Kundali Bhagya [19th July 2022] Written Update

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Karan is currently asleep in the room; as he turns over in the bed, he is reminded of what he told Preeta: that if she even demands his life for her, then he would gladly give it to her. She told him that he should think before speaking because she might even ask him for it, to which he agreed. Karan continues to dream about the final days he spent in the Luthra house, when he discovered that Preeta was having an affair He abruptly comes to, taking her name with him.
Rishab asks Preeta to stop crying, and Shristhi, who is also crying, wonders what is wrong with her sister, saying that her sister is fine but that she shouldn’t act like this and that they need to take Preeta to the hospital. Shristhi even suggests telling their mother what is going on. Preeta’s father, Rishab, makes the request. Karina explains that in her opinion, all of this transpired after the Pandit visited their home, and she is of the opinion that they should not have contacted him in the first place. Dadi responds that he did nothing wrong, and then he sits down with Preeta and requests that she not even consider Arjun at this point in time. Rishab says that she can’t forget him because he is constantly going through her head, and Preeta says that she agrees with him and that she can’t even forget him when she tries. As a result, Preeta suggests that they cut off all of their ties and connections with him. Rishab tells Preeta to calm down first because she can talk to them about it because they are her own family. Preeta Preeta keeps explaining how she feels something is really strange about Arjun. Rakhi suggests that it might be because of the way that he danced with her, but Preeta responds that she thought about it, but this is not the case, and she feels that his way of looking and even touching is really strange. She is unable to explain anything about him, but she believes that they must end it all with Arjun.

Arjun makes his way to the window and stares out, perplexed by the fact that despite his desire to inflict pain on Preeta, he is the one who ends up in a worse state of emotional distress, despite the fact that he ought to be content. Karan wonders who would make him feel relieved, When Anjali sees him standing in the window, she goes over to talk to him. At first, she thinks that she wants to solve all of the issues that he is having because he might appear to be a very angry person who is able to destroy anything at the slightest mistake. However, when she talks to him, she realises that he is actually quite emotionally broken, and that this is also causing him pain. He has the impression that someone is watching him, but Anjali is able to
Preeta takes a stand and explains who she is, Rishab interrupts her by stating that she is aware that he always considers the circumstances from the perspective of a third party, and now she is claiming that he was only dancing with her. Rishab says this to refute her claim. Preeta inquires as to whether or not they all believe that whatever occurred at the party was appropriate, how he made a mistake of their Karan’s life, who does something like this because it is not typical, whether or not he was aware of how they would react when the entirety of Karan’s life was played in front of them, and if so, why he did it. Rishab responds that she as well is aware of the reason, as the supporters of Karan desired to learn the truth. She is certain that Arjun is playing something with them, and if he came into their life, he would want to hurt and ruin them, but they are not going to allow him to do anything wrong with them. Preeta responds that this is what fans always demand, but he was not the celebrity, so did Arjun not know what they will feel? Preeta asks. Preeta explains that she has not asked for anything particularly significant because she is concerned that Arjun should not have any kind of relationship with them because he is not the right person for them. This is a promise that Rishab has made to her to ensure that Arjun is unable to cause any harm to their family and ensures that he will cut off all ties with Arjun and ensure that he stays away from their family. Mahesh asks Rishab if he is not going to rest, to which Rishab replies that he needs to do what Preeta asked him to do because Arjun can no longer harm his family. Rishab then instructs everyone else to go and get some sleep.
Anjali calls Arjun when he wakes up taking the name of Preeta so that she can tell him that Preeta is not with them and that she is the only one in this house. Arjun explains that he was unable to sleep the night before because he saw a nightmare, and that he begged Anjali not to kill him while he was sleeping. After she reveals that he is no longer Karan but rather Arjun, a very powerful person who needs to come downstairs, he tells her to leave the room.
Preeta is sitting on her bed when Rishab enters the room with the tea. She asks him why he had to do it by himself when Ganesh can do it all, and Rishab tells her that Ganesh is unable to ask her how she is feeling and if there is anything wrong with her. Preeta then asks Rishab if there is anything wrong with her and he tells her that there is not. When Rishab explains that he was unable to sleep ever since Preeta had the nightmare and that he was also unable to sleep but got a thought that he is an odd personality just like their Karan because anyone who meets them for the first time does not like them at all, and that he has the same feeling with Arjun because they might have reacted a lot about him, Preeta tells Rishab that he made a wrong comparison and that she believes he
Arjun has just descended the stairs when Dadi asks him to come and sit with them at the table. He tells her that he is not hungry, but she tells him that he just has to come and sit with them regardless. Anjali offers to bring him some water, but instead she tells Snedha to get some black coffee for him. When he tells her that he doesn’t drink coffee, she tells him that he needs to consume the coffee in order to break free of the influence. Arjun gives Snedha a grin when she asks if he is aware of it as well, but then he points to the ring. Snedha’s friend Anjali approaches her and explains that she told her that Arjun is a one-woman man and that she should keep her distance from him. Snedha responds that she is unable to fight against her feelings and that she is considering running away. Anjali asks him how he is doing, and Dadi explains that because she is the older of the two of them, she is the one who has every right to display her authority.
She insists that he must take his revenge, but he responds that he does not feel it can happen now since he felt bad last night. He got really angry after seeing Rishab with Preeta and overdid it all, which caused a lot of problems. Anjali exclaims that this means he is not fine so he must take his revenge as soon as possible because they would try to find out about him and will very soon get to know his reality. Anjali claims that this means Anjali reassures him that he has not broken any rules, so he is required to use the same strategy that Preeta and Rishab implemented. He is required to try to act as if he wants to befriend them and use it to get into their lives so that he is able to destroy them all. Anjali is surprised to hear Karan say that he does not believe he is capable of doing it. When she asks him why, he explains that after what happened at the party, he ought to have felt delighted, but instead, he was just tensed, and he does not know the reason behind it. Karan is shocked to hear it, and it causes him to start thinking. Anjali questions whether or not his heart still beats for Preeta.

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