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Meet should question Meet Ahlawat about the woman who is standing behind them dressed as a bride and demand to know who she is. According to Meet Ahlawat, she is my wife. Meet each other in disbelief and question how that is even conceivable, “I’m your wife! How can you marry again? You are mine! You are upset on me, which is why you are speaking a lie, and she broke the garland.” Barfi Devi reprimands you, saying “gow dare you talk to my son in law in this manner.”
Babita, I want to know how your son-in-law, who is my son, is doing. Is this your son-in-law? Meet Ahlawat has stated that she is both her daughter and my wife, and that we recently got married. Babita slaps Meet Ahlawat says, “What nonsense are you talking? How can you do this without talking to me? Your dad underwent a heart transplant, and he is still unconscious; we lost our baby, and you got married again; why?” Ragini tells you that you can’t do what you want since you know that she is not Manjari but Meet. Tej asks, “Why didn’t you think about meeting up with someone?” Ram asks if you haven’t considered anyone else in this house and urges you to speak out. Babita says, “I know my son, he is unable to accomplish this,” and she asks, “Tell me the reason behind this.” Meet Ahlawat reflects on the commitment that she made to Barfi Devi. Babita wailing and demanding to know the answers. Everyone is looking for explanations. Meet Ahlawat replies why should I answer, did others give answers for their actions, no, she is my wife, I brought her to my house, and I do not feel obligated to answer anyone, is that clear? Meet says no, it’s not clear, tell me where you met her, when you wanted to marry Manjari, where she was, or you were in love with two girls at the same time, when did you decide to marry her, I was waiting for one year for the perfect time to give you baby and all the happiness, but you decided to give me pain for the rest of my life, give me answers. I was waiting for the perfect time to give you baby and all the happiness, but you decided to give me pain for the Meet Ahlawat says I’ll answer, but I also asked you so many times from the last few days why you came here back, why did you leave me, did you answer my questions, no you just made fun of my emotions and feelings, you left me alone and when you came back you didn’t answer any of my question am I not entitled to know answers or you thought he is not capable enough to be a father and husband that’s why you handled everything by your own, am I not capable enough of being a
According to Popat Claps, you are behaving as though you are the one experiencing all of the misery, and as a result, you have forgotten. She was looking for her baby for one year not only for you but for everyone, it was easy for her to cry on your shoulder but she decided to bring the happiness back but how would you feel her pain? How devastated she was, she came back to you all but still was unable to call you he. You know how much I loved our baby, but you took my child and God took me away from you. Meet Ahlawat says that she saw my pain as well, but she did what she did anyway. I asked you why you came back as Manjari in this house; at least you could have given me a hint. Our baby could have been with us, but now there is nothing left. There is a proverb that says, “Man gets the punishment for his actions in this birth.” You know how much I loved our baby Barfi Devi says, “I believe you have your answers so it’s time for rituals. You all know how Deep and Isha got married but I still accepted her. I hope you all will do the same for my daughter with all of the love and custom because your son married to my daughter.” Barfi Devi says, “You all know how Deep and Isha got married but I still accepted her.” Babita has stated that she does not accept this marriage, and as a result, there will be no ceremonial. Barfi tells Ahlawat that her rituals are her duty and that he believes she will be accepted if all of the customs are followed. Meet Ahlawat asks Ragini will you do it. Ragini has expressed her disapproval, and no other member of this family would comply. The ritual will take place regardless of whether or not anyone wishes to take part in it, according to Meet Ahlawat.



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