Kundali Bhagya [9th August 2022] Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 9th August 2022 Written Update On writtenlab.com

Rishabh and Preeta take turns giving each other varmala. Arjun is thinking back to the time when he and Preeta traded varmala. He has a bad temper and consumes a lot of alcohol. Anjali takes the bottle away from him in the nick of time. It is from there that he departs. She stays close by his side. According to Kareena, this was the most enjoyable anniversary party ever. She is grateful to Surekha. On the other hand, Arjun walks into the room. he has arrived. Anjali inquires about his well-being and wonders what took transpired. He explains to her that he and Preeta had a varmala conversation, and that is why he did not enjoy what took place downstairs. She lets him know that, the matter is already resolved. Preeta is the recipient of his declaration of love. He claims that he has every intention of stealing Preeta away from Rishabh and bringing her into his own realm. She confronts him with the question, “What are you saying?” He warns her that he will perish in the event that he does not love Preeta.
She brings to his attention the fact that he has just stated that he enjoys seeing Preeta in misery and that he does not love Preeta. She inquires as to what has become of him at this time. He informs her that he is drunk right now and that while he is in that state, he can only tell the truth. She reminds him that Preeta was the one who ended his life. He can’t help but wonder why Preeta took his life but spared his feelings. He claims that even after seeing Preeta, his heart is still beating quite quickly. He makes the decision to reveal himself to Preeta as Karan. He claims that he is missing something important in his life because he does not have Preeta, and he wants her. After informing him that she is unable to deal with him, she exits the room.

Arjun travels to Preeta’s room to visit her. He looks on the bed and finds varmala. He thinks back to the times he spent in there with Preeta and how much fun they had. He notices his photographs hanging up on the wall. After using the restroom, Preeta exits the building. When she sees him there, she is taken aback. She confronts him with the question of why he is at that location. He expresses his undying love for her to her face. She asks him that if he starts acting irrationally. She reveals to him that she is a woman who is married. He lets her know that he doesn’t recognise her marriage to Rishabh and tells her why. He makes the proposal to get married to her. She discloses to him that she is married to Rishabh.
He makes it clear that he intends to tie the knot with her right away. The marital chant is being played. He claims that he possesses varmala as well. She informs him that the day in question is the anniversary of her wedding. He informs her that they will be able to celebrate their wedding anniversary together the following year. When Anjali arrives, she is taken aback by what she sees. Preeta pushes Arjun. While Anjali supports Arjun, she coaxes him onto the couch and places him there. He eventually falls asleep. Anjali apologises to Preeta. She learns through Preeta that Arjun made an attempt to marry her. Anjali explains to her that the reason he acted in such a manner is because he is inebriated. She claims that Arjun is the one who makes the proposal to everyone. She goes on to say that just a few minutes ago, he even proposed to her. Preeta responds angrily to her, and then she walks away from the scene.

In the meantime, Sherlyn assumes the identity of a waitress and sneaks inside the Luthra mansion. She investigates Prithvi further. Rishabh comes into contact with her, but he is unable to recognise her. Anjali, on the other hand, nudges Arjun and tells him to stand up. She gives him a few squirts of water in the face. He wakes up. She informs him that he is acting like a child, and he agrees. She extends to him an offer of black coffee. She inquires as to the reason that he was in Preeta’s room. He makes it clear to her that this is his personal space. She assures him that he will become aware of his error in the future.
Mahesh reveals to Preeta that Rakhi has forbidden him to consume sweets on this particular day as well. Rakhi reveals to Preeta that Mahesh had already consumed laddus. She claims that Mahesh took the bowl containing the gulab jamun from the child as well. From there, she travels with Mahesh. Arjun has asked Anjali to take photographs for him. He explains to her that Preeta stole his cabinet and used it to store her clothing instead of his. On the bed, he dozes off and falls asleep. She believes that he has forgotten about getting his retribution. She is perplexed as to how she can stop him.

Anjali tells Arjun in the recap that she believes Preeta must have divulged all of her secrets to Rishab by this point. Arjun is quoted as saying, “I don’t care, I’ll go and tell.” I was thinking about you, Rishab says to Arjun, so I had to tell you. Arjun claims that I became preoccupied with my own future. Rishabh appears to be perplexed. Prithvi, masked as a caterer and armed with a rifle, claims that he is present to honour the couple on the occasion of their wedding anniversary.

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