Kundali Bhagya [1st December 2022] Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 1st December 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

Kundali Bhagya [1st December 2022] Written Update

In kundali Bhagya, The police officer asks Preeta to leave when the interview time is up, Preeta leaves when his cellmate announces that he is lucky to have a wife like her, Rishabh explains that these are his parents’ prayers and blessings and therefore he is very good. His wife asks why he can’t give credit to his cellmate as he says it’s because of his parents and Bhagwan. Rishab says he might be happy to marry Preeta Jae but can’t say it openly, Rishab explains that it was their first place. They are not ready to marry each other, not because they do not love each other, but because they have an unthinkable relationship.

Mahesh along with Shrishti asks why Malhani closed their case, Malhani replies when she got the information before them and she felt that Rishab was wrong, Shrishti says they know Rishab is not at fault, she explains that today they are not can get bail. Seeing Mahesh, Rakhi and Kareena asking what they are doing here as she is sure the courts are closed but they will get bail tomorrow morning Kareena says they will come early but Rakhi Bhabhi wants to meet Arjun and tell her about the content . . lie to them.

Shrishti asks the inspector if Anjali is taking the case, the inspector says that Rishab Je will be released. Shrishti tries to explain to Preeta that if Arjun takes the case back, everything will be fine, that she is sure that Preeta will not do anything like that.

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Seeing Arjun run towards her, Shrishti explains that she will not turn to Rakhi and tell them to change their minds and believe her, explaining that she assured Rakhi that she will talk to Anjali and release Rishab when Arjun says they will find out who was wrong. . He wants to know the truth. Arjun asks the inspector to meet Rishab but Preeta and Rakhi won’t let them meet,

Arjun asks Anjali to think about how he showed her the signs, Preeta asks the inspector how he can let Arjun meet Rishab.

The inspector refuses to listen to Preeta saying this is his police station, Shrishti also asks Arjun why he wants to meet Rishab, Arjun must understand because the girl does not accuse anyone of such a heinous crime without any evidence, Rakhi says it is means she made her decision but Kareena asks that she needs to meet Rishab, Arjun leaves in anger. Mahesh tells Rishab that they can go to meet Rishab after Inspector Arjun returns, even if they want to.

Rishab stands nearby and explains that someone came to meet him when the policeman came, Rishab sees Arjun walking towards him and says he doesn’t know why Arjun came here but he is innocent, Arjun refuses to believe it asking how Anjali got the tapes, Rishab explains to Anjali ‘The whole truth about how he saw her standing next to the car, offered to help him but he is innocent. Arjun says that Rishab lied and bothered Anjali, Rishab asks what he does if he made a decision because then no. At this moment Rishab asks Arjun. He asks her to look into his eyes and see that from then on he will understand that he is telling the truth.

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Arjun remembers the night he fell into the river, Priyanka leaves listening. Preeta worries about what will happen to the looters there, Anjali tries to leave when Shrishti stops her saying that everything that happened after the crime she blamed on Rishab Ji is her fault, Anjali says she knows Preeta will protect . her husband is not ready to listen to anything. Anjali rushes to the inspector and explains that Preeta threatened her when Shrishti asked why she lied as they didn’t say such a thing, but Anjali yells what else will happen in the future if Preeta has the courage to threaten her here, also tells Arjun. her Preeta, even when she complains that she gets there.

Preeta says that she did not touch her and Anjali lied, the whole Loutra family protects Preeta when Anjali asks the policeman to bring CCTV footage to prove everything, the inspector sees the footage of Preeta. He took her hand and before he could explain anything, Arjun warned him not to hold his hand again. The inspector also warns Preeta that they can go and meet Rishabh. Preeta sees Arjun break up with Anjali and follows them.

When Arjun notices Anjali’s smile he asks her to get in the car so she asks him what’s going on, Anjali says she knows she likes him, Arjun leaves after the lawyer calls.


Preeta calls Anjali and asks what is the problem with her coming here, Preeta says she came to say that Anjali is a bad person but Anjali says she has not seen the bad man who is her husband. Preeta explains to Anjali that she thought she would say something sensible, but realized she was there.

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