Kundali Bhagya [5th August 2022] Written Update

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Rishab explains to the guests that it is not the case when they ask him where Preeta is because she cannot be found at the party. He then sees the waiters and rushes to them, asking why they used the front door when he asked them to use the back door. Raja responds by asking how they could have come since they were never aware of it, and Rishab responds by saying that he is surprised that they do not know it because he explained it to all of the teams Rishab’s response was that they should not use the main door because it could potentially cause problems for the visitors. The guests apologised, but he told them there was no need for them to apologise. They insist that they need to get going, but Rishab tells them that he is going to brief them on the route first.
Rishab approaches Sameer with his question, “Do you know where Preeta is?” Sameer responds by asking Rishab if he misses Preeta. When Shristhi comes in and says that not everyone is as unromantic as she is, Rishab grins and announces that now Sameer is going to have to face it all. They both rebuke Sameer when Shristhi tells him that she will go and get Preeta di for him. Shristhi notes that Preeta never has any doubt on Rishab jee, and Sameer responds that this is so he may himself marry Shristhi. Since Sameer is unaware of the relationship that the two of them share, Rishab asks him to behave appropriately with her in the meantime. Sameer is perplexed as to what is taking place to him because he believed that his life would settle down after he married her, but instead, it has been turned upside down.
When Preeta queries Arjun about the manner in which he is speaking to her, Arjun asks her if she does not comprehend what he is saying because he was telling her to step aside because his laddos are in the microwave oven. He then screams that she has a very high opinion of herself. She proclaims that if he ever thinks of misbehaving with her then she would go and complain about him. Shristhi comes into the kitchen and asks what is going on when Preeta tells him not to be too flirty with her since she does not like it at all. After he fixes her hair and she expresses her gratitude to him, Arjun tells her that she has better manners than Preeta. He then asks them to do whatever they like, as long as they keep an eye out for his laddo and make sure it isn’t taken. He then turns to Preeta and suggests that she pick up some manners from Shristhi. When Preeta comes and asks Shristhi why she is not angry that he touched her hair, Shristhi doubts Preeta’s relationship with Arjun because she has never thought that he did anything wrong. Preeta then asks Shristhi why she is not angry that he touched her hair. In a fit of rage, Preeta runs away.
As Kritika walks into the room, she stops in front of the mirror to remove her earrings. She then explains that her ears are aching quite a bit, and as she removes them one at a time, she muses that she might be able to give her ears a break if she waits a while. After Prithvi enters the room with a grin, Kritika walks out when the window opens. Prithvi comments that the air in the Luthra house is different, and after looking at the photo of Kritika smiling, he says that she would be truly happy if he was there with her. He considers how their relationship was in the past, when she referred to him as her husband despite the fact that they are no longer together. He considers donning a disguise, but exactly at that moment, Kritika walks into the room, and he only just manages to sneak behind the wardrobe in time. When Kritika considers how the ear band came to be on the ground, she begins to experience tension. When she leaves, however, she disproves the suspicion, and Prithvi, who has just emerged, feels relieved. He then resumes preparing the disguise.
Rishab walks to Arjun and explains to him that the drink is an offering he has made to him. After doing so, Rishab embraces Arjun, which causes Raja to become uneasy and wonder what is going on. Rishab wonders what the problem is since he just hugged him, which prompts Arjun to question what the issue is with him given that he occasionally displays attitude and then hugs him. Arjun places a call to Rakhi and informs her that she has invited him to the party, but her son is being disruptive. After Rakhi begins to reprimand Rishab and explains that this is not the appropriate way to speak with the guests, Arjun exits the room after Rakhi asks him if he has learnt his lesson because Rishab is an older sibling than Arjun.
Rishab tells Sameer that he was reprimanded by Rakhi because of Arjun, and Sameer, seeing them all smiling, explains why Arjun is so happy. Rishab’s reaction to Sameer’s arrival is one of astonishment. Arjun tells that he truly enjoys spending some time with them, and Mahesh explains that this is how the party of the Luthra’s is typically organised. Mahesh questions why Arjun said it since he needs to learn to control his emotions, but how can he do so when his mother is so kind? Arjun adds that Rakhi aunti is incredibly easy to get along with, but he married her nevertheless, so he feels awful about it. Rakhi is overjoyed to see Arjun, so she explains that she reprimanded Rishab a lot and he would not taunt him again. Arjun responds that Rishab really bothers him, and Rakhi says that kavya is just like him in that she truly likes Rishab but also gets him scolded a lot.
While Preeta is walking, Rishab explains that everyone has made such significant efforts for them all, so he has also planned something special for them. He asks for a moment, and then they all call everyone to the dance floor, where they begin to enjoy themselves very much. Preeta continues walking. Rishab joins Preeta in the dance, and during one point he even holds Kavya. Preeta happens to run into Arjun by mistake, but she is completely taken aback by the encounter. Arjun, on the other hand, is smiling and begins to dance; this triggers a memory of when she was with Karan and he would dance with her. Even though she is physically with Arjun, she cannot stop thinking about Karan since he does not let go of her. After a while, Preeta gets up and rushes to get back to her room, and when Shristhi sees them, she becomes concerned.
Raja, along with everyone else, enters the kitchen. Raja does not understand what is going on because Arjun phoned him to hire someone who may hurt Rishab, but Rishab ended up saving his life and even took him to the hospital, making it seem as though the two of them are brothers. Vishnu recalls that Arjun had threatened him in the event that something untoward occurred to Arjun’s brother, and Raja shouts that a brother is issuing the contract against his own brother.
Preeta, as she runs through the corridor, ponders what is going on with her. She feels a great deal of tension whenever Arjun is nearby, and as a result, she has the impression that she has been through this experience in the past.


It has been established that Preeta and Arjun are currently present in the room together. Arjun cradles Preeta in his arms while whispering “I love you.” Preeta gestures with his hand and asks, “Are you an idiot?” I am already a married woman. Arjun is overheard telling her, “I love you, and I want to marry you.”

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