Lahore Student Ends Life Over ‘Tough’ Examination Paper

In yet another terrible and heartbreaking occurrence, a student who was originally from Lahore took his own life. According to the authorities, the young guy was distraught about how he had performed in the test.

The student, who was 18 years old and lived in the Sundar neighbourhood of Lahore, is said to have committed himself at his residence in the region by hanging himself from a ceiling fan.
They claimed the child, whose name is unknown, was disheartened about his performance in the test when he discovered the paper was tough for him to complete. They said he was disheartened over his result since the paper was difficult for him to solve.
An investigation into the incident was opened up by the police.
This is not the first time that something like this has happened; only recently, an MBBS student in his last year at Nishtar Medical University claimed that he was purposefully failed during his viva exam. He then attempted suicide.
Soon after regaining consciousness at the Nishtar Hospital, the student who has been named only as Kashif Raza sent out a video message shortly after he was discharged from the facility.
The kid had slashed his blood veins in an effort to commit suicide after receiving poor grades on a paper, but he was spared when he was transported to the hospital immediately after the attempt.
In a separate incidence, a medical student of 18 years of age who was finding it difficult to clear her papers took her own life in Narowal. The police believe that the girl took her own life because she found it impossible to pass her exams.
Zainab, who was 18 years old and a first-year student studying pharmacy at the time of her death, is alleged to have committed herself in her residence, according to the police.

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