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We will meet in the ambulance with Raj as we head to the hospital. Meet reflects on her experience with Barfi and reassures Raj that he need not be concerned about anything happening to him.
Isha and Deep are paired up here. The automobile has come to a stop. Isha, I am confused as to why you are stopping at this location. As soon as Deep and Isha leave the building, Deep says to Isha, “I told you our project is very confidential, thus the team has chosen to meet here first and then at the airport.” Isha responds that’s OK, but she wants to know why she can’t see other people. You started acting like my wufe very soon, and you were attempting to spy on me, so let me tell you that I have never seen anyone else than you, Deep said not to worry about them coming because they will arrive. Isha has instructed me to inform you that it is the role of a wife to cast suspicion on her husband; therefore, you should become accustomed to the idea. I’m going to miss seeing you, says Deep. Isha has said that she will miss you even more. Deep responds, “I know how I’m going to spend my time during these next three months without you.” Isha hands her some letters and tells her that there is one letter for each day of the year and that she should use the pen that she has been given to respond to my letter so that she can show them to Isha when she returns. Deep hugs her. Isha give him kiss. Isha loses her composure and decides to leave. Deep thought to himself, “I’ll give you a major surprise somewhere in the future, in a few hours we will meet again I just need to contact Meet Ahlawat.”

When Kunal saw the stack of documents, he asked Manushi, “You promised me there would be no paperwork involved in adopting a baby. Then what is this?” According to Manushi, these papers are not for adoption; rather, they are power of attorney forms that state that on Manjaris’s behalf, I am able to take over all of her financial decisions, and she will name me as the beneficiary of any assets that I manage for her. Kunal promises that you will be able to withdraw all of your cash. Correct, according to Manushi, today at 4 o’clock Manjari will be able to keep her baby, but I will have complete authority over all of her wealth. Kunal get’s aroused.

Meet Ahlawat receives a call from Deep, who inquires about your whereabouts. Deep adds, “Now tell me how Isha will get to you because I’m already on my way to Kasoli from the highway.” After telling Meet Ahlawat, “Don’t worry; I’ll handle her,” Meet Ahlawat then left the room.

Isha, who is driving, looks at the package of ladoo and says, “For the first time I cooked ladoo for him, and he left them here; I have to give him before he departs.”
Concerned about Raj, Meet inquires as to what has become of him. According to the doctor, he is in severe condition; thus, we need to go there as soon as possible and ask the driver to drive as quickly as possible.

Isha explains that she will call Deep and tell him that she would be coming to offer her ladoo, but when she searches for her phone, she realises that it is in the back seat of the car, so she grabs her handbag instead. Because he was very busy preparing some surprises for Isha, he asked that all of the presents be kept in room number 104 of the Castle Resort.

Isha fumbling around in her purse in an attempt to retrieve her phone. She accidentally breaks her phone. Deep strolling on street he. Isha drives her car into Deep, causing him injury. The rock comes in contact with Deep’s head. Isha is in disbelief and she is crying. A large amount of blood on the floor. Isha did not turn around as she drove away and fled the scene.

Meet Ahlawat while he is driving and he says, “Isha would have reached home; let’s call her.” He grabs his phone and sees that Manjaris has missed a call; he thinks that she may have considered telling me the truth; therefore, she must have called; however, just as he is about to call her, he receives a call from Isha. Isha cries on phone and tells him that she has hit someone, that she doesn’t know what to do, and that she hopes she hasn’t killed anyone. Calm down, Meet Ahlawat promises to look into it; in the meantime, take your anti-anxiety medication, park your car, get a cab, and make an appointment with your therapist. Isha expresses her concern by saying, “I hope I didn’t hit someone.” Meet Ahlawat tells you to calm down and that he is travelling the same path as you and that he will see you.

According to Ahlawat, who has reached the spot, Isha did in fact hit someone. Talk to Ahlawat and ask everyone else to move so you can observe Deep lying on the floor covered in blood. Please meet Ahlawat, and ask the people around you to call an ambulance. Deep says did Isha know. Meet Ahlawat claims that she was unaware of the situation. Deep says don’t tell her. Meet Ahlawat assures you that you have nothing to worry about and that she will accompany you to the hospital.
Attend a meeting with Raj at the hospital. Deep will run into Ahlawat while they are both in the hospital.
Ram, Tej Babita and Ragini in hospital. The doctor just came out of the room and said that Raj had his third heart attack and that he is currently in serious condition. After a third attack, it is quite difficult to save a person’s life. According to Manjari, you should make an effort to give him advanced care. The patient’s doctor has stated that they are making every effort to save him or her, but at this point, the only option available is a heart transplant. Babita explains that this indicates you will plant another person’s heart. If you are able to arrange a heart for him after four hours, however, there is a possibility that he may be in danger. The doctor explains that this is only true if we are able to transplant his heart within four hours. Manjari requests that the operation, which must be performed since you have a living heart. The good news is that we have a donor for Raj, and we have the go-ahead from the donor’s heart, the doctor reports to the Ahlawat family when he receives the call. Babita tells you to hurry up and asks you to help Raj. Why are you waiting? The doctor receives a call in which he is informed that Ahlawat’s heart is in Ambala hospital in Haryana, but that everyone in that facility is on strike. Despite this, we are attempting to locate a solution. The nurse just came out of the room and asked everyone to please come. The patient’s condition is getting worse. Ragini is told by Babita that he is serious, that he has helped a lot of people, but that when today Raj needs help, nobody is there to aid him. Ragini is told that her Raj needs help, and that she should pray to god about it since he needs a heart in four hours.


The PreCap Ram questioned the doctor, “Did you get your heart?” The doctor estimates that we have only 55 minutes left, and if she is not present within that time, the issue will no longer be in our control.
Attend the meeting and take the ambulance in order to bring Raj his heart from Haryana.

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