Meet [21st November 2022] Written Update

Meet 21st November 2022 Written Update On

Meet 21st November 2022 Written Update

In Meet, Laila leaves the hospital in the car with she Ahlawat. Ishani and Meet following them. After you see the car there, ask it to speed up. Leyla sees the car and asks the driver to drive fast. Meet the shouts to stop the car.Everyone prays in Ahlawat mansion.

Laila asks the driver to drop them off and reach the airport as soon as possible. Driver stop the car. Leyla sees the poster there. Ishani and Meet arrive at the checkpoint. He says there is a meet car, let’s go out and catch them, he sees the poster everywhere. She says if I go out the police will stop us and she will run away. Laila says she will recognize Meet Ahlawat if the police check our car. She tells Ishani that they will check his car and we will go out to catch them. The police ask the driver to pull the car forward. Leyla wears duppata on her face.

The police walk towards them. Leyla covers her face with a bandage. Inspector asks him to show his face. Ishani asks did they not see Meet Ahlawat inside, what are they talking about with him.
Laila tells the Inspector that she had a terrible accident after multiple surgeries and is able to be discharged, please pray for her. Inspector says let them go and they start to move forward. She says how is it possible that Ahlawat isn’t in the car. Ishani says stop it, don’t get emotional, everywhere is your poster and if they know you we can’t catch them, let’s pass it on to them, we will, we still have time to think about how we can escape from them.

Meet Today’s Episode Online:

Meet the wear spots and duppata. The police stop the car there. The officer asks them to show their face. Ishani is afraid and thinks what we will do now is impossible for us.

Babita says pray to god please bring my son back safely to me.

Inspector walks up to the police officer and says you can check the other car, let me do that. He greets Meet, says do you remember me, we were together in police training, says I know you can’t kidnap your husband, now go quickly.

Leyla sees the airport sign and asks the driver to turn left. Meet Ishani on the way. Ishani says both the road goes to the airport, one is 8 km long, the main road and the short road on the left but it’s not good, I don’t know where they cried. Meet says I know Neelam won’t take the straight road, you have to go left. Ishani, turn left.
The driver loses control. Leyla shouts what happened. The driver says we have the wrong tire. Leyla says fix it quickly or I will kill you. Leyla sees the car and shouts to hurry up. The driver sees the car there and runs away. Meet and Ishani walk towards the car. See him inside and try to open the door. It controls every door but it’s locked from the inside. He brings a scale and tries to unlock the car. Ishani is looking for Leyla. Leyla walks towards him from behind and hits him in the face. The business falls. Meet while trying to unlock the car. Leyla walks towards him.

Meet Latest New Full Episode:

See him in the rearview mirror. She tries to hit him, but she stops him. Leyla bites his hand and starts hurting him. Meet slammed her hand against the car multiple times due to her behavior. Leyla starts bleeding, laughs and says I am playing games with you because I love Meet Ahlawat and I get whatever I want, I promised myself to celebrate diwali with Meet Ahlawat but you ruined everything, today is diwali, burn and burn diya ritual crackers now see how I will celebrate diwali with She opening the front hood of the car and covering the engine of his car with crackers. Leyla says if it’s not mine, it can’t be anyone else’s, and sets them on fire. She is afraid he’s trying to keep them from burning. Layla hit her head with a stick. She tied him with a rope.

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