Kundali Bhagya [28th November 2022] Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 28th November 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

Kundali Bhagya 28th November 2022 Written Update

In Kundali Bhagya, Rishab asks the inspector what happened, Anjali says he will tell them, accuses Rishab of stalking her. Mahesh also asks if he is going crazy, Preeta accuses Anjali of going crazy. The inspector asks Rishab to go with them to the police station because Anjali accuses Rishab Loutra, Preeta asks if he will believe when he complains asking if he will believe when Anjali says he is a murderer, Rishab asks the inspector how can he start investigation. Anjali asks how she doesn’t understand when a girl touches her without her consent and accuses Rishab of harassing her.

When Dadi asks if she is alright, Arjun gets back in the car, Arjun apologizes to Snedha, explains to her that everything she said outside was because she felt it was Anjali, she screams that she told him that goes to the farm, but why else. missing since last night

Rishab asks Anjali what she said when she found out she was married, Anjali again blames Rishab for what he did to her and leaves saying she is scared, Preeta tries to stop her but the inspector vows to punish Rishab for his crime. Mahesh also explains that Rishab respects women so he can’t think of doing something bad. Dadi stops him when asked why he did it without evidence but the inspector explains they have been working on it for a long time, Samir asks how long they worked. While working on the Inspector, the Inspector reveals that they have been following his every move since last night and that his doing the right thing.

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Rishab replies that he is happy to trust Preeta, but no one hurts him. He says that he doesn’t want her to behave like this, that he is sure that he did nothing wrong, and that he should not think that she does not trust him. . The inspector warns him to remove the handcuffs, so they put them in Rishab.

When the policewoman tells her that there is nothing to cry about because her boss is very brave and always works to bring justice to women, Anjali approaches the jeep, Anjali says she is happy because they trust her because she worried if they don’t arrest her. After learning about her past good deeds, Anjali asks for water, which the policeman went for, Anjali thinks that if she told about her boss, she would argue with the policeman.

Anjali calls the reporter and informs her that she has breaking news to spread in front of Luthra’s mansion. She thinks that Arjun said that Preeta and Rishab killed her and she gets very upset when she sees that both of them are living a happy life. Anjali thinks that she can never hurt the Loutrams because she still considers them her family, but this time Rishab and Preeta will pay for their crimes as they support Arjun. Anjali thinks that now Rishab will be in the place she deserves together. prita.

A policewoman brings water to Anjali when she asks the policeman to take her away as she is very scared after drinking.

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The inspector asks Rishab to reason with his family, Mahesh explains that they have made a mistake and therefore instructs Sameer to complete the bail papers that they will bring to the police station. The inspector says he will see to it that he does his duty with the utmost integrity. Preeta does not let them go when he forcibly takes them away before Inspector Rishab comes out.

Preeta also assures that there is nothing to worry about and that she will always be there. Reporters ask the Loutra family if the allegations are true. Preeta becomes furious when Anjali, sitting in the car, thinks she is glad to see him in such pain.

Arjun sits when he thinks that Dadi is very nervous and doesn’t know what he is thinking. Since she hears everything, she asks her to call Anjali and find out why she is angry with her and leaves.

Mahesh enters the house with Luthra’s family but the reporters interrogate them all, Kareena asks they don’t know what Rishab is like as she always respects them but even then they accuse him, Mahesh takes Samir aside explaining that he left. the back door and pays bail for Rishab, advises Sameer to stay here and take care of the family, Karina blames Arjun for this accusation because he is Anjali’s friend, and Arjun blames Rishab because of Soorvyansha. Rakhi thinks that Karina di is right and Anjali does everything for Arjun.
Arjun is at home when he wonders why he is not answering his calls.

Kundali Bhagya 28th November 2022 Written Episode:

The inspector enters the police station with Rishabh and orders the policeman to remove his handcuffs. His mother calls him and assures him that he will return early. He is worried about the noise outside so he tells them to check it out. Rishab sits down and asks what accusations he makes in his complaint.

Reporters ask Anjali why she is blaming Rishab even though she is a good person. Anjali replies how can they believe her even if they don’t know her personally, so she accuses her of misbehaving. He enters the police station saying he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Rishabh assures the inspector that he didn’t do anything wrong, he sees Anjali asking why he did that when he dropped her off at her house, the inspector says he took her to the farm. Rishabh admits that he has since made a mistake. He lives there, and when he saw that he was stuck and sprained his ankle. He took him to the farm and helped him into the house. Anjali explains that her mistake is that she asked for help, but it is her fault, the inspector assures her that she will help her get justice. Listen to this.

Preeta asks Arjun why he is doing this but Arjun says he has no idea.

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