Kundali Bhagya [2nd December 2022] Written Update

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Kundali Bhagya [2nd December 2022] Written Update

In Kundali Bhagya, Priyanka approaches Anjali and says there is still time so she has to go inside and admit that everything is a lie, Arjun runs up to her and asks if she is lying and that means Preeta is telling the truth.

Rishab apologizes to her entire family saying that they are in this position because of her and she messed up their last name, Kareena replies that they all know they are her perfect sons and it is because she is from Anjali no matter what. erroneous, Mahesh explains that he should apologize when Rishab asks what is the reason, Shrishti explains that the lawyer refused to take his case and when they come to him he already knows all the details,

Rishab wonders how this is possible when he is not there. I’m not talking to him. Rahi explains the concern by saying that the lawyers said they would lose if someone took the case. He even mentions that the media posted many comments knowing that Rishab is a good businessman.

Arjun asks Anjali if she lied, she always assures that she is telling the truth but only hiding one, she doesn’t understand when she explains she didn’t tell them.

Rishab asks Mahesh to check on his mother, Mahesh begs him to calm down, reassures her that everything will be fine, asks why she is trying to give him false hope. Rishab explains that he is the son of parents who suffered a lot but even then he was not worried. He always thinks of his family whenever he has a problem and says it gives him strength.

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Rishab asks all of them to believe that he will never do such a thing in his life. Rakhi exclaims that he trusts her more than himself and that he is the reason why they are proud, each one believes him and assures him that all these delusions will happen. ends, then returns. Rishab asks him to cook semolina on his way back. Unable to control herself, Karina leaves; Rishab entrusts Shrishti to comfort her.

Anjali explains that they will think she is the one to blame and she did something wrong that led to the incident. Arjun assures that he will always think well of him because he is by his side because the rest of the world has always cheated on him, but he has been by his side. Arjun leaves after saying he has to go and meet a lawyer, Priyanka mentions that she will take Anjali home.

When Kareena realizes she is crying, she comes to the bench, tries to comfort Kareena but asks what’s wrong, Shrishti hugs her, but Kareena warns her to stay within her limits. Rishab explains that he is the eldest son of this family and feels good when he laughs or jokes, but feels great pain if he gets in trouble. Kareena explains that Rishab is the perfect son and would never do anything wrong.

She wonders what she can do to help her as it’s causing so much trouble but there’s nothing she can do.

Shrishti tries to wipe her tears but Kareena warns her. stay away and never wipe your tears because she doesn’t want to get emotionally attached to him, even Kareena warns her not to tell anyone that she’s crying. Shrishti thinks that no matter how much she tries to move.

Kundali Bhagya Latest New Full Episode:

Seeing that Arjun believes in Rishab and even has feelings for Preeta, Priyanka warns Anjali to withdraw her case, but Anjali says she will definitely win this battle because Preeta has never fought a girl like her this time and Preeta will definitely lose. She stands next to Arjun.

Preeta at the police station thinks that no one can harm her family because she will win this war and will do anything for her family.

Mahesh explains that he is consulting another lawyer and will arrange bail, Preeta comes and explains that he feels Anjali will not tell the truth so they will have to force her to confess, Rishab explains that she wants to tell everything that happened word for word. but Preeta says he should be sure and calm as they all believe him, the policeman mentions that their time is up.

The entire Loutra family leaves while Rishabh asks Preeta not to experience any tension as she knows she will help him get out of jail.

Bani Dadi and Kritika go to the Mandir when reporters try to question him but they refuse to answer, Arjun realizes they are being teased and rushes to their aid, even getting into a fight with a citizen who argues with them.

While Arjun is driving, he asks Dadi what she thinks, she says she sometimes feels she should trust her and she knows she also thinks that Rishab is innocent, Arjun remembers Anjali showing signs to him, says she doesn’t knows who is wrong.  Preeta says that if he fights the case then victory is inevitable, but this time he wants to make sure he loses the case. .


Rishab’s mom tells everyone I don’t want my family to be with Arjun, he shouldn’t be around anyone. Preeta sarcastically tells Arjun, congratulations, you won today, but remember next time I will win.

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