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The Episode Start With:

Prithvi and Sherlin are going to hide when Kritika describes she would have surely hidden someplace, she is sure so the friend describes if Sherlin was trying to hide then why would she be crying on her phone, hearing this Kritika agrees he might be telling the truth so Kritika agrees to go and perform the Darshan even though she is not feeling well, and the friend agrees to accompany her. In a fit of rage, Sherlin jumps up and threatens to teach them a lesson, but Prithvi interrupts her and asks if she wants, they should get caught.
Rakhi is strolling as she thinks about how Arjun also brought the tea for her like Karan used to explain that headaches and tensions get away of after drinking it, and how he also knew that she forgets her mobile phone after placing it under the pillow. Rakhi begins to pray while standing in front of Ganpati. Mahesh, who sees her and wonders what she is doing, walks over to her and asks what she is doing. Rakhi then reveals that Karan has returned; Shristhi is shocked upon hearing Rakhi, and Mahesh inquires as to whether or not she is okay and what has happened to her. Rakhi explains that she was having a headache and that she told Arjun, who went to bring tea for her, but he also said the same things that Karan used to say to her, and today Arjun also said all of those things to her. Rakhi explains that she told Arjun about her headache, and that Arjun went to bring tea for her. She does not care if anyone accepts her claim, but her gut instinct tells her that Arjun is not Arjun but rather Karan disguised as Arjun. Mahesh also realises how Arjun was playing with the cricket ball and also demanded his gold pen. Mahesh tells Rakhi that he understands her feelings and sometimes he also feels that Arjun is in fact Karan but they cannot deny the truth since his face is different and even his mother is someone else so she is not his mother which is the truth. Rakhi refuses to believe Mahesh and says that Arjun is in fact Karan before leaving, and Mahesh follows her Shristhi makes his exit from the visitors in order to follow behind them both.

Prithvi is pulling Sherlin, and she questions what he is doing as she would surely beat Kritika with a slipper. Prithvi asks what is she doing since she had a class before and was really good, but now she is seeming really cheap. Sherlin gets angry and twists his hand warning to show him what it means, and he asks her to be careful as they are in the Luthra Mansion. Sherlin explains that he was harmed when she twisted his hand, and Prithvi explains that they are not here to learn Physics; rather, their sole purpose is to exact revenge. Sherlin says that she used to live in big houses but that she now lives in a chawl. She was one really classy with a large business empire but now it is not the same as Rishab threw her out of the house and even her own mother refused to take her back in the house so she was forced to live with him in the small chawl. Sherlin was one really classy with a large business empire but now it is not the same as Rishab She has to battle for every little thing, which would undoubtedly produce a slight shift in her attitude. Prithvi apologises to Sherlin for being the reason of her living in such a precarious circumstance, acknowledging that it is his responsibility that she is in this predicament. They embrace one another after Prithvi’s assurance that she would ultimately reclaim everything that was rightfully hers. Prithvi tells her that she should not come in front of anyone till he has found Arjun since they need to acquire the money because they are not worthy to live in that small chawl. However, he flees away when she smiles at him.

While Rishab and Kavya are having fun together, Kavya notices that Arjun is being anxious and asks him why he is so concerned. Arjun assures her that there is nothing that could cause him to be anxious. Rishab says he must not try to hide it since they are both now also business partners so he must tell them from where does he belong and who are in his family, Anjali comes to the door and explains that she is going to tell them about him since he is not very good at revealing about himself, she explains that he is a known personality in London and has won a lot of businessmen of the year awards, Rishab says he differs since they cannot know about anyone from He adds with a smile that he wants to know about his friend, but Anjali urges him to come with her because she wants to talk about the contract. Anjali tells him that he can find out about Arjun later, but that he must come with her because she wants to talk about something important with him.

Kavya inquires further about Arjun’s family, specifically his parents, and she insists that he show her a picture of them. In response, Arjun pulls out his mobile phone and explains that his entire family resembles Kavya, and that his parents are the best in the world, and that he has the impression that they are always by his side.

Rakhi does not listen when Mahesh tries to stop her from saying that Arjun is her Karan. Rakhi explains that Mahesh is not trying to accept her feelings when she is saying that Arjun is her Karan. Mahesh explains that he accepts that Arjun sometimes behaves like Karan but the reality is that they are different and so she must accept the truth. Rakhi asks how she can do it when she is a mother and feels like he is her son. Mahesh recalls how Arjun also demanded the golden pen just as Karan did. He explains that if Arjun was Karan, then why did he not tell them the truth about his identity and not tell his own daughter. Rakhi asks Mahesh to tell the truth if he never felt that Arjun is Karan. Mahesh recalls how Arjun also demanded the golden pen just as Karan did. Rakhi asks Mahesh to tell the truth if Upon her arrival, Shristhi admits to Rakhi that she, too, thinks Arjun is like Karan, but she also acknowledges that Mahesh papa is not telling a lie, and she believes that he is telling the truth. Afterwards, a visitor arrives and inquires about Pandit jee, and Rakhi tells Shristhi that she should take the visitor to the Pandit jee. Mahesh also leaves with the visitor. Rakhi and Arjun watch as

Arjun asks Kavya not to tell her mother that they have become friends. When Preeta enters the room, she questions what are they talking about, but Kavya replies that they are a secret between her friend so she cannot know about it. Preeta replies that if this is the case then she is not going to give her the thing that she likes to eat, but Kavya suddenly takes the apples from Preeta. Arjun also takes one, but Kavya replies that Kavya calls Preeta’s daughter a baby doll, which causes Preeta to reflect on the time she spent with Karan. As a result, Preeta decides to leave the room. When Arjun asks Kavya whether she is feeling better now, she tells him that he should take her signature right now if he wishes otherwise, she would get incredibly popular and then she won’t even talk with him. This gets Arjun thinking about the situation as well. Kavya exits the room to continue playing with her ball while Arjun thinks back to the time when Preeta would similarly converse in this manner.

Kavya comes in and warns Anjali that she must not pick it up because it is her favourite ball and she only plays with it. Anjali replies that she was just trying to help her since the ball was in the hall. Kavya then explains that this is the ball that Karan Luthra used to play with. Anjali asks Kavya why it is so important, and Kavya tells her that this is the ball of Karan Luthra. Anjali tries to strike up a conversation with her, but Kavya tells her that she does not talk to strangers and then walks away after admonishing Anjali. Anjali is left standing and thinking that it is incredible that such a young girl can have such a strong personality, but that despite this, she is still very kind, and she smiles.


Prithvi tells Anjali that Arjun intended to kill Rishab and that this is the truth.
Rishab asks Arjun why he is standing in the way of the husband and wife taking the shot that they have requested. Abhishek is of the opinion that it is inappropriate for a third party to intervene in the relationship between a husband and his wife. It is not a good idea, Arjun tells Abhishek, to get in the middle of a relationship between two people since we don’t know what’s going on in the other person’s head.

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