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Prithvi is walking while Preeta is crying. Preeta hits Prithvi but leaves apologising, so he exclaims this is a miracle because he thought he would be the only one to make them bleed blood, but she is already crying. Prithvi praises the Bhagwan for doing all that he wishes, even though he sometimes gets suspicious on whose side is he actually is since he plays a lot of games. Preet

Prithvi makes an attempt to leave, but then hits Shristhi once more. He turns to look at her before greeting her, but she immediately begins reprimanding him and asking what he thinks of himself. She warns him that he must simply act like a guest, or else she will slap him with her strong hands so that he can learn what it means to misbehave with someone. Prithvi says that she has not changed in the least, and that he is only feeling sorry for the person she married because his life will have been ruined, she would have definitely killed him by constantly talking, and he might definitely die, so he prays for him. Prithvi mulls over the possibility of discovering the individual who was responsible for Preeta’s tears. He had intended to be the one to cause them, but someone else beat him to it; Rishab would never have done anything of the sort, so he questions who else could have been the culprit. Prithvi resolves to track down the individual who was responsible for Preeta’s emotional breakdown.

When Preeta first enters the room, she is sobbing on the bed as she recalls the sensation she experienced on the dance floor with Arjun. She is unable to comprehend it, which is why she sobs constantly. When Preeta sees Shristhi enter the room, she wipes her eyes in order to conceal her tears. After Shristhi has finished closing the door, she approaches her. Preeta mentions that she was thirsty, but Shristhi tells her to look at her because there is no need to hide her emotions because she is aware of when Preeta is feeling tense. Shristhi explains that she was dancing with Arjun when all of a sudden, Preeta appeared on the second floor. Did Arjun do something to Preeta that caused her to behave in such a manner? Preeta responds that he did not do anything wrong, but whenever Arjun is nearby, she always feels angry. She then thinks as if Karan is nearby and will come to tell her that she is a fourth fail doctor or will say the other thing. When Arjun hears Preeta say that she really misses him, he sees Preeta crying, and he immediately knows that Preeta is telling the truth. Arjun maintains that the only reason she feels guilty is due to the fact that she murdered Karan. When Anjali walks in, she asks him what he is doing outside of Preeta’s room, and then she forces him to come inside or else she will yell at him that he is listening in on their conversation.

Preeta asks Shristhi to leave, but she refuses to do so. Instead, Shristhi asks Preeta if she remembers what Jiju said, which was that Karan wanted to see her smile. When Preeta asks Shristhi to let her cry for five minutes, she responds by saying that she will do so for only a short period of time, after which she swears she will never cry again in such a way. Preeta starts crying as a result of Shristhi leaving the room, and after a while she wipes her tears away while remembering how she felt as if she was dancing with Karan. She then immediately wonders what is going on because if she was remembering Karan, then how did Arjun come to be in her memories given that she was remembering Karan?
Arjun asks Anjali what is going on when she questions what was he doing outside the room, Arjun replies that he was feeling really nice to look at her, and Anjali responds that he felt as if he still cares for Preeta and is not able to control himself. Anjali pulls Arjun into the room. Arjun asks what is going on when she questions what was he doing outside the room. Arjun smiles as he sits down and says that he was correct to think about her, but that he only hates her now. He was standing because she was crying in the room, and that made him feel as if it will end the injuries that he is suffering. Arjun sits down and says that he only hates her now. Anjali exclaims that she has a feeling Preeta will do something else as a result of the fact that she killed him for another person. Anjali tells Karan that she only cares about his feelings and that she believes he is lying to her because the person who was dancing with Preeta was not Arjun but rather Karan, who truly loves her and had feelings that he could not hold back. Anjali tells him that she only cares about his feelings and that she believes he is lying to her. Arjun leaves the room without saying anything.

