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Meet [18th July 2022] Written Update on

Meet Ahlawat begins the episode by imbibing in alcoholic beverages. He is reminded of Manjiri’s stern words. Manjiri enters the room and reveals to Raj that she was compelled to come here because Raj had ordered her to bring him to his room. After getting up, Ahlawat meets with his friend and takes some shaving cream. He has no idea why he dropped it, but it ended up close to Manjiri. He remembers how Meet accidentally pressed the bottle with her feet, and as a result, Meet Ahlawat fell down the stairs. Manjiri is about to step on it, but Meet Ahlawat stops her in time to save her from falling. Even he is affected by the alcohol, and the two of them end up holding onto each other. He yanks her closer to him just as she is about to walk away from him. He moves in close to her and asks her why she is messing with his feelings. He is able to tell that she is Meet simply by smelling, touching, and being around her. He insists that she must confess that her name is Meet.
Manjiri remembers Babita’s words, which stated that she needed to understand things from his point of view as well. She closes her eyes, and there, as seen on the hidden camera Both Manushi and Kunal are acutely aware of Manjiri’s every movement. Manjiri confirms that she is in fact Meet. Meet Ahlawat is taken aback by it, and as a result, he retreats. Additionally, Manushi reveals to Kunal that she was aware that Manjiri is Meet. When Manushi’s camera falls off of Manjiri’s shoulder, she is unable to see anything. She claims that her mission is complete, thus at this point she has no interest in learning anything new. Manjiri tells Meet Ahlawat that if her one lie can change him as a person, then she will continue to lie to him about being his wife as long as it is possible. She argues that he should stop hating women and the success they achieve. It is important for him to regain his mother’s respect. Meet Ahlawat has expressed that he still finds it hard to believe that she is not Meet. He reclines on the couch while Manjiri provides him with support. He holds her hand and her one bangle is broken.
Kunal receives a celebratory pastry from Manushi as Manushi and Kunal celebrate their victory. Kunal takes pleasure in the taste of it. He suggests that they could tell Masoom the truth about Manjiri being Meet, which is that she is. Manushi argues that they can’t put themselves in danger by doing that because Masoom is a poor player for them. Manushi claims that she is prepared with her next move, which means that Kunal does not need to be concerned about Meet Hooda. Hoshiyar presents Masoom with a present and instructs her to take it out of the wrapping. Popatrani is certain that it is either a saree or a dress. The saree isn’t to Masoom’s taste, and she thinks it looks cheesy and tacky. Hosiyar acknowledges that he does not have a lot of knowledge about sarees, but he promises that from now on, he will bring better presents. She reprimands Hosiyar for that.
Popatrani gives Hosiyar instructions to keep control of Masoom, and Hosiyar responds by stating that Masoom is very angry and clever, and that no one can scare her. Popatrani accepts the bet that she can terrify Masoom. Hoshiyar has promised that he will hand over ten thousand rupees to her in exchange for the victory, and vice versa. Manjiri discovers that Ragini is missing some of her bangles. Babita claims that those were her favourite set of bangles. Ragini has stated that she intends to create new ones. She makes it appear as though she did not give those to Barfi. Manjiri departs to attend to some work. Isha is greeted by Barfi, who has arrived. Ragini and Babita have indicated that they are in the process of compiling guest lists for the upcoming wedding and have reserved a five star resort for the event. When Isha visits Barfi, the latter instructs her to touch her feet by bending down in the appropriate manner.
Isha is instructed by Barfi to stand on the weight machine so that she can monitor her own weight gain. Isha is confused, but Ragini insists that she carry out the instruction. Barfi claims that she is checking to see whether or not Isha consumes laddoos on a daily basis. Manjiri is kept waiting as Popatrani informs her that she has accepted the challenge to terrify Masoom and needs her assistance. Manjiri becomes ecstatic after receiving a video call from Manushi. Manushi has stated that she plans to debut Manjiri in her upcoming music video. Because Manjiri left such an impression on her, she is eager to speak with her once more. Manjiri is getting ready to see her once more. Manushi is under the impression that she is aware of Manjiri’s truth, and as a result, she intends to reveal Meet to the group.

[Episode End]

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