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The Episode Start With:

Rakhi goes up to Arjun and pulls him aside after mentioning that she needs to talk about something important with him. Prithvi sees arjun leaving with Rakhi, and even Sherlin, seeing them both, thinks that this is why Prithvi is not able to meet Arjun because he is busy with Rakhi. Dadi comments on how happy Arjun seems to be, and Anjali becomes a little anxious when she sees him laughing with the guests.
He goes to find Arjun but does not realise that Kritika is also following him, and he wonders where Arjun went as he might have been wearing the watch of Mr. India. Kritika spots Prithvi going toward the family side of the mansion, and she knows that Prithvi is seeking for Arjun. Prithvi starts to scratch his face, unaware that Kritika is standing behind him. She eventually realises what he’s doing and runs after him, but he continues to scratch his face despite her best efforts.

Arjun asks Rakhi why she brought him to the room because he is not a child, and Rakhi tells him that she wants to make sure this moment is held like it was before, and she explains that whenever he comes to their house, he always does something that makes her remember Karan, and she says that she feels his soul is like Karan. Arjun tells Rakhi that he knows she misses her son, and Rakhi tells him that she does not miss him because they miss Rakhi explains that she has never discussed her emotions with anybody else, but that when Karan was still alive, he would always dispute with her and insist that she make him breakfast every morning before he went to practise. She explains to Arjun that he should not assume that she does not love Rishab because she has no one else to taunt her anymore and that people generally believe that parents love their younger children more than their older children. She insists that he not discuss this with Rishab, but even if he does, Rishab will accept with a smile that she loved him a lot even though she asks him not to discuss this with him. She feels as though Karan’s death has terminated half of her life. Rakhi asks Arjun why he is not staying even though she wants the same thing, to which Arjun responds that this cannot happen but that he is glad she loves Karan so much because whenever she showers her love on Karan, he feels as though it was exactly what Karan deserved. Arjun explains that after talking with her, he feels as though he should stay with them. Rakhi adds that she wants to take one photo with him so that she may capture the time that she is having with him, and that she will look at the photo whenever she feels the need to relive that moment. When Sameer walks in the door, he asks Rakhi what she is searching for, and Rakhi tells him that she has lost her phone and is unable to find it. Rakhi continues to look for the phone, but she is unsuccessful in her search.

Arjun, who is standing, thinks back to when Mahesh told him that his mother would forget the phone after putting it under the pillow, and he screams that the phone would be under the pillow. Rakhi is taken aback after hearing this, but Sameer then pulls the phone out of his pocket. Arjun quickly takes photos with Rakhi before leaving, and Sameer follows him when Rakhi is sitting on the bed thinking about Karan. Rakhi is stunned, so she goes to Arjun and asks how he knows that she forgets the phone after placing it under the pillow. Arjun responds that even his mother forgets it after placing it under the pillow. Arjun then leaves. Sameer follows Arjun.

Arjun had just entered the hall when he spots the painting that is hung on the wall; he initially believed that the painting was in the study room. When Arjun overhears Preeta talking to Dadi on the phone, Dadi tells Preeta that she should wait outside and call her so that Dadi will come. When Arjun sees Preeta smiling, he begins to smile himself, and when Sameer enters the room, she asks him if he can smile because she has only ever seen him in an angry mood. Preeta explains that everyone would find it strange to see him smile because they have always seen him making a strange face. Arjun asks how she knows he was smiling when she was the one who was on the phone, and Preeta responds that she was still able to see him while she was on the phone with Dadi. Preeta is not aware of his complete name, but she does highlight the fact that she is aware of what everyone else in this house is doing. Arjun becomes annoyed when he explains that they have made a great deal out of his grin, to which Sameer responds by saying that this is not the case and that he merely meant that Arjun looks nice. Rishab’s attempt to speak with Preeta is interrupted when he trips, but she is able to catch him. Rishab inquires as to her well-being, and Preeta responds that she is concerned about whether or not he has injured himself. Rishab asks Preeta to go on the PTM by herself because he does not feel comfortable with the teachers, but Preeta is not ready to comply with him. Arjun asks her why she is forcing him to go on the PTM when he does not want to. While Preeta is discussing something with Rishab jee, Preeta’s attention is drawn to Arjun, who immediately apologises and excuses himself to have a drink of water. Sameer, meanwhile, shouts, “Why does he go all of a sudden? I should go bring him for the contract signing.”

Preeta becomes furious and thinks that she will surely teach Arjun a lesson if he interferes between her and Rishab jee. Rishab explains that he does not know what to talk about with the teachers in the PTM. Preeta agrees to go alone when Rishab leaves to assure if she is fine. Preeta agrees to go alone when Rishab leaves to ascertain if she is fine.

Sameer asks where Abhishek went, so Mahesh informs that they have all the necessary papers so that they can start the signing, Arjun exclaims Rishab did it really fast, Mahesh praises Rishab mentioning the fact that he is his son, Arjun replies he knows Rishab is like this, hearing this Rishab questions what does he mean by it, as he explained Arjun sometimes sound very weird because the way he said it is not nice Sameer urges him to inspect the drawer where Arjun says he found the ball so that they can start playing with it. Arjun says he discovered the ball in the drawer.

Rishab recalls how Karan was also playing in the office when he was discussing a project with Mahesh, so he instructed Karan to grow up since who plays in the office, to which Karan replied that they both are enough to be mature because he really enjoys being childish. Sameer then came explaining there is good news as Karan got a brand endorsement and they are paying a big amount, and Karan hearing that it is for a social cause decides to do it without getting paid

Arjun asks for the pen, but after seeing it, he says that he does not want a regular pen but the golden one. Turning to Mahesh, he says that he would have it, and Arjun takes it and signs the contract. He then explains that they all would be thinking that he is really odd with the ways that he conducts business, but they should know that the sign with this golden pen would mean a golden future. They all become tense when he leaves

Sameer explains Arjun often gets the impression that he is conversing with Karan due to the fact that he, too, was playing with the ball and then requested the golden pen. Because of this, Arjun has a lot in common with Karan. Rishab begins to have doubts.



Preeta tells Arjun, “I understand everything, don’t attempt to act smart, you are completing your purpose in name of Kavya.” Preeta is referring to the fact that Arjun is carrying out his mission in the name of Kavya. Kavya, hear what your mother is saying to Arjun, Arjun tells her. Kavya questions Preeta, asking her why she is being so harsh with Mr. Handsome. He is a mature young man. While she is walking across the corridor, Kritika has her head buried in her phone. Sherlin see Kritika. Prithvi notices that Sherlin is travelling in the direction of Kritika.

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