Preeta is standing when Shristhi comes in and explains that she can understand Preeta is unable to forget him and even they are unable to do it, that she knows Preeta was his love, and that it is appropriate that she still remembers him, but that she should not misbehave with anyone because of this. Preeta is standing when Shristhi comes in and explains that she can understand Preeta is unable to forget him and even they are unable to do Shristhi explains that she has witnessed how Arjun is treated by her, and that it is unacceptable.
Shristhi tells Sameer that he should come to talk to her when Bi jee comes up behind them and asks why she always keeps fighting with him. Shristhi says that he should come to talk to her because he is the one who is calling her. Bi jee asks why she is not able to understand that she wants to talk with Preeta alone. Shristhi insists that she should tell her what she wanted to talk about and also about the topic only after that is she going to leave, so Bi jee tells her that she broke up with her boyfriend. Shristhi, in shock, kneels down and asks if she had an extramarital affair with someone. Bi jee tells her that she broke up with her boyfriend. Shristhi In response, Dadi says that she has just informed Shristhi about the subject at hand, and that she must now depart because she has a conversation with Preeta to attend to. When Preeta asks Bi jee if she has a boyfriend, Bi jee smiles and asks why Preeta believed it to be true and then questions why Preeta is so upset. Bi jee then invites Preeta to come and sit beside her. Preeta also asks Bi jee if she has a boyfriend. If what Bi jee has heard is true, then she brought up both her father and her mother and supported her mother financially throughout their lives. Preeta mentions that she really does remember Karan a lot and that she constantly thinks about him. Since Karan was her first love, Bi Jee tells her that whenever she is by herself, she should think about how much she cares for him. Since Karan was her first love, she should think about him the most. Preeta thinks about Karan, but then she begins searching for him everywhere, which causes Rishab to feel concerned. Bi Jee explains that once someone dies, they cannot come back. Even though he is aware that she has feelings for Karan, he still decided to give her his name because she is constantly running away from the party, which leads the other guests to question him. Considering that today is the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary, Preeta owes it to him at the very least to give him the satisfaction of being able to call her his wife. Preeta is going to receive sound counsel from her in the form of a recommendation from her that she should never be alone without someone else in her thoughts. Before she leaves for the party, Preeta Standing gives a big hug to Bi Jee.

Preeta gives Rishab a slap on the back before she asks for his hand in the dance. They both begin the performance, which enrages Arjun very much, and then he is not able to see them together. However, the entire Luthra family is really happy seeing them both, and when the dance is over, they all go to greet him.

Raja confronts Vishnu and asks him to explain what he means by claiming that they can’t both be their brother’s keeper. Vishnu is under the impression that this took place as a result of Arjun slapping him, but how is this even possible given that, after he had calmed down, he declared that Rishab is similar to his brother? After hearing this, Raja is overjoyed, and Vishnu suggests that they can blackmail Arjun by threatening to tell Rishab the truth about him. Raja expresses his delight. They are all laughing and joking when Prithvi suddenly appears from behind and orders them to put their hands up. This causes them all to become terrified, and Prithvi then forces them all to put their hands up while questioning them about their identities. If they refuse, he will reveal the information. Prithvi asks them to make him the boss, but Raja is not ready to accept it. However, Prithvi threatens to reveal their secret if they do not accept his terms, and Raja agrees to make him the boss so Prithvi. Raja tells Prithvi that they came to ruin the party, and Prithvi immediately smiles and explains that they are like brothers because he also came to ruin it. Therefore, both of them should ruin this party together.

After noticing that Surekha is standing there when Bi jee rushes to greet her, a girl also enters exclaiming that her Dadi always keeps on saying that she is a part of her heart. Surekha mentions how her memory has become a little weaker, so Sona reveals that she remembers everything from before 1989, which is why she always accompanies her Dadi. When Sona reveals that she has brought a gift for them both which they would like, Surekha agrees with it, Bani Dadi introduces her to the entire Luthra family, and Rishab asks her to open it when they are shocked to see the Varmala for the first time. Surekha agrees with it. Surekha explains that because she was unable to attend their wedding, one of her regrets in life is that she was unable to witness the two of them participate in this ritual. Shristhi nods her head in assent while reassuring everyone that this is indeed what will take place. She then makes a request to the entire Luthra family to attend as both Preeta and Rishab are going to perform the ritual of the Varmala. Arjun becomes extremely enraged as he watches this scene unfold in front of his eyes.


The following is a recap of what happened: Preeta tells Arjun, “Today is my marriage anniversary, and what rubbish are you talking about?” Arjun proposes to her by saying, “Let’s get married today so that we can also celebrate our marriage anniversary together,” and he then goes on to say that he will marry her.

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