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At the location of the construction, Popat and Meet can be found. According to Meet, this is the correct site. Workers caution them to use caution. Meet and Popat proceed to the upper floor. Popat inquired as to which specific floor she had requested to be sent to. The meet is on the fifth floor. Popat showed her a video of herself repairing a flat tyre on an ambulance and therefore preventing the loss of a life. It is imperative that Manushi and Kunal not see this video before I give birth to my child. Please pray about it. Meet meet Manushi.
Attending the funeral ritual of Deep alongside Barfi will be Ahlawat. Pandit should request that his father or brother set fire to the body. Barfi claims that he was alone himself and that he has also disappeared. Meet Ahlawat says that although I am unable to replace Deep, I can guarantee that I will look after you for the rest of my life. Introduce yourself to Ahlawat and wake him awake.

Manjari walks to Manushi. Please ask Manushi who called about the infant, Popat. According to Manushi, Kunal and I came here to look at the apartment, and we thought it would be a good idea to have our meeting with Manjari here. Manjari says you are fine now give us kid Popat can’t wait to meet the baby. Manushi responds, “Sure, but first I need your signature on these documents.” She asks, “What if I give you a baby and you say no for marriage then what I’ll do?” Because of this, the two of them decide that they have no choice but to go through with the marriage. Because Manjari has told me that we have to do business together for a long time and because you are my best buddy, I will sign if you just just tell me where to sign it. Manushi says I’ll check it once and then tells me here. Manushi receives a text message, and a video begins playing on her phone about how she rescued Raj. Manushi reaches for her phone as she speaks. Manjari drop water on her. She gets yelled at by Manushi. Manjari apologises and says she was unaware the bottle was already open. Popat asked her to give birth to the child. Manjari requests that you please give her something to eat because she hasn’t consumed anything since the morning due to the baby. Manushi called Kunal and asked him to bring the kid. Kunal and his stroller were heading in their direction. Manjari will now begin to walk towards the infant.

Have a talk with Ahlawat about carrying out the ceremony. Barfi pauses and says, “Wait, I have some parting words to say to my kid.” The individual will be punished for your condition, according to Barfi, and I assure you that I will not leave him. His family will ask to meet him, and I will curse him. Meet Ahlawat the Beg, who asks that you refrain from cursing because Isha made a mistake.
When she meets her kid in the stroller, she immediately begins strolling toward her child. Manushi approaches Kunal and removes the blanket from the infant before telling him that per the agreement, he is now the legal guardian of the child. Meet extends her hand toward the infant, but all she hears is her own name, MEET. Anubha was walking in their direction.

Barfi ask Meet Ahlawat what did you say, speak again. Meet Ahlawat and have her explain to her everything about the situation while telling her that Deep had left the ladoo created by in the car. Barfi slaps him.

Anubha approaches her and tells her, “You are my Meet.” I am familiar with her and give her a hug. Please tell her that you are Meet and that I have been looking for her. Meet is convinced that it is in fact her. Manushi asks incredulously what you are talking about; she is a lookalike for Manjari. You should be quiet, Anubha, because you have no idea that I’m your mother. Manushi says she is Manjari. After watching this movie, I went to the hospital, and then I searched you down until I found you here because I know you are my Meet, Anubha says as she shows you her film, “Now you will know who she is.” When Manushi saw the video, she told Kunal that she was going to meet him. Kunal immediately began to flee with the infant. Manushi also run away. Try to catch up with them. Anubha should make an effort to get her. Anubha, according to Popat, should be allowed to continue because the woman is attempting to save your grandchild. Incredulous, Anubha asks, “What are you saying? Allow me to go speak to her.” Popat urges everyone to accompany him while he explains everything.

Barfi Devi holding You were trying to save your sister, but she stole my son instead. I was right, she is a horrible omen; she was the one who killed my son by her own hands. Meet Ahlawat says you were playing with me. You were trying to save your sister, but she kidnapped my son. The tears of Barfi.

Fight it out with the baddies. Manushi and Kunal are attempting to flee the area with the infant. Kunal adds that we are unable to run fast because this stroller and this way will allow your sister to catch us. He suggests that we leave this baby here and go. Manushi suggests that we flee with the baby in order to trick Meet into believing that the baby is hiding inside, at which point we will have enough time to escape. Confront one another while standing in front of them.
Barfi claims that your sister is guilty of committing a crime since she caused the death of your kid, and that she is the reason I won’t leave your sister alone. Meet Ahlawat beg says please don’t tell Isha she doesn’t know anything she will get a panic attack and she will die, let this be between us, if you want to punish, punish me don’t say anything to my sister, even Deep also told me before he died, I’ll do whatever you want. Meet Ahlawat beg says please don’t tell Isha she doesn’t know anything she will get a panic attack and she will die.

Catch up with them by running. Kunal warns you not to come forward or I will toss your child from this location. Listen to what I have to say, and please refrain from doing it. Kunal should be hit with sand by Meet. The stroller was kicked by Kunal. At the edge of the building is a stroller.


Manushi and Meet are seen on the ground, struggling for control of the baby. Manushi says there’s no way you can win against me. Manushi is about to be run over by a road roller when she gets caught in a pit. Manushi is heard yelling for assistance. To save her, you must first stop the road roller.

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