Meet 22th November 2022 Written Update On

Meet 22nd November 2022 Written Update

In Meet, Layla slapped Flirt in the face. Meet Ahlavat, see how they struggle. The crackers are about to explode, they are named after her. Meet with her eyes open, untie her hands and hit Leyla, she will throw the crackers and save Ahlavat. Leyla tried to stand up, but she couldn’t. Meet Ahlavat, embrace it.

Babita is in her room. Raj approaches her and says “Meet Ahlawat” will be back. Babita is excited saying that my son illegally came back to do thali puja for him. Raj asks if you know who will bring him back. Babita says the police apparently took her from your Meet. Raj says he will meet us to bring him back, he will bring your son back in 24 hours, this is my daughter and you know who kidnapped our son Neelam and this is behind everyone he took us from, to find out who saved our son. , you our happy Ammaji is gone because Anubha is not here because her health is bad, think about how you would have met her if she had been here and how you would have met Meat when she came with our son.

Ragini asks Sunaina if it looks like a thali and Babita asks us to do it. Sunaina says yes. Meet Ahlawat standing next to the mansion, he will lead her into the house. Everyone is looking at them. Raj enters the hall. Everyone comes to him in tears and hugs him. Babita gets emotional when she sees him, runs up to him and hugs him tight, asks for thali and says hi.Babita tells Familiar that I can only see her because of you, thank you. I promised to return it within 24 hours, I did, but I’m sorry I didn’t even earn your trust.

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Raj praises Meet for their work and says they make me proud again. Ram will ask him if you are okay. The acquaintance says that he is weak physically and mentally, he needs rest. He asks Khoshiyar to take Familiar Ahlavat to his room. he gets it.

Meet, I don’t know what happened to her after she was kidnapped, but this girl probably does. Ishani brings Layla with her. Ragini wonders why Nilu is wearing these clothes. Meet, he worsened his condition. Leyla laughs and shouts “Meet Ahlavat – it’s me”. Meet, you can’t believe it’s Neelam, she used to play with us but today we know for a fact that she’s always trying to trick us by doing pujas and playing with other guys as bar dancer Laila. Masoom remembers how Hosyar’s friends were talking about Layla and says that a few days ago, Hosyar’s friends were arguing about the dancer at Leyla’s bar. Sunaina says that means Barfi blames us all for her dress. Babita says she is playing with my feelings and will slap her. Layla stops her hand and pushes her away.

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Raj shouts what are you doing. Layla says bad women don’t teach me or try to hit me, you rolling stone. Raj says watch your tongue. Babita says let her talk, she’s not wrong, she says I should be ashamed of what I did, she goes to prayers. I promised not to misunderstand you during the pilgrimage, but I unintentionally break my promise, I know I don’t deserve it, but you can forgive me, she says. Meet her, hold her hands, she says I can’t forgive you this time.

Babita tells me you have the right to show your anger, I am to blame. Layla laughs and praises Mit for not forgiving her. Raj asks Ram to call the police. Ram says everything is fine and will call police. Barfi runs to them, don’t call the police, says Neela should be punished no matter what she does but don’t punish her, she is suffering from a split personality.


Raj asks the police to arrest Neelam. Leyla shouts: “Send me wherever you want, you will come to me and beg for your love.” Meet says I believe in my love.

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