Kundali Bhagya [21st August 2022] Written Update

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The Episode Start With:

Preeta walks ahead of Karan as the circling takes place. She recalls the time when she was married in her mother’s hall. The Pandit asks them to sit because the circling has reached its capacity. Preeta and Karan sit inside the mandap to continue the rituals. Sameer wonders where Shrishti is because it has been a while since he has seen her.

Shrishti is preparing the dupatta to tie Maira’s feet before she wakes up, but she is unaware that Maira has already regained consciousness. Maira then knocks Shrishti over the head with a vase and tries to run away, but Shrishti does everything in her power to prevent Maira from entering the mandap.

Kartika is not pleased with the outcome of the ceremony because she had hoped that Preeta would end up being Karan’s wife. The Pandit asks Karan to place the Mangal Sutur around the neck of the bride. The ceremony is completed.

Shrishti refuses to let Maira leave the Mandap, stating that she will not allow her to harm the personal life of Preeta, her sister. Maira retaliates by hitting Shrishti with the vase once again before escaping the room and trapping Shrishti inside. She is shaken up and thinks about the things she may do, so she phones Sameer to come and assist her. Sameer reads the text message before rushing over to help Shrishti.

The ceremony is over, and the Pandit declares that the couple is now husband and wife. However, Maira appears from behind and declares that this union cannot take place. When everyone looks, they are shocked to see that Maira is standing behind, and they wonder who was wed to Karan and was hiding behind the veil.

Sameer and Shrishti are the ones who overhear Maira screaming, and while Sameer is left wondering what might have gone wrong, Shrishti is quick to point out that the scream indicates that Preeta is now married to Karan and that the ceremony is over.

Maira is unable to control herself and so begins destroying the Mandap exclaiming that she does not need to believe this wedding and it shouldn’t have happened, Maira exclaims that she does not believe in this and so tries to hit Preeta but Karan hugs her, he protects her, and he gets wounded in the process. Dadi and Sherlin also approach the Mandap but are shocked to see Maira standing outside and wonder who is hiding behind the veil.

Sherlin asks Karan whether he is aware of the fact that Preeta has been the one hiding behind the veil all along. Sanjana yells to Ramona that she warned her that Preeta would disrupt the wedding and that she would not let them both marry.

he hugs her afterward and claims that when everyone was confused about who was behind the veil, he knew it was her all along. Karan then states that he is aware that she was the one who did everything that she could to prevent the marriage between Maira and Mahesh, and that she even attempted to murder Maira while she was in the hospital (3). He blames that Preeta is the one responsible for the crash of Mahesh.

Karan says that she can’t be trusted, but he could trust a Nagin right now; however, Preeta can’t be relied on at all. Because everyone is aware of what kind of a lady Preeta is, Dadi makes a request to Karan to prevent him from wasting his own time. Karina says to Rakhi that she always says that Preeta is an honest and true person and can’t do anything unfair, so why is she quiet now that Preeta has shown what she’s capable of? Karina says that she always felt that Preeta couldn’t go lower, but she always amazes her, and as of now, she has gone a lot lower after their own expectations. Karina also says that Preeta has gone a lot lower than what they expected

Preeta asks what has she finished unjust given that she has only wed her spouse twice, and Karan raises his own finger to warn Preeta not to name him her spouse given that their own wedding was simply a show. Preeta then asks what has she finished unfair.

Preeta begins to cry as she recalls the time when she overheard Sherlin and Maira planning to kill Mahesh. She also recalls how everyone in the Luthra family is educated, but even after the fact, they are unable to tell who is being unfair to whom. Shrishti tells Karan that Preeta is Karan’s spouse and that if anyone offends her after the fact, they would be derogatory to him. Kara

Shrishti makes a reference to the fact that he also married her by cheating them all, and since it is said that a wedding can only take place when both families are present, the couple once got married ahead of their own family, and as of right now, they have married in his own home.

They all really know that Mahesh uncle is now in this condition due to her, and she has been the one to orcastrate the kidnapping of Rishab Luthra, so they must all wonder what she could accomplish when she’s walking freely. Maira calls out to her and insists that she shut up because she can’t talk to Karan like this. She then goes to the Pandit and insists that he announce this wedding as void because no one would believe it anyway.

Karan holds Preeta’s hands and mentions that she must witness that both of them have gotten into a dispute due to her. Rishab makes a reference to the fact that she must stop blaming Preeta because neither of the blames that she is placing on Preeta are true. Karan asks him not to talk ahead of him because it’s an issue concerning his own personal life. Rishab makes a reference to the fact that this is the reason why he

Rishab makes the request that he remove his hand from hers, but when he does not comply, Rishab is about to slap Karan. However, Preeta prevents him from doing so by pointing out that he shouldn’t discuss this matter if he values their friendship.

Shrishti asks Rakhi why she is quiet and not informing anything when her family (4) is blaming Preeta. Dadi asks Shrishti to block speaking as she’s the elder of this home, and in case she again talks in between afterwards she’d be scolded by her. Dadi requests that Preeta emotionally blackmail them and stop crying as it’s not contributing to her. Rakhi asks Preeta why she is quiet and

Shrishti tells Preeta that in the event that she marries Karan in the future, there will be some sort of hidden agenda behind it. Karina says that Karina is telling the truth for the first time because her sister also has an agenda, and that agenda is to acquire all of their own wealth. Dadi says that she agrees with Karina and that she also believes Preeta wants all of their own amount.

Prithvi is currently in his own home thinking about what he’s finished because Sherlin is the ticket to all this wealth and he must call to calm her down, however he imagines that she would be upset so he’d wait for some time. Sherlin is the ticket to all this wealth.

Maira starts laying blame on Preeta, claiming that she only wanted to marry Karan and knew that Preeta wouldn’t let it happen, which is why she wanted Preeta to leave the house. However, now Preeta has ruined their own wedding, and she only wants the wealth for that reason, which is why she even sent the circular. Maira wants Preeta to leave the house.

When Preeta mentions that she has never sent out a circular, everyone, including Rishab, looks at her in wonder. Preeta’s allusion to the fact that she has never sent out a circular causes everyone else to be perplexed.

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