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The Episode Start With:

Shristhi explains that even though they renovated the entire house, everything in her room remained the same. She also explains that she is feeling really good even though it has been a long time since she has visited, and she feels as if it were just yesterday that she was there. Bi jee asks Shristhi to come back. Janki requests that Bi jee explain to her why girls never leave their parents’ homes and that they maintain a relationship with their mothers. Bi jee tells Janki that women are expected to assume responsibility for both the home and the family. Shristhi says that she would like to get into bed with Bi jee and that she should sing her a song. Bi jee wonders aloud whether or not this is the appropriate moment to sing and says that if she were to do it, she would do it in the middle of the night while Shristhi is asleep. Janki affirms that they are planning to prepare laddo for tomorrow, but in the event that they need to prepare something else, Shristhi retorts that Rakhi maa instructed her to say that they are only allowed to prepare laddo and nothing else. Janki requests that Shristhi assist her and comes to her aid. Shristhi began to cause a scene by proclaiming that she is never asked to do anything, not even by her in-laws, and that she always completes the work on her own terms. Bi jee orders her to sit down and reassures her that no one is going to ask her to carry out any tasks.
Mahesh makes an attempt to engage Rakhi in conversation at the dinner table, but she remains unconvinced by his claims. Karina adds that she does not believe Mahesh bhai is capable of doing anything of the such, Preeta also concerns whether there is something amiss, and Rakhi reprimands Mahesh by stating that he should never speak anything till her son gets back, and he should only speak in front of Rishab. After hearing a knock on the door, Preeta walks over to open it.
Rishab asks Preeta what has happened since he came in such a hurry and even Karina bua called her, so in the panic he brought the car of a staff member. Rakhi comes to hug Rishab, which worries him so he asks why she is crying; Preeta tells Rishab that Karina bua called her. Rishab asks Preeta what has happened since he came in such a hurry and even Karina bu When Mahesh returns, Rakhi accuses him of having an affair, despite the fact that she is the one who is dishonest about the situation. Rakhi asks Mahesh why he is saying this considering that the woman is a member of his club. Since Mahesh is unable to respond, Rakhi asserts that the lady is telling the truth, and Dadi and Karina criticise him for hurting Rakhi. Rishab asks why they are not even letting him speak a word, and Preeta responds by saying that if he is actually having an affair, then it is not right for them to allow it. Mahesh is confused as to why she would say such a thing because the woman in issue was Mahesh’s teacher when he was in the fifth grade; in that case, how could he possibly be having an affair with her? Rakhi inquires as to whether or not they are unable to have an affair with her, and she reveals that Mahesh is going to pick her up tomorrow and take her to the club. Rishab ascertains Rakhi that Mahesh will not leave the house tomorrow and will instead remain at the function.

Mahesh agrees to stay and even makes a vow on the life of her mother. He asks them if they want him to slit his own throat, and Rakhi tells him that he has not done anything for her today because if he loved her, he would have brought her a present. When Mahesh says that he will get it done right away, he means that he will call Mahesh and invite him to the event right away. Rakhi begins to smile when he asks them all to see how her behaviour has changed. Rakhi explains that he has proven himself today as she was also planning to call Arjun but has decided to do it herself. Dadi proclaims that she has a really big heart, which is why she has been living with him. Rakhi explains that she was also planning to call Arjun today but has decided to do it herself. Rishab wonders aloud whether or not they are going to even bother to ask him for some water. Preeta apologises for rushing inside, and immediately after, everyone else does the same.

In the middle of the night, Arjun pulls over in his vehicle. After stepping out of the vehicle, he immediately begins to reflect on what took place earlier in the day at the market and how Preeta assisted the children in eating the fruits. He cautions himself to refrain from doing so. He denies that he was thinking about his past, and Anjali asks him not to lie to her because she knows him better than anyone else. He kneels down by his car and asks what she is going to say if he admits that he does not want to talk about it. Anjali pats his back and asks what is happening with him. She then questions whether he was thinking about his past. Arjun thanks Preeta, which stuns her, and then he leaves after apologising to Anjali. Anjali responds that she would not mind because she knows him, and Anjali tells Arjun that she would not mind.

Prithvi is extremely tense, and when Sherlin touches him, he is stunned, taking the name of Shambu. Sherlin asks who he is, and Prithvi explains that he is the person whose money he stole during Diwali last year because she needed the money to buy rice and lipstick. Sherlin asks who he is, and Prithvi explains that he is the person whose money he stole during Diwali last She claims that he gave her his word that he would win the money, and Prithvi responds by saying that she has a lot of faith in him, but the reality is that he lied about winning the money. Prithvi explains that Shambu has come in between them both, and then there is someone at the door. Prithvi begins to worry that Shambu may have come, but Sherlin reassures him that it is likely just the milk delivery man because he comes at this time. Sherlin is taken aback when she sees the men waiting for her at the door. After greeting her, they proceed to tie her hands behind her back. Prithvi is awestruck after seeing them and makes an attempt to flee, but he is eventually caught.

Anjali explains that the workers left early today so she is serving the dinner. Arjun comes up to the dinner table and asks why Anjali is doing it, and she tells him that she is doing it because she is confident that she can do it. He offers to help her, but she declines his offer because she is confident that she can do it. When Arjun inquires about Dadi and Snedha’s whereabouts, Snedha responds by saying that Dadi is on her way while she is at her practice. Anjali explains that they would ask anything from him when he stops thinking about Preeta. Arjun responds that this is not the case, but Anjali does not believe him at all. She says that whenever he sees Preeta, he then gets lost in her thoughts. However, Arjun responds that he only went to the Luthra house to visit his family and that he would surely not go there anymore. Arjun and Anjali both try to deny that what they were talking about was anything important, but Dadi does not believe them. She says how she has understood Arjun now, and she says that he is just a one woman person, and whoever he gives his heart to for the first time will remain his love forever. Even when he would talk with other girls or even flirt with them, his heart only belongs to that one woman whose ring he is wearing in his hand. Dadi comes in and ask Anjali becomes concerned as Dadi points at the engagement ring he is holding in his hand while Arjun asks Dadi to begin the dinner.
When Prithvi tries to explain that he does not have that much cash right now and therefore needs some time, Shambu questions how much time does he need? Prithvi tells him that he needs time until Ganesh Chaturthi, and when Shambu asks how long it takes, Sherlin mentions eleven days. Prithvi explains he has invested his money in a business that will give a profit when Shambu questions if he thinks that Shambu is an idiot since he changed a lot of house since the last Diwali and even tried to run, Prithvi questions why would he run but then tries to flee, Shambu catches him and starts beating Prithvi, Sherlin requests him not to beat Prithvi, he requests him to stop mentioning half


Prithvi tells Sherlin that in the video Arjun is seen talking to Raja, and that he will blackmail Arjun if he does not pay Prithvi. Anjali greets Arjun at the door and asks, “You are here to tell me why you said yes to go to Preeta’s house for Ganesh chaturthi, aren’t you?” Arjun demands to know how you have such a detailed knowledge of him. According to Bee ji, Arjun is not present because he went to Preeta’s house for the Ganesh chaturthi celebration.

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