Kundali Bhagya [23rd November 2022] Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2022 Written Update

In Kundali Bhagya, In the morning Samir gets ready in the room where he sprays perfume, Shrishti asks where he went, says he can see the files and the bag, so he goes to the office, Shrishti takes the bag, talks about it. He will not go. To go as it is Pooja’s house today, Sameer says he has to go as even Rishabbhai won’t go, so he has to leave, otherwise it will affect the company. Shrishti mentions that he is the first husband to leave when his own wife asks him to stay, but Sameer says he wants to break up with her because it makes him feel good, gives her the bag angrily, saying that she can go anywhere.

She wants to, Sameer sits next to Shrishti and explains that she never wanted her to feel this bad, so she is sorry, but says she can go to office if she wants, Sameer tries to pull her closer but she goes. However, she assures that she will not ask why she is so causal even though she asks her to go earlier, Shrishti tells her that she cannot tell why. Shrishti leaves, explaining that she can do her job as long as she can watch him from afar. Sameer exclaims that he is really smart but can go to his office.

Arjun calls Preeta who is trying to break up, mentions it was just a slip of the tongue as he forgot to mention that she is his friend’s wife, Preeta says he forgot the most important word, Arjun advises him not to keep his own promise. Preeta says she can’t lose it because she loves the bag the most, mildly enough that she might get hurt or die just because of this bag.

Kundali Bhagya Today’s Episode Online:

Arjun asks what is so important but Preeta asks why he should tell her as it gets so personal. Arjun says it was he who made him so curious, even if he knows how to end it, he turns to leave when he cries out. relationship,

He offers to leave him but says he shouldn’t think they forgot everything he did but is grateful for saving him today, Arjun cries out that he doesn’t plan to leave her because he wants to bring her. Swearing that her return home with Kavya will be very soon, when Dadi calls Arjun and asks if she has taken the medicine, she tells that she has taken Arjun.

Sneda enters the room and calls Anjali but is nowhere to be found, Sneda calls Arjun who calls her Snig, when Arjun calls her she is confused but puts the phone to her ear and explains that she just wants to let you know. He is back, Snedha assures him that they will meet very soon when he wonders where Anjali is, but Anjali thinks she will only talk to Arjun.

Pandit Ji asks Rakhi to call Shrishti and Sameer for puja so they both get the blessings, Rakhi says she has already called them and they are coming, Preeta rushes into the house, Bani Dadi asks why she is so late. . , pandit ji says she is still on time and asks if she brought leaves as they were not there, Preeta assures everything is in bag here, Kareena asks if Preeta invited all guests, so she says she really invited. invite them in, when Mahesh explains that guests are usually late for this type of puja, Kareena worries why no one is coming.

Kundali Bhagya Latest New Full Episode:

Ganesh comes and mentions that he was in a panic as he didn’t let Sir Rishab do anything. Preeta leaves saying she will help Rishab Ji.

Rishabh gets really panicked in the room about which dress she should choose, Preeta asks what she is doing, when Rishabh says she is glad she came because she couldn’t choose a dress. Preeta takes a pink dress out of the wardrobe thinking it will suit her as she thinks they will all wear the kind of clothes she likes, Rishabh asks how she did it, saying it feels like there is some kind of magic to her. . . Kavya also enters the room, when Preeta asks her about the dress, she advises Rishab to only wear it. He apologizes to Preeta for the confusion and tries to help her, but Preeta insists that everyone go and be ready as expected. Rishab leaves appreciating her, Preeta starts to smile.

Shekar Ji revealed that he came to talk about the drama that happened yesterday. To give medicine to Dadi. Sneda looks at Arjun as Dadi forces him to sit next to her.

Arjun asks what happened when Shekar explains that both Rishab and Anjali were fighting bad yesterday, Arjun says he thinks neither Anjali nor Rishab can do anything, Shekar mentions that they both need to see how they fight. Shekar explains that he came here to discuss the details of the incident.

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