Kundali Bhagya [25th November 2022] Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 25th November 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

Kundali Bhagya [25th November 2022] Written Update

In Kundali Bhagya, Preeta warns Arjun that he should stay away from people he asks about him asks what he thinks of him because he is an idiot but the truth is he is a respected businessman he should not make a fuss about it, because he knows he can never hurt Kavya or the entire Luthra family. She feels but Kavya blames him so she doesn’t go near him because whenever she is around she feels something but she doesn’t wants to feel it, so she changes the subject, she asks. He’s lost his mind, but he talks about losing his mind.

Sneda listens to their conversation, Arjun explains that all bad thoughts become reality, so if he keeps thinking he can actually do it, Preeta warns him again to remember what he said and stay away from his family.  Bhagwan. Ji says he is right in saying that he is here because of Bhagwan because he left no stone unturned to kill him, Arjun notices Snedhu and asks if that is the case. He leaves, searching the bathroom.

Preeta asks Sneda what Arjun has been like this since she met him but Sneda cries that she likes him, Preeta wonders what is wrong with people but Sneda warns Preeta to stay away from him when he says that filed a restraining order against Arjun. that’s why he stays away from his family, but even then he still goes back to their family. Sneda angrily leaves when Shrishti arrives, Preeta doesn’t know what is happening when Shrishti mentions that she can’t stand their talk because she likes her, Preeta says she doesn’t talk to him, fights with him, Shrishti asks, if Kalava is. Ready as requested by Pandit Ji, Preeta takes Shrishti with her.

Kundali Bhagya Today’s Episode Online:

Arjun reaches the hall and asks him to sit down when Mahesh realizes he feels relaxed but Arjun says he is fine, Rishab asks what is his problem as he refuses even outside but he has to behave properly, when he finally comes here for the puja. . Preeta also orders her to sit down, explaining that she is only talking because she was invited to the puja so she should sit down and even leave with Parshad. Pandit Ji asks both husbands to put Sindur on their wives’ foreheads. Arjun angrily stops Rishab and when they both start fighting,

Arjun asks Preeta to remember who he is as he is the same person, finally reveals that he is the same Karan but doesn’t believe her and tries to break up with her. she wouldn’t go without her husband, Arjun realizes it’s just a dream so he thinks he can’t stay here otherwise he might hurt them all, Dadi tries to stop him but leaves saying he has a headache, Dadi also leaves with Snedha when, Rishabh asks. Preeta says that if he says something to her, she didn’t do anything like that.

Arjun angrily walks to the car, he is about to get in the car but Dadi stops him saying Sneda will be driving today because he is sick, Arjun refuses to explain that he cannot risk his life by letting Sneda drive, Dadi is reasonable . driver, but Arjun is not convinced. She mentions that she can even offer her a job in her company, Dadi still manages to put Snedha in the driver’s seat of the car, Arjun angrily sits in the back.

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Pandit Ji performs the puja rituals, both couples follow him and when he mentions that they both should throw Samagri Havana, Shrishti and Sameer explain that he was reading the Mushroom when they couldn’t throw it properly. He pulls his hand away because he can no longer strengthen it, because he tends to get angry even at small things, he asks what happened, Samir asks what he wanted to say in the hospital, he remembers what Preeta dee said. He says that they should express their love for the kitchen when they get a chance, while Pandit Ji is going to let them know when he signals them again.

Preeta reminisces about moments spent with Karan during puja and how happy she really is, Rishab asks her what is wrong but she says she is fine, Rishab also starts to think about moments spent with Karan , and how the two of them are really close. She thinks that if there was a way to bring Karan back, she would. She screams that wherever she is, she knows Preeta is really nervous and even she knows she is nervous too.

Arjun, sitting in the car, thinks about what he saw with Preeta and Rishab, and how he said that he would not go if it was dark. He then gets out of the car and Snedha apologizes saying he can drive but Arjun says he never tried to hurt Kavya.

The Lutrs perform a puja when the weather suddenly changes, unaware that the police have come to Lut’s mansion.

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