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The Episode Start With:

Neelu and you should go meet Ahlawat in his room. They both see Meet in the room where they are unloading. Talk to Ahlawat and tell him what your purpose is for being here. Meet continues, “Can’t you see that I’m here setting my stuff up in my room? For so many days I was in the guest room, but now it feel like my own, it’s my room.” Meet then says to Neelu, “This is our room. We are 50% partners, which means there is no room here for a third person.” Neelu, inquire then as to where I will travel. Meet suggests that you leave from this location. Meet Ahlawat says that we are going to move into the guest room and reside there. The answer from Meet is that you are correct. Meet Ahlawat invites Neelu to accompany them on their journey. They depart, and as Meet shuts the door behind them, he thinks to himself, “I want to explain you, but you are not ready to listen how much anguish I’m feeling within.”
In the guest room, look for Ahlawat and Neelu. Meet Ahlawat says that you are welcome to make this place your home. Neelu inquires as to whether or not it is possible for her to open this window. The answer is affirmative, and if you have any questions or concerns, Shankar is here to assist you.

The person you are meeting, Ahlawat, exits the room. Isha outside ask him Meet Ahlawat, I don’t understand why you married my sister-in-law. You and Meet are the ideal couple in my eyes because you are always there for each other no matter what, and even Raj wanted you two to get married again. When we found out that Manjari was Meet, everyone in the family was overjoyed, but you married my sister-in-law and shocked everyone. I don’t understand why you did this. Meet, tell me why you did this. Have a conversation with Ahlawat and remember how Barfi blackmailed him. Meet Ahlawat says that just as I have told you everything else, I will tell you about this as well when the perfect moment comes, but right now is not the right time. Until that time comes, retain your faith in me. Isha responds, “Okay, but at least tell me whether or not Deep arrived safe and sound and whether or not there is any news.” Meet Ahlawat reports that there are network issues at the venue; I will inquire further and provide an update.

Neelu in guest room alone.

She puts on a Mangal Sutra and some sindoor before greeting you.
Meet Ahlawat in the store room. Ahlawat thinks that if Isha did not receive any news regarding Deep, then she will inquire more, therefore I have to transmit a few messages from Deep’s side so that Isha will remain silent. As Ahlawat makes an attempt to get in to Deep’s account, he ponders Deep’s password. Gather in the hallway; the person there says that all the arrangements have been completed; the only thing left to do is get the necessary items from the store room. Meet Ahlawat recalls taking the password from Deep, which he then uses to enter his account and login. Meet saw store room door is open she feel suspicious. Meet Ahlawat send a reply to Isha from Deep’s email address, explaining that you are in a low network area and that as soon as I get some connectivity, I will message you. After seeing Meet Ahlawat working on the laptop in the store room, Meet calls him. To meet Ahlawat, please switch off your laptop. Meet each other and ask the other what they are doing here. I do not wish to answer your queries; please remain away from my life, says Meet Ahlawat. A servant walks in and tells them that the Ahlawat pandit has arrived and that they have called them downstairs. He says okay. Meet says to him, “I talked to pandit ji, and he said we have to sit in pooja together so please spit your wrath for baby and come for pooja.”
Everyone gathered in the hall for the puja. She was going to sit down for the pooja when Meet Ahlawat made her stand up and said, “You will not sit in this pooja because you are the reason for this Pooja.” Meet had just walked up to them with a will stool. You are responsible for the loss of my child. Meet says you are perfectly aware of what took place because I told you everything. According to what Meet Ahlawat had said, “I said you won’t sit this means you won’t sit.” Meet threatens, “I’ll sit you down if you’re going to stop me.” Babita says that he is the father of the baby and that he is the unlucky one who didn’t get to see his child’s face because of you. All he wants is for this pooja to be performed in peace, so he asks that you please understand and not take that time away from him. Meet says, “I also want to sit in puja. It’s for my baby, too.” Meet Ahlawat replies that if she would sit, then I will not; so it is up to you all to decide. Meet believes that this puja is for my kid, and I will not allow anyone else to interfere with it. Gather a few steps back. Begin the pooja after meeting Ahlawat and removing one of the stools.

Ahlawat Junior visiting a holy site.
Meet and Meet The Ahlawat pray for the health of their child.
A man confronts Pandit with the question of whose child this is. This infant was found in a flowers truck that came from Srinagar and according to the Pandit, it is the child of Mata Rani.


Babita from Precap wants to know what’s going on and who’s responsible for all of this chaos. According to Meet Ahlawat, the reason I went through with all of the arrangements was because I wanted to conduct all of the rites of a new marriage in order to make things less awkward between me and my wife. Meet is sceptical that I will give up so easily.

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