Meet [23rd November 2022] Written Update

Meet 23rd November 2022 Written Update On

Meet 23rd November 2022 Written Update

In Meet, Barfi tells everyone that my Nilu suffers from a split personality, Leila did everything, not Nilu, now you just say whether it is right to punish her, I tell the truth and she goes and brings the doctor’s opinion. Babita says that we can make such false reports anywhere. Barfi says trust me, she’s unwell and pregnant. Raj says then why are you hiding this from us. Barfi says because I’m a mom and never heard anything about it, but when I started to believe it, I was afraid that you would ask her to leave.

Layla says you don’t need to be my lawyer. I don’t need any sympathy, I will go anywhere to meet Ahlavat and you will all see, Leyla knows how to get her things either out of love or me. I’ll take it. Barfi says you can see him. Babita says I don’t believe your story, I know my whole family is in trouble just because of your daughter. Raj asks Ram to call the police and says that his house is a prison.

Barfi says wait a minute and says if you call the police I will go and tell you how your daughter killed my son then you will be responsible for everything that happens to your daughter in prison. Raj says you are blackmailing us.

Barfi says whatever you want, I’m just protecting my daughter. Ragini says pick up the phone and tell them everything, I won’t spoil the happiness of this family. Meet her, she is right, it was not an accident, like Leyla’s pre-planned crime, we will hire the best lawyer for her to prove her innocence, but we will not forgive her for what she did to Ahlavat. Layla sings so much drama that she offends Barfi.

Meet Today’s Episode Online:

Ram calls the police and leaves. Barfi throws up his hands and runs away from here in a whisper, pushing him too. Leila takes the rope she threw at Babita and says tie my hands, I won’t run away. Barfi says run away crying. Layla says shut up, what do you think, I’ll leave here without buying anything, I have to give something away. The police handcuff him. Raj asks them to take it. Layla starts laughing.

What do you think about Acquaintance, she says I don’t have a plan B, send me wherever you want, but you will come back to me to meet Ahlavat. Meet: you have nothing to worry about, I can handle it, I believe in my love, so stop pretending and leave. Layla says see you soon, goodbye. The police take him away. Barfi leaves with them.
Meet, she says that she is no more, we better forget her. Raj says that today is Diwali, so today we will celebrate happiness because our son has returned home and we will all do the Diwali puja together.

Meet Latest New Full Episode:

Everyone in the hall is dressed for the puja. Raj says come, everyone will have a Diwali puja and before that we will all put aside the nervousness and celebrate happily. Everyone does puja on Diwali. Meet Ahlawat when she was making Aarti, her hand started shaking and she was about to drop the thali. He holds a meeting, thali, and they continue together.

Raj says Meet and Meet Ahlawat so they remember that you two were together so stay together forever, put a sindoor on Meet’s forehead and give him back all the rights of a bride. Meet Ahlavat, who can’t move his right hand. He has difficulty in applying the sindoor, his hand refuses, and the sindoor falls. Everyone is in shock. Raj asks what happened. Meet Ahlavat, she says that I can’t move my hand. Everyone is worried. Mit thinks about what happened to her hand.

The doctor says that if you find out what kind of poison was injected into Acquaintance with Ahlavat, we can quickly cure him. Meet, says that Leila knows about the poison, so I will come for her. Layla says I won’t tell you the name of the poison, I want her to die slowly.

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