Kundali Bhagya [9th September 2022] Written Update

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The Episode Start With:

Arjun screams because Preeta hits him on the foot, causing everyone else to become tense and question what just happened. Preeta says that Arjun should not dance if he is unable to, and Arjun says that she stumped his feet. Shristhi comes to defend Preeta and says that she can never be wrong and is a really good dancer, while Sameer says that Arjun is a very nice dancer. Preeta and Arjun
Preeta and Arjun along with everyone else take the stage for the dance competition between boys and girls. Both sides are performing their best, and even Arjun starts teasing Preeta, but she does not pay any importance to him and keeps dancing. They then also calls the rest of the family to join them, Sherlin and Prithvi feel restless so also join, but then he takes her back. Prithvi suddenly comes to dance with Kritika, seeing which Sherlin gets really

She responds that this means she was right as he is the one roaming in their house, and she believes even the person who was saying this is the future is also with him. Prithvi’s reaction to seeing Kritika is one of shock and surprise, and he acts as if he has truly missed her and that she has not changed in all of these years. She threatens to bring the entire Luthra family against him because he is the one who brought an end to their happiness and therefore must pay for his sins. She turns to leave when Prithvi proclaims that he still loves her. She turns back to him when he declares that he has always thought about her every day in these past years, but was not able to forget her. Sherlin is unable to take it and so she comes crashing into the wardrobe, hitting the head of Kritik Sherlin apologises for her behaviour and explains that she is aware that Prithvi was only saying what he did in order to convince her, but that she is unable to even hear him express his love to anyone else. Prithvi tells Sherlin that he only loves her, but that she should leave so that he can finish his work so that they can become wealthy. Sherlin promises that she will be waiting for him outside the Luthra Mansion.

Arjun is smiling with the other guests when he turns to look at Mahesh Luthra smiling with the women at the party. He has the thought of telling his mother about it because she would then scold Mahesh. Arjun is looking for Rakhi when he hears Kavya instigating Rakhi maa in order for her to scold Mahesh. Arjun then continues his search for Rakhi. Kavya explains to Preeta, who also asks her what she is doing, that he should let Mahesh Dad get scolded by Rakhi because it is a lot of fun. Preeta comes to Kavya to question what she is doing, and even he asks Preeta what she is doing. Arjun is convinced that she is exactly like him because he, too, derives a great deal of pleasure from seeing his mother reprimand his father.

Rakhi receives an apology from Mahesh, who is seen holding his ears as he says she should not believe everything because he would never intentionally lie to her. Arjun also blames Mahesh for flirting with their guests in the party, and Mahesh questions why he and Arjun are acting like Karan. Preeta also comes with Kavya and apologises on her behalf. Mahesh tells her that there is no need for her to apologise because Kavya is just a child and can be a little naughty. However, Rakhi should not believe everything she says. Preeta also comes with Kavya and apologise After hearing this, they are taken aback, and Rakhi declares that there will be nothing else now and that it has come to an end. Kavya responds that she was just getting started having fun when Rakhi left, and Mahesh also follows after her to search for her. When Kavya runs off to hide, the other guests ask Arjun to find Preeta, who is then called by the guests.

Rakhi is assured by Mahesh that she should not think about it anymore because he said it in the heat of the moment and there is no need for her to believe it. Despite Mahesh’s reassurances, Rakhi insists that she is certain that Arjun is Karan.

When Arjun unexpectedly runs into Kavya as he is walking through the hall, he is thinking about what Mahesh said and how the behaviour of Kavya is just like him. When he does so, Kavya tells him that the game is over because if he found her before she could hide, the game is over. Kavya is about to leave, but Arjun kneels down and gives her a hug after she tells him that he is a really nice person. As he is doing so, he thinks back to the times that he has spent with Kavya and shares his memories with her. Arjun rushes off when Anjali sees him so tries to stop but he doesnot listen, she even drops her phone.

Arjun rushes into the room, exclaiming he was not able to find the proof of Kavya the last time so must think about it again, he exclaims he must think like karan but then thinks that Karan was actually stupid which is why he died but now he must think like Arjun who does everything after planning, he starts searching but suddenly hears someone coming so rushes to hide, Preeta enters the room when Arjun thinks she would have come here to refresh her makeup, he however sees that is trying to tie the ribbon of her clothes but is not able to do it, she even calls Shristhi to come and help her but she is stuck somewhere else so is not able to come. Arjun is constantly seeing her try her best and recalls the moment in his past life when he would help her, Preeta exclaims why is it such an impossible task, Arjun tries to tie the ribbon which stuns Preeta, she warns him but then he pulls her closer to him before trying the ribbon, Preeta however looks at him in anger before slapping Arjun, he suddenly realises he is still behind the bed, Arjun is shocked.


Arjun is in Rishab’s room with paper. Rishab takes the paper and asks him what are you doing in my room? Arjun asks him what paper is this? Rishab says this is birth certificate of Kavya. Kavya locks herself inside a safe. Preeta is looking for Rakhimaa. Kavya shouts for rescue. Preeta is trying to locate the voice.

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