand, Rishabh expresses his regret to Preeta for having brought her along to the party. Preeta tells him that it was not his fault, and that he does not need to apologise because of this. She claims that they had not prepared themselves for Arjun to act in such a manner. Kavya eventually makes her way over there and hugs Preeta. Rishabh expresses to her that seeing her has made him very happy. Kavya claims that she is worn out and that’s why she wants to sleep.
Arjun watches a video of himself and Preeta dancing. He drinks watching the slap. He wants to know if the reason she slapped him was because he brought up Karan in her mind. He claims that there is no way for Preeta to flee, and that she will undoubtedly be disciplined by him. The video is continuously played for him to watch. He believes that because he stole Preeta’s tranquilly, he will be able to sleep soundly tonight. He keeps assuring himself that he is in a good mood today.
Rishabh is thinking about what Preeta said. Sameer arrives at the location and asks him if Preeta is doing well. Rishabh reveals to him that Preeta is doing much better. He requests that all information regarding Arjun, including the reason he purchased Karan’s cricket properties at auction, be uncovered by him. Sameer acknowledges him with a nod and then walks away from the scene.
Arjun inspects the facilities at his cricket club. It brings back memories of the times he spent with Preeta. He claims to have loved her, but she betrayed him in the end. Preeta, meanwhile, is under the impression that she will never see Arjun again. She tries to convince herself that she despises Arjun to the point where she does not even want to look at his face.
Rakhi starts crying as she thinks about what took place at the party. Mahesh inquires of her concerning what occurred. She lets him know that she is not a good mother-in-law to her son. She claims that she should have slapped Arjun for misbehaving with Preeta but was unable to do so due to circumstances beyond her control. She continues by saying that even though she was upset with Arjun, she was able to control herself and refrain from slapping him. She is praying that Preeta does not misunderstand her and breaks down in tears as a result. He explains to her that Arjun is similar to Karan, which is the reason why she is experiencing these feelings. According to him, she did nothing improper. He tells her that she is a good mother and a good mother in law, so he thinks that she should stop crying. She sobs while hugging him.

Arjun reveals to Preeta that he is aware of Karan’s location and that he is able to bring Preeta to Karan as a result. She is firmly grasping his hand. He embraces her before stabbing her in the back. And it turns out that this was Preeta’s worst nightmare. She makes a dash for the hallway. Rishabh is in pursuit of her. Everyone congregates in the main hall. Preeta comes to sense. That, according to her, is what took place in her nightmare. Rishabh informs her that Arjun is not present at this time. She tells him that it seemed like it could be true. He explains to her that the only people there are members of the Luthra family. He promises that he will protect her from harm in any way possible. Moreover, Karan resides within each of their hearts, he says. Her tears fall.

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