Meet [1st December 2022] Written Update

Meet 1st December 2022 Written Update On

Meet [1st December 2022] Written Update

Meet everyone says that you play a lot with us, our feelings and happiness, I promise that I will not fulfill my destiny, but for this I need your help. Raj says tell me what you want, we are with you. Mit says we have to lure him out so he can tell us the name of the poison. He says, get to know Ahlavat, I believe you, you will find a solution. Ahlavat’s vision blurs and he falls into a chair. Everyone is worried. Ask what it is, why are you looking at it so strangely? Meet Ahlavat, she says I can’t see. Babita and Ragini try to help him.

Meet, says, open your eyes slowly. Meet Ahlavat says that I’m scared and can’t see anything. Babita says don’t worry, sometimes it’s stressful and asks Sunaina to bring some cold water. Wash eyes with cold water. Meet and ask him to open his eyes. Meet Ahlavat, he says that I don’t see anything. Babita says the poison has reacted in her system. Meet, we need to immediately ambush Neelam so that we know the name of the poison. Meet Ahlavat, he says we will stay true to our character, now is the time to fight.

Neelam meditates. Meet, enters her room and takes her back. Neelam asks what she is doing. Meat says that the ward of the psychiatric hospital will be arriving shortly to begin your treatment shortly. Neelam says why all of a sudden. Meet, says that we have a cure for poison, it will heal soon. Neelam says how is that possible when I last heard that he lost his sight.

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Meet the doctor gave her the antidote last night and it works great, her vision is back and even her body parts are improving, she can recover from the rest, I need to spend time with me and she leaves. Neelam says she is lying, don’t believe her until you see Meet Ahlavat.

Neelam listens to Raj’s speech outside the door. Raj throws a party in honor of meeting Ahlawat. Babita says our child needs rest. Raj says that he is resting and everything will be fine until tomorrow. Yishani approaches them and informs them that the visa and tickets are issued for Switzerland. Babita is shocked. Ragini says it’s an anniversary gift from outside. Ram joins them, even Layla says it’s good for us to deal with the manu situation. Hoshiyar says don’t worry about him, I’m talking to a guy who already has pesticides, they’ll clean our house as soon as he’s out the door.

Neelam heard all that I won’t trust her until I see her. Innokenty asks everyone to have breakfast. You can start your breakfast by walking near Sunaina. Meet and get to know Ahlavat, it will take time. Neelam enters the house and hides behind the curtains. Babita says I will go and get them. When Sunaina said that they were busy with each other, I left. Neelam goes upstairs to see them. Neelam says the doctor can’t find an antidote for my poison.

She sees them dancing and having a romantic time together. See how he stands outside and looks at them. Neelam worries how she can recover, soon they will make me hurt her, don’t worry, I will do the same and now she will be begging for her life.

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Neelam screams that he will soon die and Mit will wear white clothes, breaking the mirror in his room. Meet, tells everyone that we have passed the first level, now it’s time to move on to the next level, says meet Ahlavat, it all depends on you, you have to piss her off so that she gets the needle so that we can all catch her and we can. take the antidote.

Neelam gets angry and says that I should find out if they are playing with me or if she will get better soon.

Innokenty asks Meet what to do. Meat says that she should see how she does everything when she has good eyesight. Babita asks how she manages to do everything. Get acquainted, says that I know, but she must. Raj says it’s difficult. Meet: I know it’s risky, but this is about her life, and we have no choice, I believe that she can handle it. Raj says if he is ready then we are ready and asks him if you can do it. He says: “See you later, trust me, then I will do it and show everyone.”

Meet and get acquainted with Ahlavat. Help him remember the counted steps as he prepares for his next plan. Get to know Ahlawat, you will stumble upon him. Acquaintance says that we will deal with this later, but for now we will move on to the dining table and sofa. She helps him find everything. Meet’s says listen to me carefully, I will tell you who will sit where and I will remember where they are, tells everyone where they are and helps him remember his place.

Meet 1st November 2022 Written Episode:

Meet Ahlavat tells them everything exactly. Ishani tells Acquaintance: I think she is tired, let her rest, otherwise she will not be able to perform. Meet and ask him to rest. Meet Ahlavat, he says that you have done everything to get the name of the antidote, what if I fail in front of Neelam. Acquaintance says that I trust us and poses.

Babita and Raj in the garden. Babita says that everything will be fine with our son until the wedding anniversary, he will dance. She gets emotional and says that I forgot to tell you something. Meet Ahlavat said that she would have breakfast with us. Raj says that’s great news, let’s go have breakfast. Neelam hears everything that says I need to see the truth.

Neelam comes in and sees everyone sitting together, hears them arguing about the party. Ram asks where they are. The meeting goes down. Neelam saw him descend. Ragini asks her where she is. Meet Ahlavat. Meet, she is busy with makeup, she takes more time than me, she sees Neelam looking at them in the house. Ahlavat Meet on the stairs, she says it’s self-care. Meet, be strong, I know you can, you have been living here since childhood.

Everyone celebrates their wedding anniversary. Meet: I am sure that Neelam will come here in disguise.
When he sees a man disguised as a worker with his face covered, he gives the signal to Khoshyar and Ram to catch him. Get acquainted, says that the time is up, give me an injection of poison. Get Duppatu away from you.

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