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Kundali Bhagya 21tth November 2022 Written Update

In Kundali Bhagya, Preeta asks Rishab if everything is alright, asks if she looks nervous on her face, Rakhi also asks if she is okay, this worries her, so she asks why they are all so nervous, Preeta informs that there are so many things causing them today. Tension, Rkahi explains that Diya in Mandir is out and it’s not a good sign, Preeta explains that milk is boiling and thunder is causing a lot of tension.

Rishab cries out that they all really love him, Rakhi hugs Rishab and he says Preeta’ or hugs. , holding her hands, explains that nothing will be wrong with her until they all love her. Rishab leaves so Rakhi is happy to be back, Preeta talks about it very safe and sound. Rakhi tells Preeta that pooja time is eleven in the morning and she can give Garesh the list of things needed for pooja, Preeta assures that she will go and fetch the items.

As Preeta is about to come and get the towel, Rishab comes to the room but Rishab says she can do it herself as she is his wife, Preeta says even then she did not do such a thing for him, Rishab explains that they can do it. build a house but it’s up to them to make sure they can turn it into a home, Rishab says she feels Preeta has done a lot for their family as she makes sure her mother holds the house as she does for many. year. Preeta says she did all this out of love but didn’t do much for her as an individual. Rishab assures him that he has done enough, returns after receiving a call and checks his neck. Preeta wonders what the sign is.

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Preeta returns to bring the list of things from Rakhi maa. Meanwhile, Rishab lies down thinking about what’s wrong with Anjali, that he loves her even when she is married to Karan, Preeta thinks Rishab jee is a really honest person. Arjun is the opposite of him, he falls asleep after covering him with a quilt.

When Arjun arrives at the market in the morning, he wonders why he always comes to these markets even though he hates himself, notices the women carrying umbrellas and starts thinking about the day he met Preeta in the market in the rain and how they always acted. Arjun wonders why he still thinks of her even when he starts to hate her, prays to Bhagwan not to meet Preeta in the market today, but realizes that he is standing next to her in the market.

He stands before he turns to remember how Rishab accused him of trying to take her life and that the lady blessed them at the market thinking they were both a couple. Arjun starts to look at Preeta once again, who is walking away with his belongings, gets nervous when he can’t see her, so Arjun starts to follow her while the seller asks what she wants to buy, Arjun asks for some flowers, but she realizes that while Preeta is walking away, he explains that he forgot to bring his wallet from the car, the seller also agreed.

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While Preeta is counting the money in her wallet, they both run away with her purse when the thieves notice her, Arjun rushes to ask what happened when she says they stole her purse, she goes crazy to start beating them both, Preeta realizes how someone is. Arjun asks how did the thief dare to touch his wife.

Rishab walks down the stairs, he greets Karina when she asks how nice the preparations look, also asks if she is okay when Rishab asks why everyone asks, Karina explains that Mommy told her how Diya burned so she understood that they all burned. She says even though she is really nervous and loves him very much, she is made of steel and she will always be fine until they are by her side.

Rishab tells Rakhi maa not to worry as she is fine, asks her to go and see her father as she is not having any problems, He says she will come back after playing cricket, Mahesh says she never went alone and Kavya rushes inside. Rishab starts smiling with his stick and explains that he should always stay that way and stay happy.

Karina asks Mahesh to go and prepare for puja because guests come to puja and family members are not ready, Mahesh asks what is the hurry, turns to Dadi and Dadi says she will scold both her son and son. Rakhi says he went to market to buy something for pooja even though Garesh said he was going.

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