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The Episode Start With:

During the pooja, Meet Ahlawat prays to God to make sure that my child is happy no matter where he is.
Barfi performs pooja for Deep and apologises for trading his death. She says that she had no worries for Nilam as long as Deep was alive, but now she can’t let Nilam be alone and needed someone who can take care of her. Please forgive your mother; I had to do this to make sure Nilam’s future is sorted out. The cloth that was beneath Deep’s photo catches fire.
Meet notices that smoke is flowing from the room, so she goes in to investigate what’s wrong. In an effort to clear the air, Barfi blows smoke away. Barfi hears Meet knocking on the door and hears him ask how she is doing. The thought crosses Barfi’s mind that I really hope she doesn’t find out about Deep. Meet enters the room, but she is unable to see anything due to the smoke. Quickly removing the photo, Barfi sets it to the side. The mess that was Barfi is removed from the room. Meet Ahlawat is attempting to put out the fire, and Meet assists him.

Meet inquires about the cause of the fire in the room, to which Meet Ahlawat responds, “Why do you always have to interfere? Can’t you see that Amma is so stressed?” Meet Ahlawat believes she will discover the truth if I don’t deflect her attention, so she tells Meet that she must ask Barfi how the room caught fire. Isa is the one that Meet Ahlawat asks to bring some lemon water for him. Barfi asks Nilam to go take care of the house for him. Meet Ahlawat inquires to Barfi as to whether or not he should call the doctor. Barfi asks him if he is able to bring Deep back and says, “Think what I am going through; I have to conceal and conduct pooja for my son so that no one discovers the truth, and Isha doesn’t have to bear the sorrow.” Meet Ahlawat says, I too have experienced what you are going through; I am sorry. Do what you have promised, I won’t let your sister be at peace if my daughter isn’t to go complete the promise you gave me. Barfi asks and what about my daughter, Meet Hooda is still your wife if she doesn’t grant you divorce what will my daughter be called do you have any clue.

She has no idea who I am, but Meet Ahlawat claims that I would force her to ask for a divorce.

Meet is in her room when she takes a look at the picture she has with Meet Ahlawat and reflects on the time she has spent with him. When you see Ahlawat near Raj, she will be crying.
Nilam, while in her room, notices that there is no water; she goes into the kitchen to obtain it, even though it is dark; she hears footstep and feels afraid; Meet enters the room and turns on the lights; Meet asks Nilam what she is doing here so late. Meet chooses a glass for her, and then gives her some water. Meet reflects on the fact that the Ahlawat mansion was a terrifying place for her to visit for the first time. Nilam is given a selection of snacks by Meet, who warns her that if she doesn’t consume them, she won’t be able to fall or stay asleep. Nilam addresses her as Didi and tells her, “I want to tell you something; we are both in a boat that does not have destination; he despises you, and I am not his choice.” Meet tells her that she hates someone that she had hopes with, and that love entails suffering, and so therefore they are not in the same boat. Didi, Nilam tells me that you are correct, but he wants to know if it is important to have love because some roads never arrive at their destination, and so few people always have problems in life. He also wants to know why you didn’t have food because sleep and food have nothing to do with each other, but the storm inside won’t let us sleep.

The following day, Meet goes to pray and asks, “Why do I have to witness this day? My child is dead, and Meet Ahlawat has married again; how much longer should I have to go through this pain?” Amrita steps in and says that it is all about having faith. Even though I haven’t been able to conceive a child despite being married for seven years, I have confidence that I will become a mother. Meet inquires as to who you are. Amrita states that she is the jewellery designer Amrita Kothari and that Meet Ahlawat requested a necklace for his wife. She asks that the necklace be sent to Ahlawat as quickly as possible because she is running late.

Babita notices several decorations about the house and inquires as to their purpose. Just then, Hoshiyar walks in and inquires as to the reason for the decorations. Decorater adds that we have been called here for newlywed ritual celebrations. When Babita sees Nilam, she exclaims, “How dare you celebrate here? You must be behind this right. We are not happy to have you and we will never accept you.” According to Meet Ahlawat, I asked them to make the necessary arrangements. eet Ahlawat tells her mother, “I just got married, and my wife is here.” Meet is under the impression that I am aware that you are doing this to harm me.


We meet Ahlawat and Neelu when they are doing rituals. According to Meet Ahlawat, I discovered the ring. When Meet asks to see your ring, you can tell him that you already have it. The man introduces himself as Ahlawat and takes out his hand, saying, “I got what I wanted; you can keep that ring; I can purchase many more for my wife.”

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