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Attend the hospital with Ahlawat and share your concerns regarding Deep. The doctor tells him that although your patient’s condition is critical due to heavy bleeding, we would nevertheless do everything in our power to save him. Deep is operation room. When Meet Ahlawat, who is standing outside, observes him, he is brought back to the joyful times he spent with Deep. Isha calls Ahlawat, who is in the middle of meeting Meet.
Isha asked Meet Ahlawat whether she had hit someone with her car. She explained that she had been attempting to pull her phone out of her handbag so that she could call Deep when someone suddenly came in front of her car, and she could still hear the sound of her car hitting someone. Deep was the person you reportedly hit with your car, according to Meet Ahlawat. Isha misplaces her phone after being startled. You will now meet Ahlawat, who is attempting to calm her down. Isha uses a paper cutter to cut herself on the wrist. A female witness claims that it was a suicide. Ahlawat realises that he was merely imagining things when he meets Meet. Isha inquired of him, “Tell me who did I hit.” Meet Ahlawat told me that your automobile had hit a boy, but not to worry since he is alright. The doctor told me that he will be fine in some time, and his name is Manish. You can go see him without any concerns. Isha responds, “Thank God! Tell them I’ll be at the hospital.” Meet Ahlawat adds, “I’ll talk to you later physicians are calling me,” before hanging up the phone and turning off the switch. When Meet Ahlawat sees her sister, she thinks, “Don’t worry; I won’t let you face any harm; I’ll shield you from anything.” Meet Ahlawat looks at Deep and says, “Because of you, I have to lie now get up she is asking questions.” Deep nods her head.

Tej tells Babita that the phone number for Meet Ahlawat has been disconnected. Ragini ask Babita to drink water. Ragini tells Tej that we have no choice but to inform him about Raj’s illness. Babita pray to God. Babita hears Ram tell her, “Don’t worry; I’ll try something.” Babita asks, “Didn’t you hear what the doctor said about how every second counts? Please assist my Raj.” Tej has told me to travel to Ambala and make some kind of arrangement there. Babita is asked to sign a consent document for the heart transplant by the doctor. Ram ask did you get heart. Manjari was successful in persuading the doctor to perform the operation, but due to a strike at Ambala hospital, they are unable to arrange for an ambulance to be brought there. As a result, we have sent an ambulance and a team of doctors there; Manjari herself accompanied them. It is possible that they have already arrived, but if they have, we need to move quickly because we only have 1 hour and 20 minutes to begin trying to save him, and by that time, his heart Babita adds that Manjari reminded her once more of Meet today and that we will not be able to pay her back. She says that she prays to god for Manjari’s happiness.
Manjari is hunting for phool singh, the driver. Phool Singh walks up to Manjari and says, “We have a problem. The people who are demonstrating in Haryana have threatened me, telling me that I either go on strike or else they will trouble my family.” I am truly sorry, but I cannot drive an ambulance and break with the union at the same time. The doctor says what nonsense are you talking about. Manjari tells them to do anything they want because as long as they give her the keys to the ambulance, she will drive it. Few people urge Meet to get down and take key’s says we are from union and can’t you see we are protesting nobody can take ambulance because this goes against our union. Meet is asked to get down and take key’s says we are from union.

Babita reports that they have arrived in Ambala. However, due to the strike, they are unable to bring the ambulance back. The doctor says. Ram ask Tej to leave. Tej says that if I leave right now, there is no way that I will be able to return from Ambala. We only have 1 hour and 10 minutes left; let’s coordinate our efforts with Manjari, who is already there.

Gather everyone together and let them know how serious the situation is at the hospital. The man claims that the keys will not be given to you.
Ram and Tej are currently on the scene attempting to resolve the issue. Meet takes the man’s keys and says, “I’m also from Haryana, and I’ll see who will try to stop me.” She sits in the ambulance and puts the timer on, telling the driver that they have 55 minutes to make it there, and then they drive off.

If they don’t make it in the next 55 minutes, the matter will be out of our control and we won’t be able to do anything about it. The doctor should inform everyone that they have left the Ambala hospital.

Phool Singh tells Meet that if we keep going at this pace, we would get to the hospital in Chandigarh before three. Meet glances at time and says just retain strength.

The doctor asked Raj’s sister to administer an injection to him since his heart rate was decreasing. The physician warns that if he suffers another stroke similar to this one, then it is possible that we will not be able to save his life.
Talk to Ahlawat while Deep is there. Deep stares at him. Meet Ahlawat says, “I cannot leave you; you are intending to leave me alone from childhood, when we accomplished everything together.” Deep has told me that you were a friend of mine when we were younger, and he asks that you please look out for my mother and for him. It is okay, according to Meet Ahlawat; we will take care of everything. Meet Ahlawat says wear mask. Deep says no, I only have this much time, listen to me I don’t have time, promise me that you won’t tell Isha that she is the reason for my accident. I only have this much time. Meet Ahlawat ask Deep to wear mask. Deep’s condition got worst. Please see Ahlawat and call the doctor. The doctor advised him to go out even though his condition was deteriorating.

Tej, Ram, Ragini and Babita appeal to God. Find the person driving the ambulance. Tej should inquire the nurse about Raj’s current status. According to the nurse, we are making an effort, but his condition is deteriorating, and the ambulance is on its way, so let’s hope for the best. Babita prayed to God for Raj’s safety.
When she sees the ambulance driver, she pulls over. Phool Singh responds with “I’ll check,” then gets out of the vehicle and adds, “We’ve got a flat tyre.” The question now is how I will get there on time.

Meet tells Babita that the baby she just gave birth to is still alive, and she asks for Babita’s blessings so that she can reunite junior Ahlawat with the rest of the family. Babita says nobody can stop you today.
Both Popat and Meet travel on foot to Manushi. Manjri instructs Manushi to hand over the infant to us. Kunal brings a stroller

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