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The Episode Start With:

Prithvi asks Shambu to stop beating him, he promises to return his money and asks if Shambu needs any proof, he tells Shambu to step aside, and then he goes to take the vow of Sherlin, mentioning that she is his wife and he would never make a false vow on her name, Shambu asks if he thinks they will believe him, and Sherlin asks them to leave him because Prithvi would never make a
Sherlin strikes Prithvi, so he yells that she is also beating him; she asks how he will get the money to give them, so Prithvi mentions taking it from Arjun; Sherlin asks if he forgot that Arjun kicked him out of his office; Prithvi mentions that Arjun would be really rich because he acts a lot while wearing the suit; therefore, he is going to take money from him; Sherl Sherlin shows him the rope and asks him to first free her, but he wants that she apologises first. Sherlin does not comply, so she forces him to open the door.

Arjun is having dinner with Dadi and Anjali when he receives a call from Rakhi and greets her as “mom,” which stuns Dadi. Arjun then turns to her and explains that she is Rishab’s mother. Rakhi then asks him what is tomorrow, which he does not understand. He then questions if tomorrow is her birthday, but she mentions that tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi and she wants that he should also celebrate it with them. Dadi then queries whether someone refuses to come for the pooja, and she did not anticipate this from him. Arjun initially agrees to come, but Anjali then sends him a signal that causes him to decline to come to the ritual. While Mahesh is explaining that this event is the largest of its kind in Maharashtra and that they celebrate it with the highest zeal, Karina, who has taken the phone, also asks him to come. She threatens that if he continues to refuse, then their relationship would come to an end, to which he responds that he cannot lose her anymore. Rakhi takes the phone and asks why he is not coming. Rakhi takes a seat and begins to explain that this is quite strange since whenever Karan would refuse her, she would talk loudly to get him to accept her decision, just like Arjun did today. She argues that the two of them share a lot of similarities. Rishab is in agreement with her, but when Preeta hears this, she becomes concerned. Anjali sends a signal to Arjun, prompting him to tell her that he is going to Ganesh Chaturthi and not to see Preeta.

Sherlin comes with the herbal treatment and tries to apply it to Prithvi, who is lying down on the sofa and screaming in pain. Prithvi tells her that it is not the colour but that he is hurt, and she tells him that she knows it is real because Shambu was beating him in front of her. She mentions how she knows he revealed how he was going to arrange the money from Arjun, but she still cannot believe it. Prithvi tells her that Sherlin laughs at his plan but says that she would also go with him since she knows how to deal with individuals like Arjun. Prithvi agrees with her and mentions that Arjun damaged his life, so now even he is going to have a lot of troubles in his life.
Arjun is strolling while thinking about the time he saw Preeta at the market and told her that he had simply come to beg for help because his car broke down and that he had no knowledge this is her house. He had no idea it was her home. Arjun knocks on the door after inadvertently hitting it and realising that it leads to Anjali’s bedroom. When she asks him why he is being so formal given that they are familiar with one another, he asks her to stop being so sweet so that she doesn’t make him seem like the bad guy. Arjun mentions that he wants to speak with her, but she says that she already knows what he wants to say, but that he should not say it right now. When Arjun asks Anjali why she is so certain that she knows him and should tell it, she tells him that it is because he is her heart, but then she corrects herself and says that they have been together for such a long time that she knows what is in his heart. Arjun then asks her to accompany him to the

Rishab walks into the room just as Preeta is putting the finishing touches on his bed. He tries to explain to her that she has never set his bed before, but Preeta retorts that this is not the case, as she has set his bed many times before, but he simply did not see it. Rishab invites her to sit down and explains that he had considered never asking her to do it because their relationship is not that of a husband and wife. However, Preeta responds that their relationship is that of friends, and she believes that friends should not thank or praise each other. Preeta explains that the fight between Rakhi maa and Mahesh papa was really cute, Rishab mentions that they both are made for each other since they fight and then also show love to each other, Preeta becomes a little hesitant, but then exclaims that she also wishes that life should be like this all of the time. Rishab responds that he would find a better word to say to her. Preeta explains that the fight between Rakhi maa

While Sameer is sleeping, he starts talking in his sleep and calls someone his Jaan. Shristhi wakes up and hearing him is stunned; she hits him on the stomach with a pillow; he wakes up with pain wondering what is tis; she starts blaming him for having an affair and doesnot even believe him at all; she says he should not lie since she is with him in the same room; she doesnot believe him at all and then he explains he has proof so shows

Sherlin is taken aback after viewing the neighbourhood, and Prithvi reassures her that they will very soon be living in the same area. Meanwhile, his friend asks Prithvi if his car is in good shape. Prithvi responds that he can go and check the car, and they decide to leave; however, the buddy insists on staying in the car. Prithvi explains that he did not need a driver but rather a friend, and that the guy must come with them; the friend is still hesitant, but Prithvi pushes him to come.

Sherlin is ringing the bell of the Survyanshi house, but no one is answering. Prithvi mentions that he is going to ask Arjun to get his ears fixed, which causes the others to become agitated. Dadi is dumbfounded when the friend says her name is not Arjun, which is why they are asking about him. She slaps him on the face, which surprises both Prithvi and Sherlin. When Dadi apologises for what occurred and explains that she had the right to do it but questions why Prithvi is asking if she is Arjun and that he should know how to speak politely even if he does not ask, Prithvi becomes agitated and Dadi continues to explain that Prithvi has gone to the home of Rishab to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi.

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