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The episode start with:

Rishab says to Mahesh that it is not fine and he is going to meet his girlfriends even when his mother has spent such a long time with him, Mahesh assures that it is nothing like that since Rakhi jee is forcibly trying to make his old friend the girlfriend, Rishab explains he is going to come back after two or three hours and then they would talk about it but until then they mull it over. Rakhi assures she is not lying but speaking the truth Rishab heads to the meeting after the manager explains that Mr. Thapar has arrived and informs him of it.

Preeta is in the car when the driver abruptly stops the car. Preeta asks the driver what is happening, and the driver tells her that the car broke down. Preeta sees the vendor scolding the children, so she goes to them and assures them that she would pay for their food but he should not scold her. Arjun also stops the car behind them and wonders why he always sees Preeta everywhere he goes because this is not Even though Preeta sees the girl looking at the balloons, she still buys her one. However, one of the balloons flies into Arjun’s car. Preeta goes to retrieve the balloon from Arjun while simultaneously apologizing for the incident and explaining that it is their balloon.

Arjun gets out of his car when he notices the wind and pulls out an umbrella. However, the umbrella winds up flying toward Preeta, and after she expresses her gratitude to Mata Rani for providing her with it, it begins to rain, and Arjun follows Preeta into the umbrella. Preeta asks Arjun what he is doing because this is her umbrella and Mata Rani sent it for her, but Arjun explains that he took it out of his car and that he doesn’t know what he will do if she steals it from him. Preeta then asks Arjun what he is going to do if she steals it. Preeta begins to reflect on the first time she interacted with Karan, when the two of them argued about the umbrella, but Preeta was the one who owned the umbrella at the time. Arjun tells Preeta that he may become ill if she does not give him the umbrella. Preeta is concerned about Arjun’s health. Preeta trips, but Arjun is able to catch her. They both start thinking about their past when they were a couple. Preeta remembers how they both were a romantic couple. The driver comes and explains that the car has been fixed. Preeta offers Arjun the stolen umbrella and Arjun responds that it is actually his. After glaring angrily at him as she gets into her car and drives away, Preeta prompts Katniss to do the same and get into his.
When Rishab is working at the office, he notices the bag and immediately thinks back to the time when he confused Preeta with the office peon. This brings a smile to his face as he thinks about how glad he is to be with Preeta je.

Preeta is unable to forget what just occurred between her and Arjun in the market. She continues thinking about how tight she feels when he is near her as if Karan has once again returned to her. Arjun is also driving the car while Preeta is seated angrily in the passenger seat. When the car behind him honks its horn at him, Arjun is also highly worried about the situation.
Preeta gives the driver instructions to take her to her mother’s house in Chambur, and she then sits back and relaxes. After giving Preeta a hug, Shristhi tells her that everyone has been waiting for her to arrive. Arjun brings the car to a stop outside as well, and he thinks back to the time when he and Preeta first got married.

Preeta comforts herself by hugging Bi jee, who then reprimands her for returning after such a lengthy absence. In response, Preeta confesses that it has, in fact, been a very long time. When Preeta goes to open the door, she is shocked to see Arjun standing there, so she asks what he is doing here. Arjun tries to act as if he does not know it is her house so he explains that his car broke down so he came to ask her help and had no idea it was her parents’ house. Preeta gets shocked and asks how he knows about it. Arjun rushes inside to greet Bi jee when she asks who Preeta is talking to at the door. Preeta once again questions him, so he explains that he knows it is not the Luthra Mansion so he guessed it after seeing Shristhi and Janki aunti here. Preeta once again questions him, so he explains that he knows it is not the Luthra Mansion because he guessed it after seeing Shristhi and Arjun asks why he would follow her since they are very different, but he could have thought about it if it was Shristhi. He tries to joke with Bi jee, who threatens to slap him if he continues. Bi jee tells him that he must tell the truth and asks if he was following Preeta. Arjun says that they are very different, but he could have thought about it if it was Shristhi.

When he explained that his car broke down in the rain and that is why he coincidentally came to this house seeking help, Preeta responded by saying that he is using extremely filmy lines. She then questioned whether or not he does not have a mobile phone like everyone else. Arjun responds by saying that he came here to seek assistance when his car broke down, but who knew that she would be here and begin an investigation. Janki reveals that they are fighting like Karan and Preeta, and Shristhi urges her to apologize for her behavior. Preeta responds that there is no need, but no one can be like Karan because they cannot even fight like him. Arjun then asks why they did not make some tea for him the first time he came to their house. Preeta says she does not understand why they did not do this. Preeta follows Bijee’s instructions and walks inside to prepare the tea on her own, despite the fact that she gives Janki the order to do so.

Arjun asks Bi jee and Shristhi to have a seat before going to ask Preeta for some water. When Preeta displays a knife, Arjun becomes upset and complains to Bi jee. Bi jee then asks Preeta for some water, but she tells Preeta to ask Shristhi to give Arjun some water instead. Arjun asks Shristhi why her sister behaves in such a manner, and Shristhi tells him not to pay any attention to her because she acts like that. Arjun then refers to her as a bitter cord, and Preeta recalls that Karan used to call her that, so she suggests that Arjun ask Shristhi about it; however, Shristhi reassures Arjun that it is unimportant information. Arjun responds to Bi jee’s inquiry by asking Preeta why she always picks a fight with him. Bi jee then asks Arjun why he always manages to upset Preeta. Preeta explains that she is not preparing the tea for him, but rather for Shristhi and Bi jee, and that she intends to provide it to him only if there is any remaining.

Prithvi is unable to take it and asks Sherlin to stop shouting because he is trying to sleep. Sherlin questions why she should stop because he does not care about their future and she used to live in bungalows but is now forced to live in this society. Sherlin enters the kitchen with the vegetables and immediately starts complaining about how the vendor got mad at her. Prithvi is unable to take it and asks Sherlin to stop shouting because he Prithvi receives a text message, and after reading it, he stands there in complete disbelief. Sherlin is curious about what transpired after he assumed the identity of Shambu, so she asks him about it.

As Arjun walks into the kitchen, he asks Preeta where he may place the cup, and she tells him that he can put it in the sink. Arjun says that he is going to look for a mechanic, to which Preeta responds that she did not ask for an update. Arjun then says that he only mentioned it because Preeta wants him to leave, and then he receives Preeta’s blessing and stands at the door. When Preeta comes out, he also signals her before leaving. When Bi Jee tells Shristhi that she has a strong attraction to Arjun, both she and Shristhi agree with her assessment. However, when Bi Jee goes on to say that Arjun would make an excellent partner, Preeta becomes anxious.

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