Kundali Bhagya [6th December 2022] Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 6th December 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

Kundali Bhagya [6th December 2022] Written Update

In Kundali Bhagya, Preeta angrily asks if she wants to know that she loves Rishab so she really loves him more than in her life Arjun screams in anger then he can go to save her but he will have to pay for his crimes Arjun asks that he says today is the last day he can win and tomorrow he will lose, but don’t even think that he is ninety-nine percent good and one percent bad forgiving. Preeta says she is right about herself and she is bad so she used Anjali to get revenge on her family Preeta says she was delirious and thought.

She was bad but its really disgusting and all she does today proves she’s not even her. worth a visit. Arjun yells that he must find a suitable lawyer before facing her in court and leaves after looking at Anjali. Dadi advises her to go and rest, Priyanka asks Dadi if she can stay here for a while as Anjali is still sick.


Mahesh opens the door for Preeta, says Malkani’s disapproval is visible on his face, returns saying he knows it. Preeta says she will find another lawyer to handle his cases Sameer says he knows a really good lawyer but the problem is he hasn’t handled any case in the last three years Preeta says she will talk to him Mahesh Preeta says he knows it. it’s a hard time but Rishab Ji is innocent.

She sits up when she says she needs their support to prove herself, Mahesh leaves when Preeta asks Sameer to tell him details about the lawyer. Shrishti asks Sameer what happened as he cannot understand Arjun, Sameer explains that he helped Dadi and Kritika when they were against Rishab.

Kundali Bhagya Today’s Episode Online:

Arjun is standing in front of the mirror, he sees Preeta and Rishab dancing in front of him, so he gets angry because he cannot bear the pain of betrayal, he remembers how they both held hands and Preeta confesses that he loves Rishab Ji the most in the world.

He doesn’t even think about deceiving anyone.

In the morning, Preeta is standing outside the court, Anjali comes out of it and goes straight to Preeta to ask if she has found a lawyer. He asks who will agree to fight for his cause if he feels that no one will accept him. Preeta tells Anjali that she will be happy to know that she has found a lawyer. Preeta greets Damini Ji and informs Anjali that she is Rishab Ji’s lawyer. Anjali answers questions about how she can protect the man who hurt her.

Preeta asks Damini why she provokes her when she knows who is innocent, explains that she struggles in many cases when women accuse men because of their judicial systems. Damini G explains that he studied the case all night and will review the case again.

Anjali leaves and goes inside, explaining that there is no point in talking here. Preeta thanks Damini G, saying that she feels Damini G is ready. She says she said it in front of Anjali, but she will have to go and review the case again as their situation is bad.

Kundali Bhagya Latest New Full Episode:

Preeta is dizzy and about to fall when Arjun helps her. She’s shocked, so she asks if she’s okay. Arjun leaves when Arjun asks why he is behaving like this, Preeta says he shouldn’t take care of her when he doesn’t have the courage as he used the girl to trap her husband, before he didn’t love her but now he feels spineless, he is happy because he is disgusting and warned him to stay away from his family.

Rishab Ji will not spoil his character because many people know him, including his employees who work for him. Preeta says that even then, if she thinks that she can harm Rishab, then it is wrong.

Arjun angrily asks him to shut up because Rishab is not like that when he tries to take the life of the person who loves him the most, Anjali stops Arjun yelling that there is no point in talking to people who are not ready to understand anything. . Arjun agrees as Preeta leaves in anger. Anjali asks if she is angry when she is about to reveal herself to her, begs her not to do anything wrong anymore, asks her to come inside as the hearing is about to begin.

Rishabh assures Preeta that there is nothing to worry about as she has already spoken to Damini G and whatever the verdict they will have to accept her, she then informs them that they will take her to the high court as they know she is innocent. Karina asks him not to say that, but says she is just telling the truth.


The judge says that all the evidence indicates that Rishab is stalking Anjali. Arjun goes to court and says no. Everyone who heard his explanation is shocked.

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