Kundali Bhagya [25th August 2022] Written Update

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The episode start with:

The female seller is unable to move her vehicle and begins to ask passersby for assistance; however, no one pays attention to her pleas for assistance and continues to walk past her. Preeta gets out of the car and immediately offers to help the vendor upon seeing her. The vendor is shocked and asks if Preeta is going to actually help her. The old lady explains that many people went past her but did not stop to help her, so when someone comes like this then it is an angel. Preeta responds that she is just a human. The old lady explains that since Preeta has helped her today, then she will surely get the person she loves the most, Preeta does not appear to be able to process anything.

Prithvi asks Arjun why he always gets angry when he speaks of Preeta because it is not nice, and Arjun tells him that it is because he has a personal dispute with them. Prithvi then asks Arjun why he is not telling anything about them, and Arjun says that he only talks about those who are important in his life so doesnot want to speak about the Luthra’s. Prithvi says that he needs to know the truth Prithvi also mentions that he just wants to know the truth about his intentions, so if they both want to take revenge, then they should do it together. If they both want to take revenge, then they should do it together. He vows to support him to the extent that the Luthra’s would come on the streets, and he can do it either with his help or without him. Arjun, frustrated, dials the number for security, but Prithvi stops him, telling him that he is the one who is in the wrong and that calling the police is a waste of time. Arjun tells Prithvi that if he is spotted in the office once more, they will have no choice but to file a formal complaint against him with the police and have him arrested. The guards then enter and begin to forcibly remove Prithvi from the building. As a result of Anjali observing Prithvi getting kicked out of the office, she comes to the conclusion that he is Arjun’s adversary.

Preeta is going through the market while ruminating on what the elderly woman said to her and how she blessed that the person Preeta loves would undoubtedly return to her life at some point.

Prithvi is cautioned by the security guards to leave, and he responds angrily that he is going to leave now, but he will definitely return, and when he does, he will throw Arjun and them all out of the office. He promises that he will treat them in the same manner that they have treated him today, and he takes pictures of the guards, asking them to smile before threatening that he will throw them all away. Prithvi, staring at the smartphone, shouts that he has taken the images so that he can teach them both a lesson, and he swears to surely teach all those who have wronged him in the past. Prithvi is taken aback when he sees Preeta going in his direction. He flashes back to their exchange in the Luthra Mansion, when she smacked him. He makes an effort to shake with rage, but Preeta walks right past him without even batting an eye. Preeta looks around, looking for anyone who could be following her, but she doesn’t see anyone so she just walks away. He starts to pursue her, but then he is about to get into an accident. Prithvi asserts that he is still her lover even in the present day and that he is not the type of person who could despise her even if she were to commit many murders.

Rishab is in his office when Preeta knocks on the door, and he then asks her to come in. After she enters, Rishab asks for the tiffin without even looking at her, which worries her. When he sees the bag, Rishab gets stunned and immediately stands up, asking Preeta je to sit down. He then asks if she needed anything, but then he informs her that he asked for a coffee, so he thought Rishab responds that it is not that he would stop her from delivering the lunch since he thinks that it is really good that she does this for him and Preeta. Preeta explains that she is aware that he does a lot for them, which is why she felt the need to do something for him. When Preeta replies that she will not eat anything, he says that even then she would give him company so he can eat just a little bit, and he explains that even then she only eats a little bit. Preeta smiles and invites him to lunch, and he asks for two sets of cutlery. When Preeta tells him that she will not eat anything, he asks for two sets of cutlery.

Arjun is sitting in the office reading over his files when he realises that they are extremely disorganised. He explains that Prithvi would have come to his office for a specific reason. He then greets Anjali and asks how she spent her morning. When she tells him that his day probably did not go so well, he asks her why he kicked Prithvi out of the office. Anjali responds that his day probably did not go so well. Arjun explains that he has the impression that Prithvi knows something about him, specifically that Prithvi is aware of his connection to Raja. He is aware that Arjun harbours ill will against Rishab and Preeta, but he is oblivious to the motivations underlying Arjun’s hostility. When Arjun responds that Prithvi does not know his true identity, Anjali cautions Arjun to take him seriously and advises him to pay attention to what he says. Anjali encourages him not to have such a low opinion of people because even something as as insignificant as an ant may give an elephant a great deal of discomfort. Arjun has no choice but to mull through the suggestions she offers.

Rishab opens the door for Preeta, who then begins walking. He then calls out to her from behind and explains that he has something for her before showing her his mobile phone. He also tells her that Kavya forgets things, but now even she is doing the same thing. At this point, the driver arrives, and Rishab gives him some advice, telling him to drive responsibly and ensuring that Mam does not experience any difficulties.

Sherlin, observing Prithvi’s reaction, asks him what happened to him as she urges him not to step outside of the home. Prithvi warns her not to talk like this since he is genuinely agitated, and she becomes furious with him. Prithvi enters the house in an angry mood. As Prithvi sits there and mulls about the time Rishab drank the water and did not even see him, Prithvi apologises to her and asks that she please stop talking. She inquires about the incident that took place at Arjun’s workplace, and he explains that Rishab Luthra came to Arjun’s workplace and offered him a partnership in the business. Rishab Luthra was aware that Arjun had a disagreement with them, so he offered his assistance to Arjun, but Arjun declined his assistance. Prithvi, out of frustration, threw the belongings, which infuriated Sherlin.

Rishab is in the office conducting an online meeting. He explains that even he makes some mistakes in the business because he is not perfect, but some businesses are not up to mark. He explains that he is going to get back with his business team. At that moment, the manager enters the office and explains that someone came to give him this pen drive, which pertains to the school of Kavya. Rishab recounts the day when he requested the CCTV video of the school because Preeta ji became anxious while she was in school and thought that someone was following her. Rishab gives him the advice to label the items that are sent to him in response to his requests. When Rakhi calls him, he is set to watch the film, but she begins to blackmail him by asking if he still loves her. He attempts to create an excuse for himself, but she begins to pressure him by asking this question. Rishab asks her what has happened, so she explains that Mahesh je wants to go meet his friends tomorrow. Rishab asks her then what is the problem in it, and she answers while crying that he is not understanding what is the truth. She reveals that he wants to meet his girlfriends, and Rishab is unable to comprehend it, while Mahesh denies that it is true.

Sherlin asks Prithvi why he does not understand that the Luthra’s are not good for them because they used to live in mansions but are now forced to reside in this small society and only earn a few thousand rupees. Prithvi responds that this is because of her evil tongue as whatever she just said happened. Prithvi does not understand why Arjun refused his partnership, so he vows to make a gameplan that will force Arjun to make Prithvi his partner so that they both would take the revenge from the Luthra’s, which causes Sherlin to be concerned about him keeping his promise to her. He asks her if she has forgotten that the biggest purpose of their life was to destroy the Luthra’s, so he does not have any worth if they are not the


Preeta tells Rishab that she, too, wants to live a happy life and that she shares his goal.
Lady tells Arjun that he will only love one person, and that after he gives his heart to her, he won’t be able to take it back.

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