Meet [20th July 2022] Written Update

Meet [20th July 2022] Written Update on

The first thing that happens in the episode is Duggu stumbling and falling onto the fan. He is killed by the electric shock. Masoom yells for the electrician to be called. It was revealed that Meet was the person wearing the red dress who cut the electricity from the main board, which ultimately saved his life. As a result of seeing Duggu take breaths and realise he is safe, Masoom and the others experience a sense of relief. Everyone believes that Santosh was the one who saved Duggu, and they praise him for it. When Manushi saw Manjari, she greeted her and said, “Glad to see you’re doing well.” She tells her friend that she is her number one fan and best friend when she gives her the badge. Manushi requests that she think of her as a sister in the relationship. Manjiri gives a cheerful smile before escaping the area to hide the frustration that she is feeling.

While at the Shiv Ji temple, Meet performs the Tandav ritual, during which she recalls everything that has happened to her in the past. Meet Ahlawat wakes up in a state of disbelief as he recalls a video in which Meet asked him to forget about her. Meet Hoodah is admonished by Popat Rani to desist from self-flagellation and reveal to Meet Ahlawat that they are, in fact, Meet Hoodah. Why you’re not disclosing it to him despite the fact that you love each other and that nothing or nobody can bring you apart.

Meet Ahlawat shatters the glass and says, “I hate you and I can’t believe you dared to come into my dreams.”

Meet claims that she is unable to reveal her true identity to him. According to Popat Rani, the truth would have been revealed if you had shown Masum’s video to Meet Ahlawat, and if you had shown the video to the police, Manushi would have been arrested. Meet asserts that in order to advance toward her objective, she must learn to rein in her rage. Today, I tricked Manushi and the others into thinking that I am not Meet by deleting the video in front of them.

Meet Ahlawat claims that he will discover the truth about why you came back into this house while posing as Manjari. Meet insists that I must carry on with this charade until I discover the whereabouts of my child. After emerging from the blaze, it took me a few months to fully transform into a Manjari. Popat Rani claims that you had the ability to flee from that room if you so desired; but, you chose not to flee and instead embraced death. Meet claims that she is aware that they are monitoring her if I am Manjari or Meet, which is why I was required to stay. Popat adds that she understands, but she is unable to comprehend the reason behind today’s rescue of Manushi’s child.

Meet points out that if I hadn’t, she and I would have been in the same position; what would have been the difference? I understand the anguish that parents feel when they have to say goodbye to their child, and I don’t know how I could subject anyone else, not even Manushi, to that anguish. The child was completely inactive and did nothing. According to Popat Rani, she is there with her. Meet makes an oath in front of God that she will continue to hide her identity as Manjari until she learns the truth about her kid. She then hands Aarthi over to Shiv. She begs the god to give her the strength to continue.

Meet Ahlawat notices the broken bangles and immediately recalls the events of the previous evening. He is under the impression that Manjari has not left the house. Isha prepares for her Sangeet by practising with her family. It is recorded by Tej. Manjari joins them as Ahlawat, who is standing on the stairs, looks on. Because he sees marks on Manjari’s hand, he assumes that she was hurt sometime during the previous night. Manjiri encourages them to perform well so that she can attract a larger student body.

Isha invites Meet Ahlawat to come along, letting him know that Manjari is demonstrating some good steps. Meet Ahlawat is thankful that nothing traumatic occurred the night before because, otherwise, she might have to leave the house. He leaves, saying that he has work to do, after asking them to continue. Once they have arrived at their destination, Meet Hoodah believes that she will be able to relieve the suffering of Meet Ahlawat.

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