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The Episode Start With:

Meet goes to see Anubha in the hospital and tells her, “I have waited the whole year to see you, to talk to you, to tell you that I am fine but now when I have chance, I can’t talk to you, and now I need you, I am tired I can’t handle things anymore, I am so lonely I want to talk to you and I swear I didn’t do anything wrong but everyone os blaming me for hiding truth, but I had to because of Mas

Barfi asks Nilu to take Raj’s blessings and introduce herself to him when she sees him, and Ahlawat and Barfi go to the hospital together to meet Raj. Barfi and Ahlawat meet Ahlawat and Nilu there. They decided to depart. Meet watches them walk in Raj’s room.
Meet Ahlawat interrupts Nilu as she is ready to receive Raj’s blessings and asks, “Have you lost it? Didn’t you ever think of Papaji?” Nilu is about to receive Raj’s blessings when Meet stops them. Barfi believes that Raj need to be informed of the reality regarding the identity of his upcoming daughter-in-law. Meet says, “Look at Papaji; I beg you not to do something that would harm his health; I won’t let anyone toy with his life,” and adds that she won’t allow anyone to mess with Papaji’s life; the doctor stated he needs three more days to recover, so you should do it later. Meet Ahlawat believes that Meet is correct, and that we shall do this task at a later time. Barfi gives his approval, but stipulates that Meet must vacate the Ahlawat mansion after three days. Meet replies, “I want to see who departs after three days: me or your daughter and you; but for now, leave; Papaji needs rest.”

Isha asks Ragini how she will be able to inform Deep that Meet Ahlawat married his sister Nilam. Ragini reassures Isha that she will be able to handle the situation. Ragini says Isha. Meet Ahlawat and Nilam are there waiting for Barfi when they enter. Barfi recalls that Isha had made contact with Deep. Isha accepts Barfi’s blessings, and Barfi says to her, “Happiness and sorrow arrive anytime since you don’t know when happiness may convert to grief. So don’t ask questions and welcome your new bhabhi and take her to your brother’s room; it’s time for them to start a new life.”
Isha apologises for the interruption but explains that the room in question belongs to Meet and she is unable to proceed. Barfi advises you not to stress because he predicts that if you do, you will pass out again and your brother will be the one who passes out. Nilam is brought up to Barfi’s chamber after Barfi requests that Meet Ahlawat bring her there. When Sunaina is asked to meet Ahlawat, she emphatically declines.

Nilam will be staying in my room as of today forward, so Meet Ahlawat summons their servant Shankar and asks him to show her the room. She also tells Shankar that Nilam will be staying there from now on. Meet Ahlawat hears from Barfi that “I know you love your sister a lot and that this sindoor she is wearing is because of you,” and that “I can expect you to take your wife to your chamber.” Barfi explains that “I know you love your sister a lot and that this sindoor she is wearing is because of you.”


Meet Ahlawat is accompanied by Nilam as they make their way to his chamber.


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